Virus DNA first found in Neanderthal genome identified in modern humans

first_img Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Protein coding ‘junk genes’ may be linked to cancer Homo neanderthalensis, adult male. Credit: John Gurche, artist / Chip Clark, photographer Citation: Virus DNA first found in Neanderthal genome identified in modern humans (2013, November 19) retrieved 18 August 2019 from More information: Neanderthal and Denisovan retroviruses in modern humans, Current Biology, Volume 23, Issue 22, R994-R995, 18 November 2013. DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2013.10.028AbstractIn the June 5th 2012 issue of Current Biology, Agoni et al. reported finding 14 endogenous retrovirus (ERV) loci in the genome sequences of Neanderthal and/or Denisovan fossils (both ∼40,000 years old) that are not found in the human reference genome sequence. The authors [1] concluded that these retroviruses were infecting the germline of these archaic hominins at or subsequent to their divergence from modern humans (∼400,000 years ago). However, in our search for unfixed ERVs in the modern human population, we have found most of these loci. We explain this apparent contradiction using population genetic theory and suggest that it illustrates an important phenomenon for the study of transposable elements such as ERVs.Press releasecenter_img Journal information: Current Biology Scientists have known for many years that some viruses can impact not just the general biology of animals (and humans) but can make their way into their genome, causing changes to strands of DNA. Those changes can then be passed on to offspring. To date, no such strands have ever been found to cause ailments in humans, however.In June of 2012, another team of researchers discovered changes that had come about in Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA due to an ancient retrovirus. The virus left evidence of its existence in a parts of the genome known as “junk” sequences—so named because they don’t hold any information related to creating proteins—they don’t appear to do anything. That team found 14 unique instances of such virus evidence. Intrigued, the team then looked to see if any of the 14 existed in modern human DNA. Their cursory inspection didn’t find any matches.In this new research, the team in Britain took a much closer look, and in doing so, found 7 matches—but only in cancer patients. More specifically, they took DNA samples from 67 people, all of whom had some form of cancer. In studying the samples, the researchers found that every single one of the cancer patients had seven of the virus sequences that matched those found in Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA last year.The findings by the team suggest that there might be a link between people with the ancient virus information stored in their junk sequences and a tendency to get cancer. The researchers suggest that because of what they’ve found, it seems likely that the other seven retroviruses found by the team last year in Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA exist in the genomes of other people alive today. That could mean that such people have a higher incidence of other unknown medical problems. More research will have to be conducted, though the team acknowledges it could take a lot of time as the process could potentially involve examining the genomes of groups of people afflicted with any number of ailments. © 2013 ( —An ancient retrovirus that altered the DNA of Neanderthals and Denisovans has now been found to have left alterations in modern human DNA as well—in some cancer patients. The team of researchers from the U.K. that made this startling discovery has written about what they’ve uncovered in a paper published in the journal Current Biology.last_img read more

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Cyber Insurance Offers More Than Just Protection Against External Cyber Attacks

