How to make bulk mail like moon cakes as occasion

immediately to the Mid Autumn Festival, is home next month, I believe you as a senior marketing staff of a veteran, will not forget to thank customers, after all, many companies have claimed that the "customer is God himself". After the Mid Autumn Festival is the National Day vacation, taking advantage of the holidays to the end, all walks of life can be a modest promotion, the most benefit from the holidays than catering, tourism, liquor and other retail industry, tea and other high-end gifts, moon cake is needless to say. Of course, if you are training, new media, brokerage and other industries, seemingly not associated with festival, but to take this opportunity to consumers, fans sending an email, that thanks to long-term trust and support, and talk about your holiday arrangements and emergency contact the who, believe will win a lot of goodwill.


said the moon cake, small U-Mail could not help but sigh: before the Spring Festival festival is really two, like dumplings, moon cakes such occasion food (or gifts), a few days before the holiday, the price rose to heaven, after immediately into a hot potato, prices plummeted. If the cost of making up carefully for a box of moon cakes, is not high, but why the festival can sell so high? What time during the holidays, mass email marketers can we like cakes like the popular


let us first look at the popularity of several factors:

1 the right time is very important, if you are not in the Mid Autumn Festival a few days, but early in front of the board, certainly when the right time comes No one shows any interest in, is almost equivalent to just be


2 profound traditional culture, no one told you to buy moon cake, but the habit has been popular for many years;

3 more added value, the moon itself is very high sugar content, does not belong to health food, but because of the added value can sell high price;

4 exquisite packaging, rich cultural atmosphere.

look at e-mail marketing, U-Mail Xiaobian think, we may learn from:

1 in the timing of mass selection, you must touch the characteristics of quasi consumer habits

as a maternal chain store staff will carefully for each child’s parents have set up files, according to the date of purchase, the measure formula may be finished, or with children older children may want to change the formula, would be a timely reminder, use U-Mail email platform "automatically sending function to send", of course. May not be accurate to a customer, but can be similar to date customers flock to a. Another restaurant through big data analysis, at around 10 each month, business is very hot, it is just another factory near the payday, so the restaurant will choose in 10 days before and after a week of bulk mail, send the wrong effect.

2 gives you the special meaning of the goods / services