Persuasive copy can not do without these 8 steps

an attractive

is not attractive, advertising copy is a waste of money. Any copy of the first step is to think about how to attract readers. Ways to increase attractiveness are as follows:

1, the beginning of the story.


story will always be attractive. The story as a breakthrough point, has become the norm of the text.

for example, a classic tomato sauce ads.

in a ward, the nurse was careful to uncover a thick gauze wrapped around his index finger for a middle-aged man. The patient anxious and fearful side clasped his wife, on the other hand, the doctor stood on the patient’s face is not easy. Finally, the lengthening of the index finger through the surgery was "standing" in front of everyone. The operation was successful, and the couple were very happy.

came home, they couldn’t wait to open the fridge and took the ketchup bottle out. The husband has just been operated long fingers into the bottle, the bottle bottom smoothly only a layer of tomato sauce "fishing" out, excited and proud to stare at his wife, and his wife looked longingly at the index finger on the tip of her husband in tomato sauce.

2, 3B elements.

3B is the principle of American advertising guru David oldway of ·. Beauty beauty, beast animal and baby baby, commonly known as 3B. Studies have shown that readers are more interested in beautiful animals and babies, so they often use 3B. In the copy, you can also use these 3 elements.

3, specific figures.

numbers can bring clarity and clarity, the more clear the more interested in the audience. For example, a training advertising, many people are facing unemployment problem, 10 million people are facing unemployment. Before and after comparison, the latter specific figures are easier to read.

4, breaking the norm.

break the inherent state, or change the original path, can bring attractive. For example, when the night, you suddenly don’t naturally sing a song, this time must see jishuashua to your eyes. Look for the reasons for the change. So, if you want to make it attractive, dare to break through. For example, I like ugly force.

5, the latest release.

is a curious appeal. Unprecedented, the latest release, the first word, can well attract readers. If you want to know the information for the first time, you have to read it.

6, ask questions.

questions to the reader, there will be questions. If you doubt, you will find the answer. Why don’t you eat and get fat? How can you refuse your parents’ blind date?

7, free of charge.

this is the simplest. The fall of the pie, you do not believe that others will pick up, at least