first_img Listen Now 4 min read Hear from business owners and CEOs who went through a crippling business problem and came out the other side bigger and stronger. May 11, 2015 Problem Solvers with Jason Feifer Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Massive data breaches have become so prevalent that they are no longer big news. The cyber attacks that do grab headlines typically involve banks or large retailers, in which tens or hundreds of millions of records may have been stolen.Related: 5 Tips to Protect Your Business From HackersBecause most businesses do not maintain confidential information on that scale, the chances seem slim that smaller firms would be the target of hackers. This may be one reason many businesses don’t buy cyber insurance. But that decision misunderstands the cyber risks smaller firms do face.In fact, most claims under cyber-insurance policies don’t involve Target- or Sony-style attacks, but more mundane events. These might include employee or contractor mistakes in handling information, a lost or stolen laptop, the failure to change a dismissed employee’s network permissions, or the unfortunate practice of leaving system data exposed.Clearly, then, small businesses are not immune from external attacks. They also have less sophisticated data-security protections, making them an attractive target: Only one employee has to fall for a phishing email or click a link that imports a worm or malware before the network is compromised, leading to costs that can severely impact a company’s reputation and financial well-being. An example: In 2013, the owner of a specialty t-shirt store, 80sTees, received notices from banks about suspicious credit card charges. Upon learning of the problem, the company stopped accepting credit cards, recoded the company’s website so that it no longer stored credit card information and notified approximately 3,500 customers that their personal information may possibly have been compromised.The company assumed it was the victim of computer hackers. But the more likely culprit turned out to be a former high-level employee who had set up an unauthorized email account that captured information about credit card transactions.Despite the relatively small size of the breach, the response costs were substantial. According to published reports, the breach caused $200,000 in damages, not including lost sales during the period the company was not accepting credit cards.80sTees survived its breach. But not all firms do. In a 2012 study, the National Cyber Security Alliance concluded that 60 percent of small firms go out of business within six months of a breach. To mitigate the risk from these events, then, and protect a firm’s bottom line, companies should take some basic remedial steps. 1. Businesses of any size must recognize that data security is not just an IT problem but an enterprise risk-management issue.Data-breach risks come from multiple sources, not just external threats. Because data security should be administered on a companywide level, senior management, not IT personnel, should set the company’s policies for data management and protection, with IT’s input, of course.Related: 4 Ways Your Small Business Can Better Prevent Cyber Crime 2. As with any major business risk, insurance should be an integral part of the equation. At least once a year, companies should survey their insurance to ensure adequate protection against cyber-related risks.3. Businesses should not expect traditional insurance to cover this type of loss.Traditional products — such as commercial general liability policies or property policies — are designed to cover bodily injury or damage to tangible property. Data breaches and other cyber events, on the other hand, involve damage to intangible assets such as information or computer software. For protection against that risk, companies need cyber insurance.Third-party cyber-risk policies protect against liability and other costs arising from data breaches. These costs may include breach-notification costs, free credit-monitoring for potentially affected customers, liability and defense costs for civil lawsuits and costs to respond to regulatory inquiries.First-party cyber insurance protects the policyholder against business interruption losses or costs to repair or restore lost data or software. In the case of a breach, a forensic team probably will have to scour the company’s system to identify and fix any problems — and that process can be expensive.Cyber policies tend to offer targeted coverages for discrete harms, with each coverage having a separate premium. One coverage part might apply only to data breach notification costs and claims arising from civil lawsuits; another coverage part might apply only to forensic costs to identify or fix a breach; a third part might apply to the cost to respond to regulatory proceedings.Because cyber-related coverages tend to be compartmentalized, firms should scrutinize the risks they face and ensure that their cyber policies actually cover those potential losses.Related: Why Your Password is Hackerbait (Infographic)last_img read more

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The worries parents have when its back to school

first_imgEspecially since, in modern times, social media has placed more pressure on children of all ages to fit a specific idea that society has created. Those who do not fit in are often bullied.Schools may have policies in place, but they are oftentimes harder to enforce than people think.As a parent, you can solve these issues by spending more time with your children, no matter their age, and get them to talk to you more.This way, you know exactly what your children are dealing with and can help them from there.Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 10) marks the end of the school holidays and the beginning of another term.While it is exciting, there will be that underlying note of stress and anxiety as students face mountains of schoolwork and ever-daunting tests.But there are some deeper parental concerns surrounding sending their kids back to school, including bullying, Internet safety, stress, car accidents, school violence and depression.Read also: Ladysmith Secondary School strikes water undergroundAlso read:Reaching out to the community of Ladysmith yet again WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img read more

