How to operate the local decoration network

network is a kind of decoration industry, is now more popular bidding, the market is relatively large, compared to other industries, decorate nets in the locality, a local portal, but to operate a network must have the decoration, decoration industry a clue to understand, anyway, we did not open the market. To open it, it is our market, let’s talk about the local decoration industry operation


information search


workload is very large, have made great efforts in information, promotion, popularity, preliminary information should be increased, especially the sample and figure, many netizens love fashion, love to see this information.

promotion should be the main search engine optimization, because Guan Jian word ranking in front of the search engine, profit is very convenient, SEO optimization can go to Admin5 training or to find out is very helpful!

planning marketing

a good website cannot do without planning and marketing, decoration decoration net net is the same, for what is the crowd, what is the starting point of profit? What is the preliminary work, what is the middle of work, what is the late work? A year after the plan should be tight execution planning out of operation after a goal


line promotion

have to say, offline promotion webmasters are not willing to do, not a search engine? Still use offline promotion? Is called integrated marketing, online, mainly for search engines, mainly for the local offline, offline promotion way: outdoor advertising, body advertising, stop advertising but, these are all need to spend a lot of money, but we can distribute leaflets propaganda, a leaflet size is A4 in a few cents a price of about one thousand, respectively, to the most popular city streets, don’t put down the face, not what the relationship between


decoration network mainly rely on tender, advertising, membership, profitability, profitability is very high, we can explore! Thank you

reproduced please specify Shenzhen decoration network