CPS advertisers Fourth women’s online line

. The advertiser names: Fourth District Women’s network (http://s.disiqu.cn/)

. The advertiser is introduced: Fourth District women is the busiest China mainland customers online retail clothing store.

its market covers Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and other regions.

type: CPS


* 4Standard: according to the effective sales 10% into

* RD=30

. The settlement period:


custom links:


. The data return mechanism: real-time return

* advertising review mode: automatic audit read more

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Yiqifa Yeah the landing Yiqifa fashion today!

everybody stationmaster:
        everybody is good!

        Yesfashion is located in the main BtoC young white-collar women, promotion of fashion products, a collection of many brands, mainly through specialized product catalogs, magazine ads, Internet and other media to introduce customers to the product, by mail, door-to-door delivery. Multi channel order — online ordering, remittance order, mail order, telephone ordering.

  the code has been generated, please put the webmaster enthusiastically put in
read more

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Adsense money will go to the place

currently rely on the network money is not what new things, from the point of early manual advertising, mail advertising, to present different forms of advertising, such as some of the commonly used term network, CPC CPA CPL CPS PPC lead offer and so on, these ads are to understand, a clearer understanding of how to network do make money, want to become a network of SOHO owners, these basic try to understand, for the network business is concerned, on the surface analysis of capital investment is not a lot, but to achieve the real profit, and not to like so simple, especially for a new contact network to make money people, then we have to analyze these ideas, a lot of people see the network advertising, earn hundreds of projects, you have to do, for the network Laoniao is not difficult But, for the entry-level novice, difficult, then with the peace of mind to learn, baidu Google is us the best teacher, there are some famous Webmaster Station also introduced different forms of network money professional, I like a simple list of several famous site: read more

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4 horror stories about venture partners

introduction: a well-known technology blog pandodaily anonymous column startups, entrepreneurs and investors on condition of anonymity, share their experience on entrepreneurship.

when you first start a business, you have to do a lot of things. So we often hear that as an entrepreneur you can’t master everything, so entrepreneurs generally will be looking for a partner to create your business partner, you either know or understand the technology, business, or good at sales, or good at engineering etc.. read more

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Taobao customer shop chain extension S8 code depth analysis

since ancient times, every social system reform represents a class of interest, and the corresponding economic system. Now to twenty-first Century, the rise of various industries, and industrial policies and measures will have its corresponding interests starting point.

above is nonsense, just to tell you, every time the changes will not just for the sake of stability for all of us absurd reasons, there must be a fixed point of interest. For this store to jump to the S8 changes, where the interests of the starting point?. (unfortunately, the first one, if the modification is finalized, there is no point in favor of Taobao customers) read more

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4 solutions to bid on delivery

At present,

, SEO and the main means of Wangzhuan led by SEM, and the bidding with its quick results, to enlarge profits, profits and is sought after by the webmaster, this can be from the overwhelming competitive training you can get a glimpse of one or two. However, not all people are suitable for bidding, the entire design of the bidding link many problems need to be resolved, cash on delivery is one of them, but also to many beginners the most headaches.

today, I would like to share for cash on delivery of the 4 solutions, you may have to try Oh! read more

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Ma Huateng Tencent did not consider doing mobile phone should be re employment of College Students

QQ father, chairman and chief executive officer of Tencent Holdings Ma Huateng arrived in Wuhan last night, will witness the Tencent today in the Han invested 1 billion yuan project foundation. In an exclusive interview with this reporter, the first Han said: "in the rapid development of mobile Internet, the global Internet companies feel the pressure of the moment, look at the growth of Wuhan" mobile Internet "industry, has become a new growth point of the Tencent."

Tencent in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu have layout. Tencent Wuhan R & D center project is located in the Jiangxia District Temple Development Zone, the goat hill, plans to invest 1 billion yuan in the first phase, intends to build wireless Internet technology R & D headquarters, is expected to be completed in 2014. read more

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Discussion on the method of making profits for Taobao customers

master we don’t say, let’s say for Taobao customers and personal can earn money, personal power is limited by a lack of confidence novice, so only first earn money can give us a strong impetus to see money have the power to carry on, seemingly vulgar and realistic view.