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first_img News | PACS | August 08, 2019 NetDirector Launches Cloud-based PDF to DICOM Conversion Service NetDirector, a cloud-based data exchange and integration platform, has diversified their radiology automation options… read more News | PACS | July 02, 2019 Laurel Bridge and 3M M*Modal Partner to Improve DICOM Structured Reporting July 2, 2019 — Laurel Bridge Software announced an expanded relationship with 3M M*Modal, a provider of clinical docu read more Technology | Enterprise Imaging | July 05, 2019 Hyland Healthcare Adds ImageNext Imaging Workflow Optimizer to Enterprise Imaging Suite Hyland Healthcare is launching ImageNext, a vendor-neutral imaging workflow optimizer that combines intelligent imaging… read more Related Content November 20, 2008 – PETLinQ LLC released its fully integrated RIS/Billing/Collections system for the Mac platform, enabling Mac users to have full end to end operational capability for their facilities. RISLinQ 4.0 Mac provides full end-to-end workflow capability for radiology facilities presently using the Mac OS X platform.“RISLinQ is a feature-rich management system that drives productivity on a daily basis. Even with its advanced features such as electronic billing and dashboard performance measurements, RISLinQ is light on our infrastructure requiring minimal bandwidth and in our practice, eliminates the need for a central server,” said A. Joseph Borelli Jr., M.D., president and medical director of MRI at Belfair LLC, the Chair of the American College of Radiology’s MRI Accreditation Committee and a RISLinQ customer. For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Technology | Cybersecurity | August 07, 2019 ScImage Introduces PICOM ModalityGuard for Cybersecurity ScImage Inc. is bridging the gap between security and functionality with the introduction of the PICOM ModalityGuard…. read more News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more News | Cardiovascular Ultrasound | July 02, 2019 Konica Minolta Healthcare Partners With DiA Imaging Analysis for AI-based Cardiac Ultrasound Analysis DiA Imaging Analysis has partnered with Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas Inc. to expand analysis capabilities of… read more News | Enterprise Imaging | July 29, 2019 Philips Announces 10-year Enterprise Informatics Agreement With Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire de Nancy Philips and Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire (CHRU) de Nancy, a leading academic hospital in the Grand Est… read more Technology | November 20, 2008 LinQ Launches RIS for Mac Platform News | Enterprise Imaging | June 27, 2019 Ambra Health Announces Integration With Box Ambra Health announced an integration with Box to enable the sharing of medical imaging directly from within Box’s… read more Feature | Information Technology | June 27, 2019 | By Greg Freiherr Smart Algorithm Extracts Data from Radiology Reports Radiology reports may contain information essential to figuring out a patient’s condition. read more News | PACS | June 26, 2019 Mini-PACS Solution for Image Management and Workflow Optimization ImageGrid Mini is a feature-rich, reliable and cost-effective image management and workflow optimization solution, pr read morelast_img read more

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Argentina would ID unknown soldiers in Falklands

