Second half of mobile medical, business models of the 19 start-up companies are here


note: the following is a speech in November 24th, Dr.2 MIP mobile medical salon in Malaysia PPT mobile medical second half. In this paper, the author, on the direction of health care reform under the zero profit drug business model, pharmaceutical companies, mobile medical doctor and subdivision mode, community tools, medical providers, patient services, intelligent hardware, chronic disease management, third party inspection and classification is introduced. In addition, the focus of this paper is on the field of mobile health startups in graphic form business model to do the show, these companies are: Lilac Garden, panorama, Zhenli Huakang shoot (editor’s note: This is the author’s company, stakeholders), MedSci, medical Naomaitong, apricot tree, almond, rain doctors, micro medical doctor group (registration network), medical treatment, medicine, 160 pharmacies palm, sweet home, oxygen, sugar, sugar, medicine doctor of medicine, doctor of science and technology, good safety. This article is a rare industry entry information.







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