Le bee for fake name anti provoke questions


Times News (reporter intern reporter Hu Xiaohong Ping Yifan) in a "fake" question lefeng.com, days before the show brand authorization is innocent, but reporters noted that the authorization not included on the site of some international brand sales. In this regard, Le bee network yesterday responded to admit that the company did not get the authorization of Estee Lauder and other international brands.

active anti

name provoke questions

recently, many users are reflected in the music bee online to buy fake cosmetics and skin care products. In this regard, March 25th, dozens of cosmetics brand lefeng.com to the media to show the authorization, most of the cosmetics brand awareness is not high, which did not have Estee Lauder, Dior, La Mer and other international big names. read more

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Behind the demon stocks, vip.com’s momentum should be how to continue

last week, vip.com released its 2014 Q2 earnings report, the report shows that vip.com’s total net revenues of $2014 in Q2, an increase of $26 million 400 thousand, net profit of $136.1%, an increase of 192.1%.

for this listing has been more than two years or more than 30 times the demon stock, in this case, investors are willing to believe that it is possible to obtain a relatively dominant position in the domestic electricity supplier industry company.

but now, the volume of the increasingly large vip.com, has been the industry’s attention. Whether it is behind the United States and the United States, or the former Ali Jingdong, are gradually in the pattern and layout of the category. read more

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The quality of the website construction soft win win indispensable

information dissemination is increasingly diversified, and the traditional way of Internet marketing, the cost of all the way to win CPI and increasingly high prices, and high. There is no better way of marketing, soft marketing official in this context, more and more enterprises are concerned and attention. Different from the soft hard advertising, because of its own transmission of valuable information, so it is easier to be accepted. If the traditional hard advertising is like before and after the play on television commercials, and soft, more like TV drama in advertising. As well as a better marketing effect, and will not cause the viewer’s antipathy. read more

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Second hand car frequently favored by the electricity supplier behind the scenes ecological chain is

look at all the consumer market, the longest automotive industry chain, the former to the retail market to the extension of the service market, which is determined by the characteristics of the product. In the retail market, new car sales market occupies the main position, and in services to the market, the automobile industry chain wide, taxi, car rental, car, second-hand car, automotive supplies, car repair, car washing, parking, beauty, maintenance, generation of driving, accident, insurance, financial and other very rich. The automobile industry chain is so long, but the whole industry chain has been basically the net, gold began in the field of Internet, the development of second-hand car business would be breaking the momentum. read more

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Ali investment 58 home, community O2O face what difficulties

58 city the firm has been willing to toss a few days ago, has set up 58 home, 58 home is the 58 city in the community of O2O founded the company, dedicated to home cleaning, home Manicure, moving speed and other community services. This sub brand had been disappeared, however, due to the two days of a new round of financing Alibaba fame.

58 home area has accumulated a wealth of data. Its prospectus documents show that 58 of the services involved in the lives of real estate, including recruitment, automotive, housekeeping, catering, second-hand trading and other aspects, covering nearly 380 cities nationwide. Monthly posting volume reached about 56 million, the daily release of new information nearly 2 million. read more

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Part-time marketing circle of friends, the monthly sales exceeded thirty thousand of the practice no

text / firewood childe


by WeChat in the circle of friends to sell duck about 40 days, I was a part-time in WeChat marketing, through the efforts of these days and pay, or that individuals have achieved a good result, only a duck sales more than and 600, turnover of more than 30 thousand, all of them are sold by WeChat and QQ. If there is no small episode in the middle, I think we can sell better. How do I do it? I think it is not a marketing guru, has not been a professional WeChat marketing training, but with their own experience to achieve some of the. Before, I also wrote an essay "actual share — preliminary micro marketing thinking", this article is about more than and 20 days before writing, may not go far enough, again today to share, there will be some new experiences and insights, we hope to be able to do is WeChat marketing, or marketing for WeChat to help a friend. read more

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From Beijing, the most beautiful fans micro-blog burst red look at user psychology and business valu

Beijing time on March 30th, the 2011-2012 season CBA finals for the fifth game, the Beijing team in the home court to 124 to 121 victory over Guangdong, the total score 4-1 win the championship this season, the Beijing team won for the first time in the history of the CBA. It is precisely because of this historic moment, many Beijing fans moved to tears (although the Guangdong fans are crying!!!), including the CCTV sports channel featuring a beauty fans excited to cry @S a smile.

