The law of life can make breast more plump ‘s health network

study found that breast and nipple areola pigment as a normal female, pearl, is the perfect development of the ovary and uterus.

data show that there are normal, regular, harmonious life of women, breast lobular hyperplasia, premenstrual syndrome and other gynecological diseases of breast disease incidence is low. Satisfactory sexual life can also improve the body immunity, so that the body’s T lymphocytes in the best state, with the prevention of breast cancer. The most popular female lovers sleeping woman underwear hot paper test how dirty she has 5 things the lower half of the enemy read more

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A 35 year old woman breast anti-aging measures female health network

contains the chest of the greatest damage to the breast, because it oppresses the growth of the breast tissue, occupied its living space, easily lead to sagging breasts.

method: at any moment to keep correct sitting and standing posture, must strut.

method: at the same time with different cup bra, the breast changes, wearing the right bra (fitted bra does not fall into the shoulder or chest marks). Home releasable chest massage, and axillary lymph nodes.

five measures: regular massage

three measures: to develop good standing, sitting read more

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Don’t let the woman chest overripe female health network

in addition, the diet is also a factor that can not be ignored, many studies have shown that hormone related cancers such as breast cancer, are associated with a large number of intake of animal fat and protein, so in the daily diet, should eat less animal fat and protein, including milk, butter, meat, intake restriction daily fat in total daily calories 15%-30% level.

4 will be a pillow in the back and lie down, put your left hand on your right hand to touch the head, left breast, according to the circular way step by step, to include the axilla and breast, done for the other side check to see if there is any axillary lymph nodes. If the presence of breast pigmentation, depression or obvious protrusions, accompanied by axillary lymph nodes and other symptoms; read more

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Woman frigidity will make the breast health network hurt

(internship editor: Kuang Yanming)

3, female frigidity induced breast cancer

2, female frigidity prompted lobular hyperplasia

data show that in patients with breast cancer, the age of unmarried, widowed function is low, the proportion of females was significantly higher than other groups. This suggests that the risk of breast cancer is greatly increased in women who have no normal sex and sex. Women with long-term mental depression tend to be cold, and these people are also prone to breast cancer. read more

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