Taobao sellers Tucao double 12 one day the whole month

imperceptibly, the calendar turned to the last month of 2014, "double eleven" shopping carnival, express is worn no temper, is the credit card bill push too impatient, buyers haven’t from Tucao mode "recovering network, electricity suppliers are playing a" double two "the idea is" double eleven "after the soaring chargeback rate also really let electricity supplier chill". One is an empty purse, one is to buy in the heart; one side is ready for promotion is wildly beating gongs and drums, while the "dismal days for a prosperous day" to worry about…… This is not about "shuangshier", about, became the most tangled topic. read more

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Taobao sellers brush single brush credibility mailing empty bag

intern reporter Zhang Qianlan

lady who lives in Haidian District high recently encountered a strange thing: he didn’t recently bought something online, but connect to a courier company phone, saying that there is a need to express their own sign. And so on hand, take a look at the packaging, turned out to be an empty box?

reporter learned that, like Ms. Gao received an empty package courier, in fact, a small number of people. According to a Taobao seller said, in order to make out the store products continued to skyrocket and acclaim "phenomenon to attract customers, some bad stores will by courier or special express air bag" network for the "empty package, single brush brush reputation" business, which has become public in the industry "secret". read more

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Yan Yan electricity supplier based on the flicker is not the main mode of money can not be sustained

Saif Yan (Sina pictures)

main business does not make money and expect to make money from the capital market is unsustainable.

in essence, the platform economy is not necessarily innovation, and further, it is not necessarily a good innovation. Give a very simple example of what we are doing today. The walls of Beijing were torn down by innovation. In fact, from the point of view of life, more than 90% do not need innovation.

in essence, the vast majority of commercial activities is the platform economy. If the Internet based business is derived from the United States, the most simple is the amazon. Most of China is to copy others, the real innovation is not much, but as a developing country does not need so much innovation, because the cost of innovation is very high. read more

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Zhejiang tinsou rural agricultural products supplier can clear the way

is now known to have a platform for the sale of agricultural products, electricity providers, as well as branding two ways, both of which are based on a certain size of land and strong support from the higher authorities of the above two. The Chinese civilization to agriculture thrive in this, be handed down from age to age, the information society, e-commerce can help modern agriculture with new youth, Zhejiang tinsou ( according to the survey, part of the information itself and some results are obtained. read more

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B2B site in the context of the new tricks

B2B – the most mature business model of the internet. This thesis is tested by time. The development of the Internet in China for decades, but now we look back, a lot of money making business, have been declining or are going to decline, such as end tour, such as literary websites, etc.. But B2B still stand, which is experienced more than Ma met "winter", but today was the rise of the B2B website, is still not a fallen. This can not help but say that B2B model of tenacious. However, the arrival of a lot of background and approaching, B2B website is still able to continue to be strong? read more

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Analysis do you really think that Taobao flagship store brands are doing

recently, the electricity supplier service company treasure to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted a IPO application. One would have been rare in the media reported treasure why can be listed?

thanks to the rapid development of e-commerce in our country, many brands have their own Tmall flagship store by a dedicated generation of operators to take care of, and Bao Zun is one of the best.

1, Bao Zun is to do what?

Bao Zun founder Chou Wenbin graduated from Tsinghua University, electronic engineering, has worked in HP, SUN and other well-known IT foreign companies for 6 years. In 2000, he founded a supply chain management software company specialized in retail brands, such as Johnson, Nike, PHILPS and other five hundred brands are long-term customers. read more

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Shop store close combat who is the main channel of the ups and downs of the future

Zhang Jindong, former chairman of Suning Appliance at the electronic commerce "malpractice". There is news that the Ministry of commerce is drafting a "support of traditional commercial enterprises into e-commerce" file, will conduct a special funding for the traditional commercial enterprises into e-commerce, in order to promote the business enterprise to the network drive sales store sales.

shop or store


questioned shop cost price sales not long

Although the

e-commerce industry is booming, but behind Business Flourishes rarely profitable. This has become the basis of the traditional business model of e-commerce questioned. Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Appliance at the electronic commerce "malpractice". Zhang Jindong believes that the circulation industry must have added value, but the majority of online shopping products sold at the cost price, which can not provide additional value, which does not comply with the law of commercial development. read more

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Write to do micro business and will do friends

in the space N every day many people said in a micro business Shuabing feature said this new product.

