Amoy Ocean how easy fun wireless train

mobile Internet gradually prosperous, Taobao in recent years to promote the mobile terminal, after all kinds of mobile terminals have become our necessities of life, and we take the mobile phone closely, idle time out to look at the video and browse the web plate. Taobao mobile phone downloads app store, Android long-term occupy the forefront of the market, but also bring the corresponding mobile terminal traffic more. As sellers, how do we cater to this opportunity today, Amoy blue ocean for a brief analysis. read more

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The traditional enterprise online accelerated back in 2013 or a large number of business

news January 6th, according to the survey report 2012 net electricity supplier dynamic display of traditional enterprises Ebang, business is higher than that of the pure business enterprise development speed rapid growth, a large number of traditional enterprise feedback that in 2012 the company business doubled, even the highest growth 5 times.

by the research of many traditional business operators, the traditional brand enterprises to understand business growing, thinking mode and business ideas gradually clear, with a large number of traditional enterprise business, some pure business may face the risk out of the previous. read more

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Six ways to choose a good domain name for the site

for your site to choose a good domain name of the six methods

domain name as an intangible resource, but also subject to the relevant laws and regulations, all levels of domain name registration, each country has detailed provisions. In our country, the domain name management is modeled by the trademark law, which is protected by the law of the state. But in the premise of not violating the above principles, who belongs to the first registration. Taking into account the above factors, in the domain name for your site should note the following six points: read more

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Tencent to Dangdang electricity supplier strategy misogynist

e-commerce will be independent, Tencent’s electricity supplier platform strategy is increasingly surfaced.

(June 12th), the reporter was informed that the and spin off near the Tencent business officially reached a cooperation, the exclusive operation of Tencent maternal electricity supplier’s QQ online shopping books, business, were standing outside the comprehensive cooperation.

then, the reporter from Dangdang, Tencent electricity supplier confirmed the news. According to informed sources, the two sides will officially announce this news this week, according to the details of cooperation, the book channel will be launched in mid June, while the mother and child channel to be formally launched in July ~8 month. read more

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CNNC description of domain name registration for Olympic champion athletes

August 13th CNNIC news for the Olympic champion athletes domain name registration issue, issued a statement.

below is the full text of the CNNIC statement:

first, CNNIC attaches great importance to protect the legitimate rights and interests of CN domain name registered users, respect for the principle of "first apply for registration" principle. For the domain name registration in line with national laws and regulations, will not be forced to delete. In the Olympic Games before the registration of the same name with the name of our athletes, I do not have no reason to delete the center. At the same time, I also established a domain name dispute resolution mechanism, for the registered domain name that has violated their own civil rights and interests, can be authorized by the center of the domain name dispute resolution center. I am not involved in the decision on civil rights. read more

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Hot mom to deny large layoffs mother and child community when how to choose electricity supplier bus

million European Network on April 7th, a day before the media broke the news that maternal community brand freaky help will lay off nearly 60% more likely to close the business, the original business community. In this regard, hundreds of millions of euros to the hot mom to help prove, the other denied, saying there is no matter.


broke the news that the freaky help fought the electricity supplier after the first three quarters of last year sales can also, but after a poor performance, and from the beginning of the end of 2015, freaky help stop replacements in the suppliers." This is the case, the company has to help the European network, said hot mom mall currently all operations are normal operations, and the rapid pace of development. read more

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How to choose the best B2B platform

just for the foreign trade enterprises involved in the Internet, online information is multitude, target Yunshanwuzhao, let’s look at how to quickly lock the best service platform.

We choose the optimal


1 visibility

all kinds of media, the major web site on the navigation station are repeated some high-profile B2B ( platform, which provides a platform for the choice of B2B platform.

