Network marketing compared to some of the advantages of traditional marketing

Internet era, network marketing has become a trend. With the development of social economy and technology, the buyer’s market is gradually formed, the seller’s competition is very fierce, and the demand of the consumers is various and changeable. Compared with traditional marketing, network marketing has the following advantages:

1 low cost

first, less initial investment, enterprise site do not need to spend a large amount of investment. In order to set up a small virtual store on the Internet, the cost of which includes the domain name registration, rental virtual host, the production of web pages, software and software costs and future maintenance costs. This is a lot less expensive than regular store expenses, such as expensive store rent, decoration costs, utilities, business taxes and personnel costs. If it is cheaper to work with a network service provider or lease a virtual store to a network service provider. Secondly, low labor costs. Save the virtual store sales and management personnel, save a lot of market development and sales and customer service cost, shorten the distance of the sales system.

again, reduce inventory costs. The Internet belongs to the stock shop, online stores can be received after the customer orders, and then to the manufacturer to order, without the need to display the goods for customers to choose. Thus。 The store does not increase operating costs because of inventory, so the price, can enhance the competitiveness of the virtual store on the general store.

2 high efficiency

in the traditional way of shopping, consumers buy goods need to spend a lot of time for the selection, purchase and payment settlement, this process at least a few minutes, more than a few hours, plus the round trip time, consumers spent great time and energy. The pace of life in modern society is speeding up, people’s leisure time is getting less and less, will cherish more leisure time, full enjoyment of life, so the frequency of shopping will be getting lower and lower. The network marketing can save consumers time and effort to improve the efficiency of shopping.

3 minus link

in the traditional business model, enterprises and businessmen to come up with a large part of the funds for the development of distribution channels, so a large part of the profits to the distributors, users also have to bear the high price of the final. Online trading has broken this limitation, it makes manufacturers and consumers direct contact, bypassing the traditional business model of the middleman, so that the price is more reasonable.

4 more convenient

saves time and effort is the online shopping is different from ordinary shopping another big advantage. Go to the mall to buy things need to go out, the need for transport, but also catch up with the wind and rain. And online shopping, regardless of size, distribution companies will be sent to your home, save shopping time, to facilitate. In addition, the online store is particularly useful for people with disabilities, as long as the network, but also the same as other people go shopping.

5 inventory reduction

traditional marketing, enterprises in order to reduce the cost of purchase, but a large number of