Reasons for the large mobility of SEO personnel

a few years ago, I was with a very reverent heart into the SEO industry, after several years of exploration, and finally to the core idea of SEO have a certain understanding. SEO had heard the abbreviation English feel cool, translated into Chinese called search engine optimization, it sounds cool, multi understand, still involved in the SEO industry, so far, no regret what place.

so far, no matter how many times the Baidu search has changed regardless of catastrophe, much of the market, there are still a lot of people are yearning for this industry, want to become one of the industry. To engage in a few years of SEO, veteran is the identity, the biggest feeling is not how much change SEO skills, but unfortunately for many new entrants to the SEO industry behavior. In the past few years, I work in a company has been around, but business people have changed the N group, which is one aspect I feel most is not the taste, that is the liquidity SEO practitioners is too large.

so why is the mobility of the current SEO staff so big?

the current SEO is still considered a hot industry, but among the many mixed with a lot of impetuous, which is the main reason for the mobility of SEO large. Seo is an entry is not difficult in the industry, especially for many college students, if there is a certain professional basis, it may learn quickly. But SEO is also a very complicated knowledge system of knowledge, to become a veteran of the synthesizer, need to go through several years of experience. And a lot of new entry Seo young people, that period of time is often the biggest problem is not to lay the foundation through the.

called the fight is the basis of the time to do the chain Commissioner, the Commissioner of the period. Not many people experience into the SEO industry, the beginning of the general is to continue to send the chain, update the article in the station, a lot of people will feel that this action is very bitter very boring, with SEO this cool name does not match. And if it is a larger company, the work will be more detailed, can only be responsible for the details of a link, and the duration will be longer. This is now a lot of high college graduates is a big challenge, many students feel that he is a college, do such a simple job is usually the one put fine timber to petty use, so the chain curse their own work, a lot of people a year will be better, and a part of or switch, completely left SEO the first looks beautiful in the industry.

secondly, SEO personnel mobility is also a big reason is that the slow effect, the need for patience, it is not like the sale of the line on the transaction, not to pull. SEO may work for a month can not find myself out of the results, also do not know what to learn. The SEO staff to be, it is a challenge to reach patience. In general if the rules