Errenzhuan mode, can become a new pole of baby babe network

introduction: I cannot claim that babe network will become outside of Ali, the Jingdong "Errenzhuan" model of the giant vertical pole. But I agree with the company’s business model and path choice, which represents the future of China’s maternal and child electricity supplier.

lotus parent-child down some time ago. Freaky help when buying it at the outset, once high gas. But almost no sound was heard. While on the one hand, babe network D round of financing of $100 million, the baby tree D wheel is obtained 3 billion yuan financing. read more

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Personal product network sales experience sharing

do any product sales network, in addition to register these comprehensive business platform in the Alibaba, HC, qinjiayuan release product information, we should also find professional products for small business platform, strong. Here are several reasons:

1, search engine rankings: large web site has a lot of sub columns, these sub columns in general will not be very forward. But only focus on small website industry market segments, because the content is to do around the relevant products, clear this website theme, rich in content, the website ranking in the search results pages ranking, bring the flow more naturally, and the traffic is high the quality, because only the user search and site theme related products, these small B2B website will be ranked in the home, natural users to access the site in search of these products to customers, of course, users into customers, it is also a topic of network marketing. read more

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Why would cook the woman, do micro business more powerful

housewife has become a micro business backbone

Oh, mom, you’re going to do micro business? Oh, wife, you have to do micro business? I heard good cooking woman, do more derivative. Now let’s look at the relationship between the woman who is good at cooking and the micro chamber.

as we all know, micro business group, the housewife accounted for a large proportion, because of their leisure time, financial abundance, so the low threshold of the micro business industry, the achievement of a new career many housewives. There are people who ridicule, aunt who in the world was, in here, we said the housewife may be from the 30 year old Bao mother, may also be the 45 year old middle-aged aunt, no matter from which angle to research, many derivative brand owner have the experience, has become the backbone of the micro housewife taking power in the group. read more

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Ali America wholesale platform users can credit to buy goods


[TechWeb] February 3rd news, the United States in the future of the United States to buy its products wholesale platform Alibaba, can be directly applied to the highest online loan of $300 thousand to pay for the loan.

The Alibaba

said in a statement, has reached a strategic cooperation with the net loan platform Lending Club, jointly issued a " e-Credit Line powered by Lending Club" products, Lending Club will US users online loan application business solutions. read more

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How to open shop how to open the shop steps

shop survival is cruel, there is no good marketing strategy and business ideas, waiting for orders, it is likely to be eliminated. You want to shop is full of customers, we must learn all kinds of skills and methods, which is the key part in the open shop. Let us count what are the effective promotion methods.

1) want to actively develop friends. Want shop sellers to communicate with the outside world the best way to actively explore the marketing situation, to as much as possible to find friends, want more members, popularity is also higher, but the sellers need to recognize that it is a member of the quality how to want, if a stranger or not had transaction relationship, in when you send them promotion links, they may incur resentment. Therefore, if you want to mass, it is best to issue only the order of the customer, or the customer has been consulting orders. read more

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Several methods to attract users of shopping websites

"How to play

in the electronic commerce website promotion booster action" in the text, we mention several representative network marketing methods, including on word-of-mouth marketing user evaluation system, we specifically mentioned the powerful effect of user evaluation of e-commerce sales. As we all know, the user evaluation has many advantages: the establishment of consumer confidence, the advantages of long tail search engine, reduce returns and so on. User evaluation is also a reasonable entrance for social consumption, a series of comments as an online forum. But for most online retailers, it is a challenge to add comments to their web site. Most users have been very upset about the credit card information, so how can you motivate them to take the time to contribute to the review of the product? read more

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Electricity supplier Entrepreneurship some of the tricks to make you detours

The development of

electronic commerce is increasingly hot, the national online shopping has to start your own business friends, really worthy of this era of opportunity, but the development of electronic commerce to now, has begun to slowly mature, developed a set of their own rules of the game, as before, a kill, can only lose the game ran out.

if you want to enter the market, take a slice, or simply want to start your own business in this industry, then there are some experience and skills, you have to know read more

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Tmall double eleven push members priority purchase 9 days can be given priority


technology news Beijing time November 8th noon news, Alibaba’s Tmall mall announced today that Tmall client for the double eleven launched the "preemptive" activities, Tmall membership in November 9th ahead of admission panic buying. Tmall’s move is intended to strengthen the membership system and membership rights by double eleven machine.

In addition to this, this year’s eleven

, Tmall also opened a special class for the high class members, to provide exclusive membership. At the same time, in terms of coupons, envelopes and other aspects, Tmall members also enjoy more rights than non members. read more

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Reasons of self logistics system of big B2C website

Ma earlier announced that it would invest 10 billion yuan in the construction of the logistics system, just completed financing domestic vertical B2C online shoe good music to buy also said the next step will be the main funds to warehousing and logistics, and where customers, Jingdong and other large B2C giants already used the self built logistics system why, these big giants self built logistics system


1, cost factors: before attending the annual meeting on behalf of Jingdong Liu Qiangdong said a single logistics cost is $9, while a few other B2C sites in a single cost of nearly $20, which is a big gap. Here is not only to consider the cost of logistics and distribution costs, as well as the cost of warehouse management, customer service, cost price may be much higher than we imagine. But with the cost of third party courier companies may be double the cost of self logistics, long-term consideration, self built logistics system is imperative. read more

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The data analysis of the 2012 group purchase website how to win

recently filled with the electricity supplier on the winter atmosphere, buy site is also known as the winter hit. In fact, from the beginning of June, there have been more than 2000 buy site closed, from the beginning of October has more than half of the group buying site does not update for a week. A large number of the group purchase website of domestic trouble and foreign invasion, complaint, complaint center BCP all online shopping complaints, more than 30% from the group purchase website.

  read more

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