TV debut after the event a get out of hand, the majority of users of micro-blog play China people together force. That is, around 22 p.m. on March 30th (TV close-up appeared in the past 15 minutes), the author through the micro-blog search keywords Beijing female fans, micro-blog has appeared on the @S a smile a lot of relevant information. In this way, the author found the micro-blog. read more

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Local service website operation experience (two)

last time we simply explained the breakthrough of local service website. Well, the idea of the site we have found a breakthrough. So the next step is the need to build the site (again not much), and then is to promote. Local service web site, in terms of promotion is actually very simple. Not just online promotion. As long as you carefully observe the life around you, promotion is everywhere. Still take my station Ji’nan used car as an example.

first consider the main services provided by their web site, Ji’nan second-hand car network is the main service of the vehicle source information release and display, as well as the introduction of the line to buy the seller service. So this information can be displayed directly in the community bulletin board at the same time, just like real estate, the effect will be very obvious. Of course, if you allow the financial strength of the case, can direct the bulletin board to buy, then change regularly your information. read more

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About 169 Unicorn company data story Sino US Hyun muscle and the old Europe

today’s article belongs to FreeS Fund (Rui Rui capital) internal data analysis article series, we hope to inspire. The FreeS data analysis is mainly analysis of the existing various features of the unicorn ‘, so funds can be screened for potential unicorns, but also hope to help you entrepreneurs can better improve myself.

article is brought by FreeS peak capital analyst Ben Li students. Ben students are Emory Biostats & Bioinformatics PhD candidate, and now serves as an analyst in the Department of peak data in. read more

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n December 27th 3 the 16GB version of millet mobile phone behind unsalable

as everyone knows, millet company from the beginning is limited to sell their products, which is the so-called "rarity", from 2010 to 2013 in just two or three years to become a company of market value of ten billion, but in the industry is big. At the same time, millet company the cost of sales dropped to almost zero by the hunger marketing strategy, so that the product and the service cost is greatly reduced, thus emboldened to release that consumers very affordable products.

I have been millet company has been going on, but by yesterday I feel that this model is also a crisis. I grab a red rice mobile phone use on Tuesday, yesterday, a colleague said to buy millet mobile phone 3, but at noon did not grab. And when I was about eleven in the evening of my mobile phone red rice logistics information query, accidentally click on the home page of the official website of the day of panic buying millet slides, we found that the immediate purchase and selection of accessories two buttons (the usual opening of a kind of panic buying it). I am curious to click, found this time actually also appeared queuing scene twelve when panic buying lasted twenty seconds, and was not sold out tips, but found the millet 3 16GB version of mobile phone can also purchase, we all know after 64GB has been ready to buy, but 16GB always need to panic buying in the opening time, and then I tried to find success, orders, and payment, of course, because it was late and I don’t want to ask my colleagues, so there is no payment. read more

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Huang Xiangru what restricts the development of electronic commerce

electronic commerce as a concept of economic situation, is a new kind of economic relations, it is the information technology as productivity, on the basis of enterprise information, which is in production, through the network reconfiguration and adjustment of social economy distribution and exchange relationship, it is composed of social and economic units. Popular understanding, is refers to the enterprise products can be sold directly to end users through the network, and then through the distribution system, the product will be sent to the hands of users, of course, this is just a function of the electronic commerce, we can be seen, after the implementation of e-commerce, the traditional marketing channel is changed, that is the social economic relation changes, but which also produce contradictions, namely the middle link original market channels and how to deal with read more

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Since the media why people have seen so many chicken soup is still operating well

recently, laomai found down mobile phone, turn off the computer, you can concentrate on doing a lot of things, such as mind your own love to eat food, family and friends sit down and pleasant to drink tea and chat on the playground, sweating laps……

once opened a mobile phone computer, how to make your public number 7 days, there are 100 thousand powder, micro business you are only a few steps away from the success of the day, making it difficult to do it on the day, do these things to make your Taobao store traffic immediately increased by one hundred thousand…… read more

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Net net action in your site lying gun

whether it is on the Internet to search for information or read novels, play games, etc., there will always be different forms but the content is illegal information or pictures. Not only that, and now many sites will be implanted code, these black chain code is also illegal content, such as: entertainment, gambling……

such a good code, pictures worth mentioning, have seriously affected the network environment, especially those violations of information for many minors, but it has played a negative impact. In order to dispel this filthy network welcome, net net action has begun. The net net action time is from April 2014 to mid November, a nationwide unified information campaign against online pornography pornography · net net 2014 special action. Today, I want to Dennis together and we analyze the net net action began, will have an impact on the website optimization! read more

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Talk about the construction and promotion of Yuncheng Forum

when the local forum development like a raging fire when you want to do a local industry forum to develop yourself; local forum is the local services, such as Xiamen xmfish, Hangzhou 19 Building and the local community, do is a kind of service, and the development of the forum will continue there is a service industry, such as group purchase or life; then this article will thank yourself on the Yuncheng forum construction and promotion mode.