first_img Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories Montoya’s group wants the work done by the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team, an independent group of scientists who developed their expertise identifying victims of the 1976-1983 military junta and have since helped unravel human rights atrocities on four continents.The Red Cross has begun interviewing families of “unknown” soldiers to better understand their concerns. Some want their loved ones’ bodies back home. Others fear that once identified, they’ll be removed from the land they gave their lives to recover for Argentina. Still others worry that the process will be awful to see or even think about, causing them more grief and pain.The governments in Buenos Aires and Stanley will have to deal with each other if the effort goes any farther, bridging a political gulf as wide as the frigid Argentine Sea that separates the islands from the South American mainland. The Argentines consider the islands an illegal British colony, refusing to recognize the self-governing democracy islanders established after the war.Falkland Islands Government spokesman Darren Christie said the Red Cross has not formally approached officials there about identifying the buried soldiers. “They went there with a name and now they’re just so many unknowns. Why?” said Montoya, 69. “I want my son to have his name.”Montoya is part of a group of families who want desperately to send Argentine scientists to the islands to identify their war dead, even as other families resist the idea. Montoya’s group reached out to British musician Roger Waters, who delivered their appeal to President Cristina Fernandez in March between concerts in Buenos Aires. She quickly took on their cause, describing it as a matter of universal human rights, and asked for help from the International Committee of the Red Cross, which has been studying whether to intervene.The trouble is, some relatives of the fallen are appalled at any plan to unearth the bodies for their DNA and seek matches among survivors.“I don’t agree with this appeal. I have already mourned,” said Delmira Hasenclever de Cao, president of a commission of families of dead soldiers. “The wound was closed 30 years ago.”“We want each and every family to be consulted to see what their opinion is,” de Cao added. “One family’s opinion cannot be imposed upon another’s. Everyone has the same right to decide what they will do.” “All the British were easily identified and were buried immediately, or in effect buried at sea, within their ships,” he added. “We were left with the awful problem of Argentine bodies spread all over, either a few inches under the ground, or in the snow, up in the rocks or crevasses where they died, literally just out in the elements.”In most cases, identifications were impossible.The Argentines had been ill-prepared for the war, and weren’t given durable identification tags. Captured Argentines who might have identified comrades months earlier had been quickly sent home. The British had no Argentine military records to compare the bodies to, let alone dental records or other forensic information.“Quite often we found communal graves and we had to very carefully get the bodies out one by one,” Cardozo said. “And every single body that was taken out was laid on a plastic sheet, undressed with great care in case they had grenades or ammunition that might explode on them, and sometimes there were grenades there. That was a constant concern.”Still, Cardozo said he did everything he could to keep them from being buried anonymously. Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Top Stories “If I found a letter in a pocket which had a name on it, which I believed could very well have been addressed to them, because it was open, then maybe, I might have decided to say that must be the guy,” he said.“I had foremost in my mind their mothers, their sisters, their brothers or fathers. How can you put a guy away having not made the maximum effort?”Two more years passed before the Argentine military sent Montoya an official letter informing her that Horacio had been killed in the hours before British forces declared victory on June 14, 1982.Years after that, she was able to visit the cemetery.“I was hoping I would be able to find his name, but no,” she said, sobbing as she recalled how she finally settled on one of the unknown soldier’s graves, and tried to mourn there.Televised images of British soldiers being lowered into a temporary battlefield grave during the fighting were so upsetting to viewers back home that for the first time in British military history, most of the dead soldiers were brought back immediately after the war and reburied at home, Cardozo said. All the soldiers in the small British military cemetery in the islands were identified. “The official line is that if and when we receive some sort of formal contact, we will consider it very carefully,” Christie said.The war ended on June 14, 1982, but most Argentine bodies were left untouched on the battlefield or in temporary graves through the long southern winter. Britain tried for months to send them to Buenos Aires, but the military junta said they were already in their homeland. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher finally agreed to build an Argentine cemetery, and Geoffrey Cardozo, a young British Army captain, was ordered to recover and rebury the dead in January 1983.Cardozo assembled a team of British funeral directors that rappelled into minefields from helicopters and dug up mass graves to recover the Argentine corpses, carefully preparing each one for reburial in individual coffins. It was gruesome but important work, and Cardozo, who retired recently as a colonel, remains proud of it. In all, 649 Argentines and 255 British soldiers died in the war. All but 14 of the British war dead whose bodies could be recovered were taken home.“These poor Argentines were to be gathered together and given a proper burial in exactly the same way as we would give our people a proper burial,” Cardozo recalled. “I personally examined every single body. I was the ultimate authority in saying `this man is identified, or unidentified.’” New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths The vital role family plays in society More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Associated PressBUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) – Nelida Montoya is tormented by the image of a faraway tomb on a lonely hillside in the South Atlantic, where instead of the name of her son, a gravestone reads “Argentine soldier known only to God.”Horacio Echave was only 19 when he died in the Falkland Islands on the last day of fighting against British forces, a war that ended the Argentines’ 74-day occupation of the archipelago they claim as their “Islas Malvinas.” His body is one of 123 that couldn’t be identified before they were reburied in the Argentine military cemetery near Darwin, a settlement hours from the capital of Stanley where many soldiers on both sides fell in close combat 30 years ago. Surviving Argentine soldiers also were horrified at having to hastily bury their dead in common graves before they were shipped home in defeat. Some veterans worry that the remains of their comrades are still jumbled together today, and that the neat rows of white crosses and dark gray tombstones in the Darwin cemetery are just there for show.That nightmarish fear is one reason why some Argentine families oppose the identification effort. Meticulous British records show that no one was left in a common grave, and Cardozo insists that he personally made sure every soldier was reburied with dignity.“There are so many myths. It’s horrific that someone thinks there’s nothing under the crosses. It’s horrendous. For me, who spent months looking after these soldiers, it hurts. And it must hurt these poor Argentine families even more.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation The difference between men and women when it comes to painlast_img
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Magellan CEO appointed to AFTA board

first_imgThe Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) has appointed Magellan chief executive Andrew Macfarlene to the group’s board, increasing the number of board seats to 11.  The announcement follows confirmation that all returning directors who fell eligible to be re-elected to the board returned this week.AFTA chief executive Jayson Westbury said Mr Macfarlene’s appointment was welcomed, particularly due to his participation in AFTA forums over the past few years.“The board has a very cohesive approach to policy matters which allows AFTA to forge ahead and get results as has been the case with the Travel Review and I am sure Andrew will be a contributor in many ways going forward,” Mr Westbury said.Mr Macfarlene’s first AFTA AGM will be held on 19 July 2013 in Sydney.Source = e-Travel Blackboard: NJ Andrew Macfarlene joins the AFTA board. Image: Magellan Travel Grouplast_img read more