2 query buyer number

basically buyers inquiry published user query are available on the B2B platform, using the keywords in your industry (Network Network Technology) and check to see where the station is on the inquiry number and release time, compare to other stations on a platform will have a basic evaluation, can know your product is not suitable for doing on this platform. read more

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Network marketing drives the rapid development of small and medium enterprises

SME network marketing is more than a decade, the Internet and the small and medium enterprises continue to discuss the topic of discussion. Landing from 2000 advertising portals, yellow pages, then the search engine keyword advertising, business website information release, are Everfount to small and medium-sized enterprises to provide a huge amount of business information. After the continuous renewal of the network marketing model, network marketing has become easier to operate, the effect of long-term development, the development of artificial intelligence, small and medium enterprises network marketing has been the road from low speed to high speed development. If before the network marketing or National Road era, the current situation of SMEs, is represented by high-speed railway EMU era. read more

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Taobao Electric City brand, three days of gains of nearly four million

July 18th, Taobao mall electric city news, electric city "brand," to promote the activities three days before (July 13, 14, 15) gains of nearly 40 million transactions a day, several brand flagship store sales of nearly one million. Taobao mall mall on the line has been rapidly released in the field of 3C huge energy.

from July 13th to 26, Taobao Electric City mall together including 12 digital home appliances brand Lenovo, DELL, PHILPS, NOKIA, Samsung, Galanz, AUX, HP, ultra low launch day special offer, most brands simply take the audience the most direct way of direct price, generally straight down 500 yuan, Lenovo is played straight down 1000 yuan. Taobao mall appliance city will also send 2 million yuan cash envelopes for this event. read more

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The most commonly used 6 kinds of paid advertising model in online advertising

in the network to promote the most effective, the fastest growing number of online advertising. Of course online advertising costs money. If we put one thousand dollars, we can make $two thousand, $three thousand or more. Why don’t we do it?. Not only continue to put, but also in the amplification of


blog promotion, SEO, BBS promotion or soft Wen promotion, of course, is also very effective, if a short period of time to quickly enlarge 10 times, 20 times is very difficult. If we enter an industry or a new product, the test is not hot hot, can not earn, how fast can make use of advertising test is fast. read more

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Online travel e-commerce is like a pot of porridge

if the past China online tourism is the romance of the Three Kingdoms, so now, when Chinese line tourism is the Warring States period, warlords, zhuluzhongyuan. In the past, Ctrip alone big, eLong, mango net pursuit, forming a three glyph layout situation, but with Taobao, with pat, as well as E said to join the new model Inn sign, and the original airlines, hotels have built their own marketing channels, to join the battle group inside, I think the next Chinese online travel e-commerce will be like a group purchase as great in strength and impetus of the hundred regiments, and as the e Inn, airlines direct sales model changes, you push past history call center as the main business model in the generation of a large change, China online travel e-commerce the business model may be in a new change, in this war, the last who laughs last a temporary or not know, but in the past one or several dominant Bureau Face will change. read more

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The second half of 2015 victories all cross-border electricity supplier will determine the status of

Bo Zhen Zhen photo

now is the "dog", the domestic electricity supplier in cross-border competition as summer heat, guies go out crying. Jingdong CEO group Liu Qiangdong attended the meeting in New York of the Jingdong of the US Pavilion "ceremony; founder Chen ou, NetEase CEO Ding Lei had to go to South Korea" on sale "; Alibaba CEO Ma arranged intensive U.S. travel to their own, to persuade the United States to participate in small and medium enterprises to his" global purchase plan "…… With the number of domestic electricity supplier platform in the cross-border electricity supplier import force, sea Amoy finally do not have so much effort. read more

Learn More → screen Amoy network shopping website in melee parity and Jingdong of ShangCheng Railway Station on the same front, the opponent is a price comparison site. Yesterday, users found that blocked out network search content to crawl. deputy general manager Li Bin confirmed that the shielding measures is started from the 26, and publicly criticized the comparison sites to mislead consumers". Amoy network of Alibaba background is generally considered to be an important factor in triggering the screen door. only show the price of misleading consumers read more

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Consumers Association seven days no reason to return only the minimum statutory obligations