fastest strokes: CF chat room very special chat room

There is a law of

network, many people’s money, and is a very fashionable, young people are the best potential consumer crowd, you don’t tell me would make a 70 year old woman will believe can buy things on the Internet, nothing else is learned the use of a miracle computer using Taobao, so it’s really a lot on the Internet to buy items that these people, 2030 years old, in the global network every day, to follow the trend of avant-garde fashion can accept to buy things on the network so that the thought of people, people positioning well, read here, if you don’t know this chat you’d better go to the room for a look at the overseas development, popularity reaches ordinary people not to hang up all night unable to squeeze the state you say the number of people? The first few pages of each city are thousands of people with chat When online, the best promotion here is to promote Taobao off the Adult supplies, because these people need, rushed to the afternoon and midnight, the man is very much, for the group chat room may be a lot of people say the same, but you’d better test in saying so, don’t ask new or not, you ask not earn money, money is king, my apprentice a month just this one project can be the income of more than 3K, for some of the details of the simple description, IP you can go to Baidu search the free VPN proxy or HSS-1.34-install-anchorfree some free agent software to solve mass, for the title you can go to Baidu search the software has a batch registration number, and because the chat room is a lot of foreign development can also visit foreign chat rooms, you can also register the pier company EB AY and other Chinese products to sell to foreigners, but also a considerable profit, the rest of their own play…. read more

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Open training day to earn X Wangzhuan guarantee 100 yuan insider

spend hundreds of dollars to participate in the study, and then ensure that you earn hundreds of dollars a day. When you encounter such a good thing, is not very exciting? Do you want to try? Yes, behind the great temptation is our ordinary users cannot see the darkness! See such ads too much, to see those who finish the course after the feeling of writing a lot of people, I believe you have seen a lot, we have what feeling?

my feeling is that the results are almost the same.

makes money by having his rules. If he can make you earn much money every day / month, he can do it himself. Have you taught him to do it or find some people to do it? The latest online market is so big, you earn money, you have to pay, we have to learn what is possible to earn so much money every day, who will pay the bill? read more

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Linktech 99 online bookstores CPL new member recruitment activities began.

dear affiliate member:

99 online bookstores CPL new member recruitment activities began.

now join the 99 book club, $39 can choose any of the 3 books, save at least $39!

boot from linktech membership site to the new 99 registered users of the online bookstore during the event, an order amount over 30 yuan, will be given additional registration incentives 2 yuan / person (the order of sales commission is still normal settlement).

99 online bookstores registered users can not obtain registration incentives, sales commission normal calculation. read more

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Life trivia business impulse, team, solve problems

I have always believed that entrepreneurship is a very courageous thing, need is impulsive and passionate.

today would like to talk about the topic of entrepreneurship, but also because of my brother and I quarrel. (statement: my brother is doing software technology industry, not marketing)

I put some of my ideas, he think I am too good, some things will not be so good, and give me some examples: but these are all examples of some of the details of the problem of small.

, for example, such a problem: read more

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Ali mother the new policy Amoy promotion new direction

believe that many have been soaked in Amoy Ali mother forum, I believe we have seen guest complain a lot one point five percent commission shop!! in fact, I am also one of them, the station’s crown (www.huangguanba.com) has been poisoned by income, not to mention up to have been the reason, because it is difficult to store promotion station to control the flow of. 10.18 I published the crown it a month drilling experience also has the corresponding skills, the effect is also here, then send a picture to prove feasibility. read more

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Ringing the advertising effect of marketing pull ring bells

      effective pay per click advertising is always a big worries plagued online advertising alliance, Baidu and Google had effective pay per click advertising problems encountered while advertisers rebound. For this reason, the industry has been exploring the mode of online advertising as a substitute for pay mode, so there will be the emergence of the effect of marketing.The so-called

effect is not in accordance with the marketing, advertisers advertising time to pay, but according to the actual effect of advertising brings, the number of users is the actual or potential customers to pay quantization. In this regard, recently burgeoning domestic online advertising company longtuo.com launched a "ringing" call advertising mode, can be said to provide a paradigm for the emergence of the marketing effect. read more

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Wangzhuan my ideas

I do stand ideas different from others, most people think that to do a webmaster, must have a very strong "production capacity, and I think that a successful webmaster is not whether he has strong web production ability, but whether you will run your website, actually like in real life is the same reason, not rich people have high level, as far as I know, it seems like a lot of people have not read into the boss, professional knowledge and strong people instead of migrant workers, of course, do stand it, or to the most basic ability.