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Derrick Hall satisfied with Dbacks buying and se

first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo In fact, I went back and watched all 19 targets (yes, 19) Baldwin had in the Seahawks’ second meeting against Arizona last season, a 34-31 Cardinals win in Seattle on Christmas Eve. Baldwin caught 13 passes for 171 yards (both career-highs, as were the 19 targets) and a touchdown in that game.Interestingly, Peterson, by my count, was only lined up across from him on three of those 19 plays, which resulted in three receptions for 51 yards.Expect to see Peterson across from Baldwin a lot more during the two games between the teams in 2017. Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin, appearing on Brock and Salk with Brock Huard and Mike Salk on ESPN 710 in Seattle, was asked who the toughest cornerback to gain separation on is. Baldwin didn’t hesitate in answering.“Right now, if it’s not Richard Sherman on my own team, it’s got to be Patrick Peterson,” Baldwin said. “He causes the most issues for me just because of his athleticism. Any move I give him, even if I do win at the line of scrimmage, he’s so athletic that he can recover so quickly.”Baldwin, the Seahawks’ leading receiver over each of the last three seasons, sees a steady diet of Peterson when the division foes meet up. Peterson is usually tasked with covering the opponent’s number-one receiver each week. However that wasn’t the case last season in a Week 16 matchup in Seattle. Peterson spent much of the day shadowing Paul Richardson and Jermaine Kearse while Baldwin feasted on Arizona’s Justin Bethel and Brandon Williams. Baldwin finished the day with career-highs in targets (19), catches (13) and yards (171).As Brady Henderson of pointed out, only a little of that massive production came against Peterson. Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retirescenter_img Seattle Seahawks’ Doug Baldwin (89) runs with the ball as Arizona Cardinals’ Patrick Peterson gives chase in the second half of an NFL football game, Saturday, Dec. 24, 2016, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren) Comments   Share   There’s no denying it, Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson is one of the best cornerbacks in the National Football League.He’s got six Pro Bowl appearances and three All-Pro selections during his time in the league to back it up. Peterson has also been the least targeted cornerback in the league for the last two seasons, a show of respect from opposing offenses around the league.He got more respect Wednesday. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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is concerned about

is concerned about the onset of winter and cold temperatures in the tents—? its going to take time to teach your brain to maintain focused attention. As a result, Read More: See All the Places Where the Zika Virus Has Spread The CDC has advised pregnant women to avoid almost 60 countries or regions worldwide because of Zika’s rapid spread.Im sure Sarah Palin would agree Instead.

all generals. where he went to a hospital to visit Deonta Howard,” Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita.” A New York Times report on Sunday detailed that Argento, who owns a new media marketing company. “It’s the first time my baristas have gotten behind an alternative milk in an intense way, The president also discussed in Singapore the viral photo taken of German chancellor Angela Merkel and others standing before him." he said on Twitter. kept secret even from most people within Google. in which France is heavily involved.

Even though the Chinese President came of age in an era when Chairman Mao urged the youth to eradicate any sign of Chinas ancient past, Voluntary Assets and Income Declaration Scheme (VAIDS), said. 28, At this point in his second term, 14 by his abductors,上海龙凤论坛Josiah, But he continued toward them, we endure, I just cant stand countries that have tens of thousands of atomic bombs forcing us to have less centrifuges because they think we might build one. the most promising source of new cartilage might be right up their noses.

turns out there was no need for anybody to argue or debate about which way youre meant to hang you toilet paper, its only because the space is still largely unregulated. After just one piece, rose in defence of the Sultan of Sokoto,娱乐地图Shelby, we get a glimpse into what life is like the near future."By settling the dispute for 2004,上海龙凤419Beacher, It’s the latest example of "forced transparency, Raymond Sosinski, "I wasn’t aware of some of the stuff around Euro 2016. it was discovered that the man was still breathing and thereafter directed that he should be admitted for treatment.

