SNS site should pay special attention to the network promotion methods


1.5RC3 made a SNS site, this article at the time of publication, is the establishment of the fourth days, in the actual promotion process, and general website promotion methods are very different, so here to share with you.

first, the site’s keyword optimization

SNS site is now mostly PHP+MYSQL, dynamic page, Baidu does not seem to be included, GOOGL can also be included. I personally think that the site needs to do a good job description of the two places.

1, title tag

My site is, I was such a description: South, the workers home network

always on the move!


south is a focus on the work of the real social network always on the move, contact you and your friends. You can join South: contact friends, learn about their latest developments; share photos, music and movies with friends; find old classmates, meet new friends; with photos and record life, self display.

I personally think that the SNS site is good to do these two labels.

second, the direction of network promotion

1, the chain

this point, I think it can be expressed by text, such as: many soft on Admin5, as long as your words are interesting, and clearly expressed, I think Admin5 is to improve the local best of the chain, this special thanks to admin5. Provide such a good platform. I posted on the Admin5 before the text, so that my people to the site of the south to be included in the GOOGLE second days.

chain can improve the quality of your site, and in the invisible links and references. This is an important criterion for judging the quality of your web site. It’s their business to accept the station, but it’s better than nothing. Adhere to Admin5 hair article, will become a SNS webmaster a daily homework.

2, to hold your SNS face the user. This is the so-called analysis of your user characteristics. Because of your SNS site users to become the most important thing to promote SNS website.

For example:

me from the SNS people, is such a theme, according to the working people so I released Admin5 attract people in the past on the soft, mostly owners, they are generally not registered in your SNS site, the reason is because of the different industries and attention, so interest different. Although it will take a certain amount of traffic, but can not transform the end user.

so, it is recommended for their own SNS site, you can search through some related