Free from the shutter, the thought of viral marketing misunderstanding!

half a year ago, I started to use the Internet phone shutter! At that time the feeling is very good, the time of registration send 15 minutes! So call immediately to the girlfriend of a telephone call, really free! I slowly began to use the Internet phone! Feel good, began to tell the people around me! To many of my friends also like me in vain to do a lot of advertising for the shutter! Because I see the recent article on viral marketing aspects, so it defines it as viral marketing


let’s take a look at what is virus test marketing? Viral marketing (also known as viral marketing) is a kind of popular network marketing methods, commonly used in Web site promotion, brand promotion, viral marketing is the use of the principle of reputation spread, on the Internet, this "word of mouth" for convenience, you can quickly spread like a virus, so viral marketing (viral marketing) has become an efficient way of spreading information. New observation of online marketing began to study viral marketing from the beginning of 2000, accumulated experience and research data rich practice, have a profound understanding of the rules and methods of viral marketing.

so the shutter is not a way to promote the marketing of the virus?. The basic elements of an effective viral marketing strategy:

1 provides valuable products or services;

2 provides the means of conveying information to others without effort;

The range of information transmission in

3 is easy to spread from small to large;

4 uses public initiative and behavior;

5 uses existing communication networks;

6 use other people’s resources

control these factors to analyze. First: for the majority of users with a free Internet phone service! With a good, it will be forwarded to their friends. And later the service is also more and more! Second: now the network is developed, the information transmission is also very easy! Third; information transmission range is easy to spread to a large scale. Later, my girlfriend introduced the shutter to her friends! The communication speed is very fast! Fourth: use public enthusiasm and behavior. The shutter does use a lot of benefits to actively promote the spread of fast! And who do not like free stuff?. Fifth: the use of the existing communication network! This will not have to analyze it! Ha ha; Sixth; use of other people’s resources. You can see the Baidu search in front of the and other free web site is the first time the phone was reproduced and publicity, although later learned, is to promote the alliance!

shutter of the virus marketing strategy implementation is still very good!

viral marketing must carefully plan, and formulate measures to predict and prepare in advance. Shutter viral marketing has a certain effect, at least now in the country’s influence is still great!