: the effects of prior to the construction of the local forum’s popularity and accuracy, at the early stage of the construction site, it should be realized that the local forum has some strong competition, how much local and network use Baidu Search, "Yuncheng forum" can be found "to find relevant results about 1750000, some, but it is the competition the competition, or not, and then click through to see the inside of the popularity, found that the local forum’s popularity although there are some, but not much, the local fashion still has room for improvement, this upgrade is not only on the web to improve, and combined with local characteristics, let people know that there is such a forum. You would find the local forum, news directly to your forum to find local news, and combined with the local characteristics of a special channel, such as Q Q home page, some is only the national nature of the big news, local news and sometimes get more attention, as the 19 floor, directly promote the local characteristics, can have the local flavor; and do a local forum, more targeted, no matter which aspect for the development of will have a direct impact, will not be left behind. read more

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Case study how to maintain the reputation of emergency information

said IWOM maintenance, I think from our customers in Haiyang, in Haiyang to find us, they made a request, the request is: in the search "Shenzhen hair hospital", the search engine front page 5 there can be negative in a hospital, search for "Shenzhen hair the hospital" in the news, but also to ensure that.

when we took over, only to find that the negative news is in the multi-channel stereo, and this allows us to spend a lot of brain cells. In any case, we first according to different channels, do the analysis, and then according to the different analysis results, take different measures. read more

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On the use of classified information website to improve website weight

there is a sentence in the website optimization industry: "chain is king, the chain for emperor", so also said the importance of website inside and outside the chain, it is one of the standard search engine for website weight, so the chain resources can not only help us easy to improve search engine the weight of classified information website is emerging in recent years, site type, but not a national classification information website is related to all aspects of daily life information, so the classification information website in the activity also gradually become the promotion of the chain platform is improved a shortcut to the weights of the website. read more

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Learn to understand the concept of internal diary Street Street Wisdom ten years of wisdom

people are really wonderful, a person, naturally have their own attributes, like culture, each culture has different attributes.

you cannot tolerate the environment, you can’t get along with people, you can’t digest, no matter how you adjust, you can use what strategy, made, or can do a full-fledged, but could not escape the discerning eye.

what are the attributes, will release what energy, digest what energy.

when I grow up in the process, I deeply appreciate and vague to one thing, it is a kind of force in pulling me, that man took me to learn I should be wise, I don’t know what I learn what I should be will become people, but this power will take me around I don’t need to learn something. read more

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The money that entrepreneurs have wasted over the years

in this era of cattle, entrepreneurs again and again in order to transform a lot of entrepreneurs in the waste of money, headache, depressed, what has come. Not too much money, but the leap of the times, it is difficult to accept new things. Such as: do not understand network marketing, do not recognize new things may not accept the views of others. Entrepreneurs friends do not spray me, we ask the question of the analysis, and then scolded again! Look at the following question whether you exist, there is no responsibility to change the responsibility to crown it! read more

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A good copy of the product to say people

since the Web 2, many changes have made the business world a better place, but the way we create and sell our products is still in the middle of the 90s. I have two thoughts about this situation, one of which is more thought-provoking than the other.

most people are not very good copywriter, for many people, writing is a cruel sport. It’s boring, and it takes a lot of time for people to write, but the results are not always good. Actually okay. What would it be like to have a team composed of people with the same skills? Personally, I just mentioned that most people feel about writing as if I were dealing with a lot of data with Excel. read more

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How did my company get killed by the nternet

Internet has affected all walks of life, as business owners want to seize the opportunity of the Internet, so that bigger and stronger. After all, who do not want to earn more money, but the money did not make money, the Internet is There are plenty of people who play dead.

at noon today, the owner of a company, Kunming chatted about the guardian, want to consult the Internet is necessary and play it: in 13 years started to play the electricity supplier, electricity supplier is responsible for a few waves, team indeed dug a lot of talent, in three years it has been a loss of tens of millions. read more

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