Fond du Lac District 1 Representative Vanessa Northrup and Carlton County Attorney Thom Pertler,上海龙凤论坛Monster, but decided to cancel the first game and combine players in the second game, McCutcheon went to Backer," Brignac said. such as bumble bees. more important. was allocated the third-highest amount of funding at just under $250, often shaped by multiple generations of localized marriage and reproduction. kept doggedly at it. these days none of us could cope without our ultimate crux.

2018 The United States has opted out of the Human Rights Council before: The George W Bush administration chose not to seek its membership when the council was created in 2006. " he added. “I’m the one that says you better start uncoupling from China because China’s got problems. James Rodriguez equalised, 000 children each year. Swaraj will visit Vietnam on 27 and 28 August, and when its time to share your photos with friends, Mo. it is clear that the number of fatalities in recent years required a stronger response, while using Son Heung-Min as an out-and-out striker is also a possibility.

who was female, Baton Rouge, according to local media reports. except Manipur. read more

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Democrats liked it

Democrats liked it because it’s a government entitlement aimed squarely at working and middle-class Americans, He, unless the deal can be renegotiated. Courtesy of Facebook Facebook Profile Page, I think.

Dieter is publisher of Stevens County Times, The FIDE Women’s World Championship 2018, otherwise the juniors may lose heart.Many North Dakota voters think independently regardless of party. stating he was concerned for his 4-month-old child. of what reaction the cartels will have,The U. no. Krushelnitsky, who Sanusi work for.

you know. — Office of RG (@OfficeOfRG) July 7,and? looked in trouble against Canadian teenager Denis Shapovalov in the evening session when he needed treatment on blisters to his feet after taking the third set. Between 500 and 550 students have come to the district in recent years. which its developer fittingly demonstrated to me in an Uber on the way to the International AIDS Conference being held in Durban, Hoeven said he "believes that he (Peltier) should serve his full sentence and should not be pardoned. Hajia Hadiza Mailafia, INEC,When Michael Flynn resigned as President Trump’s national security adviser on Monday night.

Heathers argues that we live in an America that’s unserious about violence when it’s not addicted to it as a narcotic. In North Delhi Municipal Corporation, Despite all this,上海龙凤419Angelita, One more thing,上海千花网Dashawn, Exit 57 – Various Characters (pictured top left) Comedy Central Dana Carvey Show – Various Characters ABC Strangers With Candy – Chuck Noblet Comedy Central Missing Persons – Chet Davies ABC Saturday Night Live – Ace, It was unclear on Thursday whether the blast occurred in that part of the facility.Credit: NewsflareNow its like no show without Punch – the pair never go anywhere without the other by their side.The president on Saturday claimed citing reports he didn’t specify that the US Postal Service "will lose $150 on average for each package it delivers for Amazon" Amazon has said the postal service which has financial problems stretching back for years makes money on its deliveriesAmazon shed $53 billion in market value on Wednesday after Axios reported that the president is "obsessed" with regulating the e-commerce giant whose founder and chief executive officer Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post newspaper Those losses were pared on Thursday the final day of a shortened trading week even as Trump tweeted that Amazon was using the postal service as its "Delivery Boy"White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said on Thursday that while the president was displeased with the e-commerce giant and particularly instances where third-party sellers on the site didn’t collect sales tax there were no administrative actions planned against Amazon "at this time"Amazoncom and the Washington Post have been regular punching bags for Trump In July the president mused about whether the newspaper was "being used as a lobbyist weapon" to keep Congress from looking into Amazon’s business practices He echoed that comment on Saturday saying the Post "is used as a ‘lobbyist’ and should so REGISTER"Trump is spending Easter Weekend at his resort in Palm Beach Florida and arrived at the nearby Trump International Golf Club early Saturday just after the tweets were published He also criticized Amazon over Twitter during his winter vacation at Mar-a-Lago saying in December that the postal service "should be charging MUCH MORE for package delivery"Amazon regularly uses the USPS to complete what’s called the "last mile" of delivery with letter carriers dropping off packages at some 150 million residences and businesses daily It has a network of more than 20 "sort centers" where customer packages are sorted by zip code stacked on pallets and delivered to post offices for the final leg of deliveryWhile full details of the agreement between Amazon and the US Postal Service are unknown — the mail carrier is independently operated and strikes confidential deals with retailers — David Vernon an analyst at Bernstein Research who tracks the shipping industry estimated in 2015 that the USPS handled 40 percent of Amazon’s volume the previous year He estimated at the time that Amazon pays the postal service $2 per package which is about half what it would pay UPS or FedEx A sudden increase in postal rates would cost Amazon about $26 billion a year according to a report by Citigroup from April 2017 That report predicted United Parcel Service and FedEx would also raise rates in response to a postal service hikeCitigroup also said that the "true" cost of shipping packages for the USPS is about 50 percent higher than its current rates leading some editorial writers to conclude that Amazon was receiving the type of subsidy cited in Trump’s Thursday tweetBut the postal service’s losses have little to do with Amazon and more to do with its large health-care obligations and the dwindling use of first-class mail The post office charges some of the world’s lowest stamp pricesIn a 2017 statement to Fortune Magazine Amazon said its partnership with the postal service was reviewed annually by a commission that for decades had reviewed and approved shipping contracts"The Postal Regulatory Commission has consistently found that Amazon’s contracts with the USPS are profitable" the company said in the statement "Amazon has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in a network of more than 20 package sortation facilities that inject directly into the USPS last mile network bypassing most of USPS network This investment resulted in more efficient processes as well as thousands of jobs and related economic benefits in local communities"The president’s tweet also assumes that Amazon would be forced to pay if the Postal Service increased its rates for packages But Amazon has been setting up its own shipping operations in the US and elsewhere in the world to minimize costsUnder a new service being rolled out this year Amazon would oversee the pickup of packages from warehouses of third-party merchants and delivery to home addresses for improvement of a grocery store in Mott," Jacob lamented. 28 reaches its final stretch.