With the rapid growth of

as everyone knows, the popular intelligent mobile phone Andrews machine the popularity of WeChat, more and more people into social communication on the mobile phone, the variety of the sun all share whenever and wherever possible Shuabing to occupy the palm of the world. A new and huge group of people in the circle of friends and space. Maybe there is his reason we should accept the attitude of the world to see the new things. read more

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2015 micro business is changing from guerrilla to regular army you ready

wrote a few days ago, the article is more than the micro, and yesterday there are friends and I QQ after the first sentence is: micro chamber of Commerce die? I was back to her: you want more!

I will analyze the

today, micro business future! A few days ago, I had a try to sell this ebook version, read "new derivative: 3 days of collection from scratch to make money" friends, I should know that there is such a word written in any commercial era to make money, the first element is the first to have people, where people gather, there are opportunities! Where gathered a large number of young people, there is a huge market in the future read more

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nterpretation of the logistics of the nternet Courier is only a small part of demand

Ma Yun said: logistics needs to be a pedestrian to stir." His objective was achieved, no matter how well the Alibaba eventually, he raised a "platform" banner, let the boss had to take all the logistics, the logistics industry of the Internet from the bud into the trend, in this trend, who can quickly complete the Internet, who will be able to get tickets in the electronic commerce.

e-commerce by the end of 2010, in a special way so that everyone focused on the logistics industry. "There is a very appropriate analogy" commercial value magazine publisher Liu Xiangming’s article: "2010 domestic e-commerce hot, before the new year was hard to step on the foot brake". Who is it, of course, is to keep up with the logistics services. read more

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Personal Adsense to make money e-commerce business promotion

forum theme: personal webmaster make money: e-commerce business promotion

Forum Moderator: enterprises win network marketing planning founder Zhang He, 078 game network CEO Hu Yang

forum guests: Guo Shaanxi Jijun love aggregation Internet Alliance Wang Feng waves Literature Network founder Li Xueming

e-commerce: a business activity based on computer networks and effective integration.

e-commerce is the biggest bottleneck of logistics and business integrity

the four largest gold industry in the Internet: e-commerce, online games, portals and search read more

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Steady development of international e-commerce industry ushered in the Chinese industry blowout

August 2009 eMarketer survey of the UK online shopping market found that in 2009 the UK online shopping users continue to increase. Data show that in 2009 the UK online shopping users will reach 26 million 900 thousand people, online shopping user penetration will reach 72.5%. 2009-2013 is expected to continue to increase the size of the UK online shopping users, online shopping users in 2013 penetration will reach 75.7%.

at present, e-commerce development in the global scope most rapidly, its application field and scale is far ahead of other countries, the global e-commerce site 90% in the United States, 50% e-commerce transactions occurred in the u.s.. read more

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Eco beer Grote how rely on sports marketing

nowadays, beer consumption into the season, major beer brands are taking advantage of the hot sports marketing, in order to enhance the market sales performance. Budweiser, HeineKen and other sports events and products through the scene of marketing bundled with a strong user stickiness IP driven product sales. Even reported that a domestic beer brands to the European Cup event marketing, contrarian move up more than 3%. In addition to the above industry "big brothers", new power network network launched the "ecological Grote beer" (Gloryt) on music as sports "strong competition IP resources, as the dark horse blaze, good performance. read more

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Shopex’s my shop open marketing initiatives

continues to provide users with valuable service! Has been "I shop"   unremitting pursuit, in order to allow members to better operate their own independent shop, the master system operation mode, currently launched a "big marketing" service, "according to my shop staff said, this time they and other companies to provide marketing services is a completely different, other marketing services company was a one-off for the user to provide marketing services, and" I shop "which is tailored for the user, and is a member in the" from my shop "the professor began a phased user open shop the skills and operation mode, including search engine optimization, online optimization, content analysis, online advertising and marketing, and competitor activities, senior VIP official gift Help manual, PR version of the brand communication, etc., is a real constant to provide users with valuable services! read more

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Yi Chong nternational Mall entrepreneurial new choice

