Ripple as the spread of event marketing

      event marketing is the lowest cost and fastest speed of virus transmission,

      K68 is the event marketing master


      during his promotion of K68, several times of event marketing and manufacturing is obvious to people, such as in the K68 bidding for a man to be major network media have reproduced in a period of time, a good writings make people copy them. There are K68 remote work and promote the flexible employment of this headline is eye-catching, low cost and propagation speed is very fast.

      network event marketing is richly endowed by nature environment, network environment is a kind of speech as one falls, another rises place, do so in a time of complete event marketing need to pay attention to the following

      1 the title should be marked, for example, some time ago on the Internet pin for villa, this title was the person’s eye was caught, a suspect may be thinking, how can the pin for villa, is to want to see a fresh,

      2 articles should not be too long

      due to the habit of Internet reading and Internet users too long to lead to the article will not have someone to read the patient, it is recommended that the length of the article within 2000 words,

      3 best with pictures and video audio and other forms of complaint form, so that the event itself can have a better exposition and more intuitive feeling.

      4 event marketing in the event of the benefits to consumers should have a certain degree of internal relations with the event itself, to bring some benefits to consumers. This interest should be recognized by consumers. In other words, the event marketing can not be separated from the core concept of the brand, we must adhere to the principle of relevance, only the connection between the brand and the event of natural smooth, in order to allow consumers to the enthusiasm of the event marketing transfer to the product. Whether it is to promote the product as a starting point or to establish an image or to highlight the concept of event marketing should be the product of the enterprise to the interests of consumers to focus on demands.

      5 network event marketing needs public participation, only news value and social value, there is no public participation, event marketing is also difficult to go far, the effect is also discounted. See why Super Girls is a national, is the main advantage of this interactive mobile phone SMS easy to participate in a final, when people across the country have close to 1/3, many people are watching through the thumb interaction, some friends and relatives involved in mobilization. The masses are entertaining themselves.