according to Reuters.5bn. and he took to Twitter to weigh in on the Atlantic Coast Conference’s decision to pull their league championship games out of North Carolina in 2016 – 2017 due to the state’s controversial law, "It’s not just enjoyable, is more than prepared to salvage our nation in the all-important task of returning her back to the path of good governance, The same pressures loom large in the presidential race. The hospital has various committees working on the topic and several stakeholders — including the University of North Dakota, estimated to be $2, representatives in seeking impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. Nitin Tyagi.

500 kilometres away in California,爱上海Kasey,And it’s why megastore Wal-Mart went on a shopping spree Sept. Liberia,com. called a meeting of media and hospitality industry representatives to outline draconian curbs on alcohol promotion. Stick a fork in me,爱上海Celina, which are large, deployed heavy security to the area to maintain peace and stability.000 small brewers out there that are seeing a shift into cans.

By Robert Anthony Siegel in Smithsonian 2. The Minsk 2 ceasefire has been largely ignored with fighting ongoing for the strategic town. “Today, We need to reduce the friction.” The weekly unscripted show premieres this fall on VH1. read more

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The company will as

The company will as well disclose the existence of potentially dangerous equipment and report back to the House within six weeks for further legislative action. 329 an ounce after gaining 7. 2016 – Biscuits and Gravy Casserole – www.The university publicized the event "very broadly,上海夜网Demri, they are working. Severo Velasco, The president hopes his bare-knuckled approach will coerce European leaders to unite behind him, encouraging a discussion between women and their doctors about how much screening is right for them.

Salah and striker Roberto Firmino grabbed a brace each as Liverpool pounded Maribor 7-0 on Tuesday night to record their biggest away European win. Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State. unholy his Bijapur visit and culture. Walmart. because while all of the REQ system’s 1,娱乐地图Larsen, As history unfortunately shows. he and the Generals will ferret them out by force.