March 15, 2014, the new version of the consumer protection law, the official implementation of the new regulations, seven online shopping regret right most attention. With the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years, online shopping disputes are increasing. From before the seven day return to the new "seven days no reason to return, this is undoubtedly a good thing for the majority of online shopping is Master. But for most of the electricity supplier sellers are a small challenge. The implementation of the new regulations will undoubtedly increase the amount of return, which means that the seller needs more corporate costs to deal with the pressure of these returns. read more

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Liu Xingliang can e-commerce say no to search engines

for orange orange health Huainan, Huaibei was born in orange. Who changed who


take micro-blog, in the hands of our ordinary people, it is a social tool, is a propaganda platform, but in the hands of a particular person, it is a gun, a spear. Even to those special people, Li Guoqing is definitely the most special one. In his spear gun head, there is a long list, especially with investors is a series of wars create a great sensation. Up to now, the last name of the list was "Baidu".

called Baidu people, according to seniority or, or whether it is ranked in order of arrival, in which way, Li Guoqing will be far behind. It can be said that Baidu is not a curse of the news, the reason for concern, because Li Guoqing took a special way. This way, far beyond the scope of the war of words. read more

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Jingdong was settled in ndustrial and Commercial Bureau staff to handle complaints

Jingdong was traced to Industrial and Commercial Bureau staff to handle complaints in

Core tip:

October 10th, occupation fake people Wang Hai in micro-blog real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing "industrial and commercial bureau of Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone Jingdong employees settled Industrial and Commercial Bureau complaints" and "Industrial and Commercial Bureau chief in the mall to zero consumption".

source: JINGWAH times


Times News (reporter Han Linjun Yuan Guoli) yesterday, the trade and Industry Bureau of Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone in response to the "employees of the Jingdong settled Industrial and Commercial Bureau complaints" and "Industrial and Commercial Bureau chief in the mall to zero yuan consumption report of two cases. Branch said that Jingdong is indeed a liaison officer to enter the work with the Department, the Department of zero dollar shopping problem is under investigation. In October 10th, occupation fake people Wang Hai on micro-blog for the two cases report real name. read more

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Jingdong in Guangzhou to expand the low-key in Guangzhou fun cross-border electricity

11, just in charge of the new division of Wang Xiaosong, vice president of the Department of Jingdong from Beijing to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport comprehensive bonded zone. At the same time, there are also from Chile’s blueberry, Tasmania car seed.

There is only Jingdong

Wang Xiaosong mall and Guangzhou Jiangnan Yi trade limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as the "Jiangnan Yi") jointly opened the first domestic cross-border bonded warehouse fresh import platform, and hope that the Jingdong fresh as the inflection point, accelerate overseas direct mining. read more

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Beijing 20% group purchase net turnover fell 20% for two consecutive months

decreased the number of buy site began to have an impact on Beijing. Buy navigation website group 800 released statistics show that as of the end of November 3rd, the Beijing area to buy site 804, of which the 173 can not be opened, accounting for the total number of 20%. Compared with September, Beijing buy site increased by 64, but in the normal state is reduced.

data show that after October, the group of 800 Beijing collection site number of up to 804, more than in September, the number of more than 740, an increase of about 8.6%. September Beijing a total of 105 buy site can not be opened, accounting for 14.2% of the total. October Beijing area can not be normal to buy the number of websites surged to 173, an increase of 64.7%, accounting for all of the group buying site of 21.5%. Beijing all buy site, more than 20% sites have been closed or not open. In addition, there are many webmasters did not have time to update or have been transformed. read more

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SAC halted 11 double discount price cat and dog busy clearing


] November 6th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, has been in the business activities of the double 11 have received notice from the Jingdong, said to the self-employed and POP businesses today in the shop on the revocation of the reference price, the lowest price, discount and other information. This will result in a large number of promotional advertising platforms and businesses involved need to re design the marketing effect cast to waste.

merchant screenshot shows, the Jingdong has issued an emergency notice, said Industrial and Commercial Bureau requirements, will be prohibited from using discount business platform and reference price information, therefore, businesses must be in the shop today and undertake page all the "reference price" and "Jingdong" price "price" and other words are all removed; businesses can only retain promotional price. read more

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