The guest website conversion rate improvement skills

is now the Internet has become more and more evolved, Amoy is also fast, all Taobao customers promotion is emerge in an endless stream. For many webmasters, access to traffic is no longer difficult, the most difficult thing is to get a good ranking, how to improve the conversion rate of the site, which is really a headache for webmasters. So how to improve the conversion rate of the site today I will share with you my personal experience and experience.

first, I feel like standing like a man. Your first impression is very important, if a website around are full of advertisements, others will take great efforts more time to find the information he wants, such estimates few people will continue to look down.

secondly, want to do a good job to pay attention to the following points:

1 site theme and template must match

beauty of the hearts of all people, the template beautiful and beautiful, visitors will be more interested in your site to stop a longer schedule. So, ready to open to visitors on the site before you can put the website to your friends and tell them that you find a website, feel good, ask them how they feel? If each friend said yes, then your template okay. If there are a lot of people say no, then you can only prove that the aesthetic problems, need to be modified, or directly to the template bar.

2 site classification must be clear

site classification to clear, so that the user can see the information he wants at a glance, in order to produce a strong desire to click. Therefore, the classification of the site should be general and thematic. Do not appear similar to the meaning of the classification, it is best to illustrate the theme of the site from all aspects.

3 website content title to novel

the title of each article is like the face of the article, if your title novel, attractive, then the site’s PV naturally high. Often use questions, rhetorical questions, exclamatory sentences to do the title, because these will stimulate people’s desire for knowledge. Only the title is attractive, the user will click on the title, enter the article page, see you promote the product.

4 site articles to professional

a good site and the general station is the biggest difference between the content of the professional or not. In the update of the article, multi query some information, and provide users with the most useful information, write more original articles. More summary, more innovation, give users some new things, so that users have a fresh feeling. Another point is that the illustrated article is always better than simple words to more attractive.

5 website promotion

now has become one of the most popular soft promotion means, it is to use words to impress users, like the spring rain silently quietly on the straight to general user’s heart, let the user most willing to pay. I feel like doing a single ranking