Personal shop must be registered to disclose the real name of customer privacy maximum penalty 10 th

daily news personal open shop will not be forced to do business license, but requires real name system, the maximum penalty of 10 thousand yuan can be leaked customer privacy…… The day before, the Interim Measures for the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management of State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the drafting of the "(Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures" "), began soliciting opinions, this year is expected to be formally promulgated. Consumers can put forward opinions and suggestions to the relevant departments before April 21st. This is the first time for China’s e-commerce online shopping industry to develop laws and regulations.

personal open shop does not force to do business license

personal open shop, whether it is necessary to apply for a business license, is one of the most concerned about the industry. In the interim measures, the relevant provisions did not make mandatory requirements. For many users to open the shop as an individual, the interim measures only require registration conditions, according to the law for industrial and commercial registration, does not require mandatory business license. Previously, there have been some local industry and commerce law enforcement agencies issued regulations requiring individual shop owners must apply for business licenses. However, although not a license, but the "Interim Measures" clear requirements set up shop of individuals and legal persons to the real name registration, personal website "to apply, submit the name and address of the real identity information". Interim measures also provides, such as Taobao, eBay, such as providing online trading platform operators, the obligation to review the main identity of the business, and the establishment of the registration file, regularly verify the update. If the violation of the above provisions, the platform service providers in the rectification period is not corrected, will be sentenced to more than 10 thousand yuan fine of $30 thousand.

for some time ago due to the continuous exposure of the network sellers because of bad reviews and other reasons for the phenomenon of malicious disclosure of personal information buyers, interim measures also made the relevant provisions. The "Interim Measures" pointed out that consumers to collect information network operators and network service providers, responsible for the safekeeping, reasonable use, possession and properly destroy the obligation period; not for improper use, not public, rent and sale. Otherwise, the industry and commerce department can impose a maximum fine of 10 thousand yuan.

more than half of Internet users to support online shopping legislation

this draft, reflects the government’s support for the development of online shopping and encouraging attitude. Whether it is e-commerce platform such as Taobao, or Taobao 170 million of consumers, is a good thing." China’s largest online shopping platform Taobao CFO Zhang Yong said.

small shop front online shopping "owner Wu Zhen Zhong believes that online shopping is a transparent, open, sharing industry. The Interim Measures on the requirements of the individual shop is more clear, help regulate the behavior of shop operators, the development of the industry as a whole are good.

obviously, and Zhong Wu Ching hold the same opinions there are many Internet users. As of 12 points on April 3rd, sina on the SAIC on the regulation of online transactions open consultation survey