Site ranking factors cited (3)

chain into the page text is invisible, but the chain into a word are linked to page has great role in the process of modern search engine keyword matching, the matching process is not only to see the current page Abstract: a large extent, not only to see the web page of their own say they have what, but also see how others link, how to describe your site what others call you, yourself is more important than you say.

such a thought, you can know the link text is actually a link to the sub channel home page or content page services. For their own page keyword density is only a negative impact, which is Google suggested that a page in the link should not be more than 100 reasons: he did not index the contents of the following 100 links.

in accordance with the above rules, the search engine will news content news details page is all extracted with HTTP link text on the page are removed, is the news content, more accurate can be achieved by taking the longest text paragraphs strategy; and many web page or home channel in almost all are links, after analysis of the search engine result is: not what content, keywords can be hit just a few others to link to you for "home" and the title of the site name Title channel such as the key word, and other words in the page are far less corresponding sub channels and the specific content of the page the matching degree is high, and the search engine through the above rules, allow users to directly positioning faster to have specific content details page. So I hope that through a home page, as much as possible to hit all want to promote keywords is impossible. Let "as much as possible into the search engine index, then grasp the theme of the entire site style is very important, so that the theme of the web site keywords to uniform distribution can refer to the site in accordance with the Pyramid model: the theme of the website design:


(the name of the web site users by 1 – 2 Abstract keywords)
/ /
Product 1 product 2 Article 1 Article 2 (3 – 4 words by the user: the user hits the most valuable)

don’t empty empty title: < title> < /title> a position is tantamount to waste the most valuable; the traditional
page, HTML page will have hidden information like this, to illustrate the main contents of the current page key words:
< header>
< meta name=" keyword" content=" MP3 download " >
< /header>
> later because of this