To promote the idea of cosmetic website by analogy

today in a forum to do cosmetic webmaster friends asking how to post promotion, open look at the site, first say other, first vision make people feel very comfortable, although some of the picture is not too in place, but the overall color collocation is very good, including advertising color processing can also and site theme color coordination, if not mistaken, the owners should be born in art.

pull a little far, the true story of the book, to give him out of ideas.

the webmaster question:

site type: plastic beauty industry advisory station.

site positioning: all the beauty of the people, there are plastic intentions.

to ask the question: how to promote the site, so that the site to improve the effective flow of

other: the current traffic is sent to the entertainment paste to deceive, and no value, the conversion rate is very low, if targeted posting few people. How to get the flow through targeted promotion? If you can speak a little more details that can understand.

most avoid blind, fear can not find the market, find their right where the user, if you come to a city, you do not know where to go, do not know where to go, how would you? At a loss, you will be at a loss what to do, the feeling is very painful. How do the station was afraid of vacant, a blank webmaster business in a good


so, to ask you is the first piece of advice is, first identify your users? Users? Our user is what group? Is the beauty group, is not satisfied with their looks or body of a woman. What is the woman gathering place? Of course is good, the women’s website, it will know your direction, you can go to these website forums to find the right plate to do the promotion, how to do promotion I should not say it, but to grasp the skills, otherwise it will be. The.

because of your strong knowledge, do blog promotion also is very good, you can be in a large portal opened blog, and then write some original or false original article, give your website to do some connection, this will not only improve your website PR value, can bring traffic to a certain your site. Improve the PR value can get you more good connection.

at the same time you do blog promotion, be sure to add some more plastic surgery related circle or group, which are concerned about the people. This will make your users more likely to convert customers. At the same time, you can also build a circle, through their influence to gather a group of people, so that more people trust you, your promotion is easier.

also is the QQ group, this is targeted, originally QQ group put your user screening out with blogs but the promotion need different approaches but equally satisfactory results, skills, otherwise it will be T.

this is something