The newspaper Beijing news reporter Yu Yingbo

in September 16th, according to the China Association today announced, the associations found in the new consumer law protection efforts to increase in some areas, operators escape responsibility problems still more prominent. For example, some operators take seven days return as a shield, due to quality problems demands the return of the consumers not to have seven day return period, not to return to be rejected, the operator shall assume the quality of products from the "Three Guarantees" responsibility. In this regard, the association said, "seven days no reason to return is the online shopping enterprises shall be minimum statutory obligations, to encourage the relevant enterprises to actively adopt higher standards of service, and strive to achieve the" ten days "and" fifteen days "no reason to return. read more

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Google shut down Google’s huge impact on China’s foreign trade e-commerce

January 13, 2010, sources said, Google said it may shut down Google’s Chinese website completely withdraw from the Chinese market". According to news agency news: Google legal director David Drummond this afternoon in Google official blog published an article to make the above statement. China News Agency reporter after confirmation by mail to Google, Google news department back to the China News Agency reporter, confirmed Drummond said."

just yesterday, Baidu was a major event was black. The industry has not yet awakened from the shock, suddenly encountered the news of Google off the station, is a ray of mine. Some statistics, there will be tens of thousands of Google advertising agency practitioners, hundreds of thousands of orders to rely on Google advertising revenue of small and medium owners affected, which does not include a large number of internal and external e-commerce business. read more

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Micro business was doing bad regular business dare not into the board, instead of taking the three o

WeChat sales channels are very chaotic." After containing large amounts of hormones in the circle of friends of the secret CCTV WeChat sales mask, said LVSHOU chief adviser Zhou Hongming told the "First Financial Daily" interview with reporters, the current state is taking steps in the stage of brand business, he told reporters that the company began trial operation of micro business at the end of last year.

reporter observed, LVSHOU water derivative is just a microcosm of the current, including Joincare Han, Han beam have entered this field, even the Shanghai Jahwa have shown interest in micro business, a large dial brand "regular army" is coming. Day of expert Feng Jianjun on the "First Financial Daily reporters, micro business as a new channel, traditional brands have seen the opportunities, but the sales pattern is still not finalized, is expected to be 3~5 years after the consolidation period. read more

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Jingdong mall to suspend all metro or because of some high rental costs

morning news (reporter Sun Yu) out of the subway, you can carry goods online shopping home in February this year, the Jingdong Metro mall launched from mentioning, however, this service has been stopped.

Beijing investment company official told reporters, since some of the express business is no problem, the suspension of cooperation is mainly put forward by the Jingdong.

this mall to the Jingdong, said: "there is a response to the Jingdong and the subway service from mentioning the carrier consultation, in July 15th to temporarily shut down the subway from mentioning, system adjustment and upgrade. This is mainly because: on the one hand, the Jingdong’s own distribution station and since some already present network coverage, to meet the needs of the consumers, more recently launched the evening delivery service, to provide convenient services to users. On the other hand, the subway is since the question had never had the cooperation mode, everything is still running. So, since the mention of the service is temporarily closed, the future of cooperation is still under discussion." read more

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How to find more Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice

if you are a novice in Wangzhuan way, then you must take a look at this article. As the saying goes, everyone has the stage to start, have experienced an unusual process. So if we really want to get on the road to Wangzhuan development, we must adhere to it, we must learn more good means of others, and then use the notes. It will help you.

What is the first

to talk about how to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan. Wangzhuan is using the Internet this media to achieve good publicity and earn a profit. Network is really a very good platform. The first network he has huge potential market of hundreds of millions of people. And there are people of all walks of life, there are a variety of preferences of users, people of different ages and different pursuit. So even if you can locate a better crowd to promote, then you will be able to make a lot of money. read more

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The fruit industry business day and night intruder entrepreneurship, the hair is white……

Wang Wei is determined to make the fruit business, he never wavered, didn’t feel pain. What do you do when you take it as a hobby?." He said at the head of gray hair, he was under the age of forty, according to the common sense that shouldn’t be the age he was due, "are working day and night downtown, my white hair is after the fruit electricity supplier was white." Ha ha ha ha.

orchard founder and CEO Wang Wei

(this article comes from the titanium media column [entrepreneur said]) read more

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