nventory of the 20 most popular nternet business opportunities and entrepreneurship in 2011

1, social image sharing:

has start-up companies: Instagram, Piictu, Pinterest, Sincerely and Pictour.us

Instagram has matured, on-line 10 weeks to download the amount of up to 1 million times. If you still want to share photos in the field of a community, need to face many competitors.


2 social e-commerce:

has start-up companies: foreign, Storenvy, Goodsie, Magento.go, or even Yahoo eCommerce


electronic commerce website absolutely requires continuous improvement, you must face the object is YAHOO, Taobao such industry giants, the market scale, payment function and optimization of search engine optimization will let users willing to pay $40 a month.


(Goodsie founder Jonathan Marcus)

3 classified information services and variants:

has started the company: TaskRabbit, Zaarly and Craigslist, similar to the O2O forget to forget it! Look at the collective consumption Collaborative Consumption economic revolution!

actually, even BusinessInsider doesn’t like the idea. Such a lack of service needs, can only meet the needs of a small number of people. If you want to buy shampoo, or do it yourself! Only lazy people can think of this errands services, if you really need to run errands for service, Craigslist website can be found a lot, if you want to quickly repair service, Zaarly or TaskRabbit may be the best choice, have $850 million investment, online market task TaskRabbit, money the trivial things to do, Witkey 2?.


(one of the founders of Leah Busque TaskRabbit)

4 mobile payments:

has started companies: Foreign: Square, Intuit, Google Wallet, Starbucks Mobile Card, Giftly

the technology industry have invested in mobile payment field, startup Square has to seize the initiative, the current valuation of the company amounted to $1 billion. The domestic market has been Alipay, >