The feeling Chinese down to earth marketing from Lan Xiang the grass root counter attack story

tiger sniffing note: "Lan Xiang" in the Chinese technical school and even the entire network marketing sector, has become a general existence of god. Online, people spontaneously behind all kinds of copy and add a "piece of excavator which is stronger in the end? When the mind is not controlled by the audience will jump out of a China Shandong to find Lan Xiang!" Lan Xiang "fire today in fact from the beginning of this year, a few years ago" New York Times "reported Lan Xiang and attack the website Chinese hackers," Lan Xiang "has entered the mainstream horizon. This paper analyzes the causes of Lan Xiang’s fire from the perspective of fact and audience psychology.

look at the fire a few days post it:

In 2000, when the first public affair, Faye Wong 31 years old, Nicholas Tse is 20 years old, the age of the age of the age of the United States is the number of times of the age of the year of the year of the year of the year of

, the age of the year of the year of the people’s Republic of China. In 2014, two people at the 45 year old Faye Wong, a broken mirror joined together, Nicholas Tse is 34 years old, Faye Wong is 1.32 times as old as Nicholas Tse. Now the question is: a time series convergence function for the two age ratio and calendar year. Two, the matter to Cecilia Cheung, Li Yapeng left no small psychological shadow, how much is the shadow area, three, if the use of excavators to fill the shadow area, then I would like to ask, which excavator technology strong?

this post fame, it is not hard to see: it has front Faye fashionable gimmick, "your QED can’t solve technology stems of photons alone I type…… The key point of the explosion, it is the end of the sentence, which excavator technology strong?

see this familiar problem, I believe that many people have not read out of the mouth: Shandong, China to find Lan Xiang!

Lan Xiang, also known as "Bulufulai" or "Lu Xie", full name is Lan Xiang vocational school in Shandong. Although the technical school, can be in the limelight, domestic schools as rare traces, even seckill Tsinghua university. Although the northern elite "new East (NewEast)" in the political arena, and as it is just south of Murong, North Peak "analogy, called" Gemini ", technical strength is not in an order of magnitude.

Lan Xiang’s fire, is that it has already become a piece hand were cocoon stalk line. "Excavator which is stronger in the end? Chinese Shandong find Lan Xiang, many stories advanced standard ending scripts. Whether this is the story of romance, fantasy, horror, in the end to one sentence, can jump in the plot and flip, usher in the comic effect. The two words "Lan Xiang" on the role of public opinion points detonated hi can eventually converted into scripts, the spread of breadth.

and more recently, the news about Lan Xiang, let her fame bursting. The vice president of the rate of a hundred years fighting "and President father fire, with" Lan Xiang "this bundle of sticks, immediately in the field of public opinion explosion time fights where strong? Do not look at the ads for Lan Xiang" come in a throng of ridicule. "Then president Lan Xiang Rong Lanxiang was reported to have 3 identity cards" and "Rong Lanxiang’s wife said was the 20 years of domestic violence and other news, but also add fuel to the flames in a short period of time, let Lan Xiang be intensive exposure."