My advice to the classified information website

yesterday to see the news, Ma will be 1 years in 2009 YAHOO word of mouth network investment of RMB, the development direction of the life of the service is 09 years, dilute the news and search business.

now the domestic classification information website is relatively large, the market, the reputation of YAHOO 58, people network, network platform, now approaching the end of the year, we are basically in the home of the product line integration and user experience, only 58 are jumping around from time to time. The next year will be classified information website the year of fierce competition, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, the economically developed areas, in addition to the classified information website nationwide, and the localization of the classified information website for shot, your profit pressure is relatively large, the business model is fuzzy, who is the final winner, not yet that, at least two years before it can be. No matter how successful or not, this struggle must be very difficult, before the storm is coming, the author from the perspective of the individual to the classification of some of the recommendations of the information website.

1, for the local, may wish to do better with the local classification information website, and even can take measures to further consolidate their base. Of course, the choice of local media cooperation, can achieve a win-win situation.

2, the need to improve the quality of the content, the core of the site is classified information website content, the user is only concerned about the content. For example, filter some keywords, remove false information and not local information.

3, if member complaint information is not true, once verified will crack down on the one hand, is an example, on the other hand is to let users understand, the website is from the user’s point of view.

4, the regional differentiation, efforts to increase local resources, make broad and profound, let the user to visit soon find your information, improve information precision and practicability, classified information website, effective and practical is often the first.

5, the concept of promotion, in the Internet world, the concept is very important, the number of visited web sites more, wide population, will naturally have a deep impression on the website, such as Baidu’s "use Baidu Search, You’ll see.," Sohu "to see the Olympic Games, the Sohu, 8684 bus network" check bus, 8684,

The development of

classification information website, there are still many problems, with the passage of time, the change of the market, users preferences are different, there are some portals may be classified into at any time the information industry, under the influence of the financial crisis, wide grain, slow kings "is good.

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