Several points of attention on effective e-mail marketing

now, in a variety of marketing tools, the time between the contention of a hundred schools of thought All flowers bloom together., email marketing almost overnight more than many. However, many enterprises and manufacturers are struggling with, email marketing has "old age", but also has certain effect, can not give up the use of such means, but they don’t know how to do to make email marketing play a greater effect. In this paper, a brief talk about personal experience. On the positive theory of e-mail marketing, you have to turn over a book in this area, in this paper, I have only summed up the experience of many years to tell you what to do when things carefully.

first, don’t "harass" email. Before the formal mass mailing, technical personnel should be tested on the mailbox, the main test points are: the time to send, the frequency of the transmission, the service rate of the message, the opening rate of the mail, the click rate of the message. For example, technical personnel can test different time periods, such as a week, within a month to send messages to the user, to find the user clicks the highest time interval. This is the case when the official mass mail to send such a frequency, the effect is far better than the harassment of e-mail.

second, don’t send messages without selection. Combined with the author’s experience in sending e-mail marketing, summarize and summarize which users are most interested in what kind of goods, far more than the clumsy and hard to send a large number of mail to be effective. For example, those who are keen to buy cheap or promotional merchandise consumers, if they send luxury goods advertising is no effect. On the basis of this, we can give the user group re grouping: warm support and generally like. In addition, the audience is almost no interest should be sent regularly, to win over a little customer. Of course, can also be placed in different grades of products and attached to track the link to track user clicks.

third, the content of e-mail marketing. Email marketing content has two obvious misconceptions: one is that the content as simple as possible, because the content easy to let users understand the intent of this mail; two is the content of the more complex the better, lengthy content can cause the attention of the user, allowing users to have the desire to read. In fact, according to the author’s experience and feedback survey, the fact is not the case, because the good content is not the length, but the content contained in the practical value. Only attractive and helpful to the customer content can make the user through the link to our website, it is possible to make orders.

of course, in theory, the more detailed classification of the user group, the effect of e-mail marketing will be better. But the smaller the share, the greater the operational costs of inputs, but also for each user to design a different login page and welcome mail, it is a headache. In fact, after a long time of analysis and experiments, e-mail marketing also has 80/20’s law, most of the recipients of different ads in fact, the reaction is almost the same, only a small number of users respond to sensitive mail. So don’t use special flowers >