How to write a network marketing to attract the soft

soft Wen is what, in the end what role. I remember in the SEO research center network marketing open class asked everyone, we are very vague answer. So what is soft. What is the main manifestation of the soft Wen marketing value, if you can do the soft marketing. But also allows the soft to produce a large amount of user access. Can also play a role in marketing……

then we will have to understand what is soft marketing

so-called "soft Wen", that is, through the specific concept of writing, in order to put the facts in a reasonable way to attract consumers and our target users,. For example: news, third party comments, interviews, interviews, word of mouth. Soft text is the conceptual analysis of specific products and based on the demands of consumers, according to a text mode of psychological guidance, in essence, it is the enterprise soft penetration business strategy in the advertising form, so that consumers recognize some concepts, ideas and analysis of ideas usually with the text and expression of public opinion. In order to achieve the corporate brand promotion, product sales, promotion, service promotion and other purposes.

soft marketing can play the role of what is


1, soft marketing network marketing to bring the value and play a role

so soft marketing since it can reach propaganda products, promotional activities, enterprise promotion and service promotion. It shows that we can be used in the field of network marketing platform to do marketing, so that the company’s brand building, you can go through news sources, forums, etc. to establish the company’s authority and trust. Can be associated with products and enterprises. Deepen the user’s impression of the product and product marketing. There is a marketing plan for business activities. This is for us to do network marketing can be applied to the. Of course, there are many successful cases of the internet. For example, Viagra series of products to make use of emotion, the two sexes to do soft marketing can achieve a high amount of publicity. For example, when used in Shanghai, World Expo soft marketing brings a lot of user awareness.


example: World Expo, Tencent, Baidu, Sina and many other platforms to do the blog, do the article, to do the activities of publicity, indicating the importance of soft

2, soft marketing for the operation of the site to play the value and role of

website operations as its name implies, a website needs to develop vigorously. The beginning of the process is SEO optimization. When we are at the same time in the optimization of many brands, the target word has a very good ranking performance, what needs to be done. Marketing, of course. Marketing can help to guide the flow of our website. Let’s enhance the flow of the site.

, of course, we can also write to the site through the soft news sources, as well as the authority of the site to create a site with a lot of popularity and social networking sites to do brand shaping. Of course, the ability to do brand