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36 krypton was informed that the board of B2B vertical electric cattle material network "has recently received tens of millions of yuan Pre-A round of financing, by the sovereign capital lead investor, a number of well-known investors and institutions with investment. "Bovine material network" launched in 2015, October 2016 won the first round of financing of Venture Capital Steel panmao. It is reported that the current round of financing will be used for team building, the introduction of the national cloud warehouse layout and talent.

China is a large producer of wood-based panel production and consumption, of which the primary market capacity of more than 500 billion yuan and maintain rapid growth every year, is expected to market in 2020 will be more than $700 billion. But for a long time, centralized circulation plate industry is not high (the existence of a large number of self-employed and small traders), the transaction chain length, asymmetric information. In addition, the size of the plate distributors mixed, plate from the manufacturer to the customer in the process, there are duplication of storage, repeated handling, repeated management and other issues. There is an opportunity to transform the supply chain, shorten the distance from the manufacturer to the consumer, integrate the dispersed demand and improve the operation efficiency.

from a higher degree of professionalism of the industrial plate cut, cattle material network through self + self storage of heavy mode, do Internet board supermarket". On the one hand, the information transparency, the factory information directly to the enterprise users. As a result, the layers of transactions not only eliminates the need for enterprise distribution process, looking for factories and eliminating the intermediate circulation times. On the other hand, the use of Internet tools to integrate the decentralized needs to improve the efficiency of the upstream production, and ultimately achieve large-scale customization.

and looking for steel network from the match to the self, the route is different, the choice of cattle material network mode of entry into the field of building materials B2B. Cattle material network believes that industrial B2B each industry has its own characteristics, the characteristics of the product itself determines the changes in the business model. Price transparency, high steel industry fluctuations, this time together to provide information service is valuable; and the product standard plate industry, price transparency is low, and the customer has a high frequency of repeat purchase habits, by matching the data obtained to promote and change some industry trading rules, relatively weak force.

network is currently 100% cattle material self, an idea for the future is the "70% self +30% platform, covering most of the mainstream of the 70% category, the 30% is the long tail of the category, with the power of partners, to achieve full coverage of the category. At the same time, according to the flow characteristics of the plate industry, we will carry out the multi dimensional value added services, such as new product development, cloud warehouse sharing, supply chain finance and so on. In addition, for the processing needs of sheet metal customers, the future may be self processing center, the extension of the downstream industry chain.

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cattle data provided by the network platform, there are 300-400 SKU, around the East China region, has been in Shanghai, Xiaoshan, Suzhou, Deqing, Taizhou, self storage, plans to focus on creating artificial board > 5 years in the future