Robin Li each enterprise should set up search marketing department


(NASDAQ:BIDU) chairman and CEO Robin Li said in April 28th held in Shenzhen "Chinese new economic forum, after a number of years, each Chinese enterprise market sector will be equipped with a SEM (Search Engine Sales Department).

Robin Li said he was the reason for the above forecast, because search engine marketing has become a mainstream marketing model in foreign companies.

from a global perspective, the Internet to help companies, largely depends on the search engine to achieve. More and more companies in the United States and Japan, the enterprise and search marketing related work to a new Department, called SEM, SearchEngineMarketin, is the search engine marketing department."

Robin Li believes that the search technology is changing the external core of the two departments – market and sales departments. The marketing department can through the search engine can be more comprehensive and timely understanding of market dynamics, insight into customer needs, marketing more effective communication to potential customers; the sales department can directly acquire new customers and new orders more with search engines, change the traditional sales model, to achieve the dream of sitting indoors can business.

Robin Li pointed out that although the China whole enterprise on the Internet application level is not high, but the search engine marketing value is gradually Chinese enterprises are discovered and recognized, "we are Chinese enterprise customers, and even some of the traditional manufacturing enterprises have begun to develop in this direction, set up the Department of marketing and online search the promotion, used to capture the potential customers business needs."

Robin Li said: for example, Baidu is a company engaged in mining machinery and heavy equipment manufacturing customers began to do search engine marketing from 04 years, set up more than and 60 search marketing department, engaged in market tracking and customer demand analysis, search engine keyword delivery, online customer service communication, website traffic analysis, direct income now a year from the search engine more than 20 million yuan, so that enterprises have been developing very fast.

Robin Li said, Chinese enterprises not only face the challenges of the new economy, but also faced with labor, rent and other factors of production costs brought about by the test. But I think, as long as the use of the Internet and search engine innovation, Chinese enterprises can not only resist high inflation, there is huge room for improvement and opportunities."

According to the latest Baidu

released first quarter earnings this year, benefit from both customers and household income to achieve high growth, Baidu 2008 first quarter operating income reached 574 million 400 thousand yuan, with an increase of 108.4% compared to the same period last year, the 13 consecutive quarter of record revenue doubled year on year since its listing. As of the first quarter of this year, Baidu’s customers reached about 16.1, an increase of 3.9% over the previous quarter, an increase of more than the same period last year by 43.8%. The first quarter of the average income of about 3600 yuan, more than last year increased by 44.0>