How to choose keywords

keyword research and selection is a crucial step in the search engine marketing activities. As we all know, most people find information on the Internet is from the search engine. We all search for the desired information by entering the key fields. At present, most people use 2-5 keyword search.

therefore, choosing the right keywords is becoming more and more important to optimize the content of web pages. Because the search engine provides and keyword related content than those sites not using appropriate keywords to describe the product or service, "if there are relevant keywords, the site’s ranking will be closer to the top.

1, from the customer’s point of view

what are the keywords that potential customers will use when searching for your product? This can be obtained from a variety of resources, including from your customers, suppliers, brand managers and sales staff to get their ideas.

2, will be extended to a series of keywords


selection of a series of phrases, the available network marketing software to test the keyword group, the function of the software is used to check your keywords in other pages, and in the past 24 hours all the major search engines on the number of people who use these keywords in the search.

‘s best keywords are those that are not abused and very popular.

another trick is to use a rare combination. The effective keyword index (Keyword Effectiveness Index:KEI) will tell you the number of keywords used in the database and the number of competing pages. Look for keywords that might work on your web page. The higher the KEI value, the more popular the word is, and less competition. KEI to 100 points on the good, more than 400 points can be described as excellent. Note that you can only use keywords that describe your product.

3, multiple permutations and combinations

change the word order of phrases to create different combinations of words. Use infrequently used combinations. Combined into a question. Contains synonyms, substitute words, words and common words. Contains the brand name and product name to sell products. The use of other determiners to create more word combinations, three words, four words together.

4, the use of professional vocabulary to define the concept of