the beginning, I like most people, the first thought is to learn all kinds of knowledge ", so I learn the basics, learn FRONTPAGE, because OFFICE is my most familiar with the software, the entry should be relatively fast, but also did not take long to learn, listen to people say that" the Three Musketeers is the best so, put down the FP, to learn the Three Musketeers, took some time, will be some of the most basic operation, and then to the forum to listen to people say that, if we really want to learn to do, or to learn the language of web pages. Then began a journey of learning a language, HTML good, easy to understand, is then several tags, then see others stand are " ", know what is done with the ASP, so ASP want to learn, but because of my limited literacy in secondary school is a computer professional, no language based, simply cannot read, by this time, I walk The road has so long time, oneself think again, also ask yourself, don’t do stand really so difficult? You must learn these things? This time made a bold decision, that is no longer to study these things, the time is not as good as good consideration how to operate a station (the decision, rather than their ability to learn that no, ha ha).

I like the

read more

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Bad news advertising will be severely punished

  for the violation of the flood of telecommunications services, the Ministry of information industry, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly issued "on the prohibition of release containing undesirable content voice and message telecommunications information services advertising notice", banned, as in the power telecom information service business newspapers and other media release contains bad content pornographic, feudal superstition the voice, SMS, MMS, WAP, customized ringing tone Telecom Information Service advertisement. Telecom information service operators should be clearly marked, such as voice short message telecommunications information services fees and charges in the advertisement, not to cheat and mislead consumers. read more

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Ten military sites make money

1 of your

web site is to do business, and not just in order to express themselves. Of course, the rich oil flow is another matter.

2 website to popular network only two roads, one is continuing to do activities, two of the original writing is unremittingly.

3 since the development of advertising, the purpose is to make money, then do not mind is to earn a piece or ten thousand. As long as there is profit to do.

The 4 key to retain visitors

is content to retain key writers is often the reply. read more

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Good at analysis and summary to find the most single Taobao customers

with some time ago Baidu K Amoy large-scale (API type) station, which had already large single product promotion in a huge crowd. The huge crowds mean to promote strong competition, do station almost 99% of the owners are not making money, real money is only a small portion. Taobao, is an important part of how to choose the Taobao customer products, this step determines your station "income". In other words, a good product selection, the same traffic quality, may earn more than other products. However, a simple copy seems to become a webmaster paints, see what others, promotion but others may rush on like a swarm of hornets, the product because of the improper selection may have no profit. And you as a latecomer, but also to eat a slice of it? read more

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NOKA incubator project to help entrepreneurs leave

July 10th news, according to foreign media reports, NOKIA’s mobile phone platform but also NOKIA has been besieged on all sides, carry out the "NOKIA bypass incubator" project (Nokia Bridge incubator program), to help people who leave the company business.

NOKIA to provide them with a venture capital before they leave to find venture capital institutions or angel investors.

reported that, once the world’s top mobile phone maker NOKIA has now lost to apple and Android devices. Although the project action is rare, but for the Finland based company is also a dance for joy. Allegedly, the incubator project has 100 companies, dozens of which are located in the United kingdom. read more

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Change the way of thinking by Trish law method to improve Wangzhuan income

A few days ago in

Admin5 submitted an article named "role change: you still pick Witkey registration money task?", after they found my QQ then asked some questions about the promotion details. In fact, a lot of time to promote the effect is not good, are not suitable for promotion. Today to provide a train of thought, how to optimize their promotion.

Cui’s law and the defects of the general promotion

I don’t know what is Tracy’s law, according to the old habits, Baidu search, Baidu encyclopedia explanation is this: " Trish Law refers to: " " any work difficulty and the step number is proportional to the square: for example, the job was done the 3 step, the 9 is the work difficulty, there are 5 steps to complete the other work, 25 is the work difficulty, it is necessary to simplify the work flow. " read more

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SMS SP latest conference summary

Ministry of information industry in December 14, 2006 and December 15th two days of Internet business and Internet business dialing, business restructuring:

1, who in the print media (newspapers and magazines), all business TV media and Internet publicity campaign to do business logic changes, which demand the kind of business and the fee, at the same time must indicate the tariff downward (including but not limited to television and interactive media business ringtone business).

2, IVR network VOD business must be stated on the website " tariff free charge; song, music (1.5 yuan / minute) ".

3, all charges on behalf of the business suspended all closed treatment (including but not limited to cards, software).

requires companies on December 13, 2006 at 16:00 PM to complete the modification work, began to test headquarters in 16:00, who do not meet the requirements of the headquarters and close the deal, no room for negotiation. read more

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