How to promote the experience of Baidu in order to achieve the desired results

Baidu experience has been launched for more than a year, Baidu experience is the introduction of a new knowledge on the life of Baidu products. Baidu experience focused on solving Internet users on how to do, how to do this kind of problem, mainly to help solve practical problems. Baidu experience as Baidu’s products, its weight high and browse large amount is in doubt, so the webmaster use Baidu experience to promote their own websites and products, can achieve a multiplier effect, so how to promote in order to achieve the desired results in the Baidu experience on



a, Baidu experience title to clear

Baidu experience is mainly to solve the problem of how to do, so your title is best directed at the theme, to avoid ambiguity of the theme. So the title of the user can be more accurate to find him to solve the problem, as well as the search experience Baidu users are looking for ways to solve the problem. Webmasters do not in order to keywords ranking, the title is too complicated to do, just do the opposite, the user’s views will not be very high.

two, the content of the experience to pay attention to the customer experience


experience the content must be detailed, when the user wants to search the problem must be solved methods and specific steps, so the user experience is good to attract users, the user experience is the main factor of website can be a healthy and sustainable development, our main purpose is to require the user to browse the website, browse is the cornerstone of website promotion. Our webmaster in Baidu experience in sharing the most important experience is true, in the problem solving methods and steps should be detailed and specific, it is better to have a picture to explain, the picture is still quite strong, people are not easy to forget.

three, a reasonable addition of the chain

said that although Baidu is very popular with their products, so long as we do not too much advertising, are generally given by Baidu, but the experience is still very difficult to add in the chain, then we need to. Baidu and Baidu and other similar experience that Baidu products have a reference column, source details we do experience can be placed in the reference section, here is the chain can do, we will need to upload it to your site with experience, and links to their the website in reference, pointing to the link cannot be not related to the site, so the audit may be not by.

four, explore the law persistent

Finally, we also have

enough patience and execution, Baidu experience is not always approved, will not be rejected easily give up, do what thing can Everything is going smoothly., fail to grow up we need to continue to explore, in Baidu experiments, summarize their operation process, the process of website promotion is >