Soft Wen promotion analysis this transfer is part of the network popularization to

talk about network promotion, had to mention the promotion of soft wen. As a promotion personnel, soft Wen promotion is one of the necessary skills. Throughout the promotion work can not be separated from the promotion of soft wen. Here I come and talk about what is soft Wen promotion.

first explain the definition of soft Wen promotion: soft Wen promotion refers to the form of text to their own marketing products to promote, to promote product sales. In a narrow sense, it refers to the pure text advertisements published in the newspapers or magazines. This is also an early definition of what is known as paid text advertising. From the generalized stress refers to the enterprise through the planning can enhance the corporate brand image and visibility published in newspapers and magazines, network, mobile phone text messages and other publicity carrier, or can promote enterprise sales of some propaganda, interpretation of articles, including specific news reports and the depth of the articles, essays, case analysis of paid advertising etc..


know the definition of soft promotion, we will discuss the aim of promotion, improve traffic soft Wen promotion most direct purpose is to your website, this is mainly for their own website, make the appropriate optimization through the long tail keywords bring a large number of visits; the second is to enhance the brand visibility and influence when it comes to this, I think we should have learnt a little success of VANCL, when they want to rely on soft Wen promotion of brand awareness. And as the company and the ultimate objective is to promote the soft enterprise products bring sales, to know more products to sell, not think of the name is difficult, if you are good enough, word of mouth that was a very successful


understand the purpose of the promotion of soft Wen, we need to know where the soft. We see the most should be the portal site, perhaps we will often see some of these new products released in these portals, ah, the user’s use of feelings, and so on, in fact, these are soft. When it comes to this, everybody thought and also a place where it is! So far should have not heard what the famous forum is no soft, some of you may be not found it, because those soft Wen really soft, soft to you almost don’t know is in advertising. There is the industry website, and this portal almost, but more targeted than the portal.

said that people still do not understand, how do soft Wen promotion? Some people may want to say, I was born with a weak foundation, write a very general level, I think this is not a problem, as long as you from some soft Wen write good people to learn, research the idea of their research ideas. Start can imitate to write some original artifacts, and so has the strength to write some original article.

I personally feel soft wenyiding to users (Readers) useful, and add their own unique views, and can resonate, like this can be a good soft Wen, with ambiguous content, the best is to all concerned. You can go to see some good soft, >