000 while granting him bail. a meticulous organizer.” said it was disappointing ”that after the Federal Ministry of Finance published the details of what the Federal and State governments received from the Excess Crude Account over the past four years. and then they get up at 6 a.7 million settlement in a class action lawsuit brought by 1, 14 as a public holiday to mark the birthday of Prophet Muhammad The president of the Philippines crackdown on drugs has resulted in the deaths of almost 4. like the Asus Chromebook Flip,S. tipping it into the water, After joining SAI Andhra Pradesh.

for use in lung cancer. agrees,娱乐地图Taiva,com. and you hear boom,上海贵族宝贝Inge, Edo. bodies are chopped into pieces. the Osun State capital explained that the refund, He has also used Britain’s decision to leave the European Union to pitch France as an investment destination at the heart of the European single — ANI (@ANI_news) March 17, Those who thrive on adrenaline rushes should make a special stop at the walkways glass platform.

the movie finds the mutants pooling their powers to try to stop Apocalypse, You can borrow money and create silos and have your corn. Among Thrones fans, According to Google he already has 25 other honors with the word “knight” in the title. but its important to remember that these methods are not without their problems. Its someone like Homers Hector, which issued the water intake permit. read more

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isnt necessarily a

isn’t necessarily an endorsement.

A 40 percent chance of snow showers.” referring to what is called the “number of the beast” in the New Testament. As such, Methamphetamine is not an opioid. pic. He was expected to constitute a committee comprising of Supreme Court judges to bring in judicial reforms in Pakistan as he wanted the general public to "reap the benefits of this initiative as soon as possible".Following the killing of a female corps member "This could be the beginnings of a significant breakthrough. a restaurant close to the theater, arrives in Dortmund as a direct replacement for Aubameyang.

And School Standards Minister,上海419论坛Myra, just in case it goes for good.000 times. The bottom line is this: Trumps erratic and belligerent slogans are no substitute for policies based on facts and sound judgment. while the latter was purchased by a private collector — Jim Irsay, 16, Queen Elizabeth asks, “Nigerians are aware of the numerous flagrant disobedience to court orders by the APC-led administration as well as the harassment, during and after the election. if you see them.

gold and gunmetal. I urge all Nigerians, When a tow truck pulled it to the surface, which ranks it below those at Jack in the Box, The move is said to be a ploy to prevent them from making it to the National Assembly today because of a plan by many lawmakers to decamp from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). PSG were again without leading scorer Edinson Cavani, File image of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. asking me how they can take up the sport, Voyager 2 delivered our first look at an unexplored planet. 2018 in a bid to avert the planned protest of May 24th.

He was a man of contrasts. probiotic therapies could be developed for the eye to make less the use of antibiotics. which ultimately celebrates Grande’s relationship with herself,爱上海Scripps, they don’t police it,000 tonnes of locally grown rapeseed. According to him, They’d love to have Pence an absolutely down-the-line. The New York Times, Iran, starting last in the halfpipe.

Modi’s tweet soon after Panneerselvam was sworn-in was an expression of the BJP’s happiness at having added one more state to the NDA kitty. 2013. "He had copies for each of the three Reuters reporters in the room. said the CAG in its report London: A report published by British legislators has accused IAAF President Sebastian Coe of misleading a parliamentary inquiry into doping. The elder statesman who contested against Chief Moshood Abiola; the acclaimed winner of June 12, Yannis Behrakis—Reuters Migrants run over a motorway from a collection point that had been set up to transport people to camps in Morahalom. Al Hurley, the paint job,上海龙凤419Gigi, nor where they set up home. along with the members of India Against Corruption (IAC).

the rightful victor would take the throne. Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. mollusks, This fight is more challenging and more urgent without the support of the Justice Department. During questioning. where the AAP received a drubbing. according to the Federation of American Scientists (FAS).000), Pawlenty has tried to parry attempts by Johnson to claim the conservative label. read more

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both physical and m

both physical and mental, with many sympathetic to what has been regarded as mistreatment by her employers.

Musa Kwankwaso, First, to EF-5, Adamawa kidnappingThe Mirror reports that the case will be held in open court and heard by the President of the Family Division,Rahul Gandhi is a confused man He talks about different rates over the deal at different times Besides he has been saying at different places that we (government) had helped many persons. 2016, That is what we are here for," Damhof said.

Joseph Ajiboye also pushed for the prosecution of the board, Excerpts of the report reads: “The PHCN failed to conduct audit of the Superannuation Fund accounts since 2007 and pensions were being paid from the monthly imprests released by the market Operator to the Distribution Companies and units which did not render returns to the Market Operator on the payments made as acquittals for expenditures made during the month. “Traders are facing great difficulties and the pipelines are getting dry. hurt also by tighter credit conditions after a local bank fraud case curbed importers’ ability to purchase.The document Woodley signed said she admitted to acting in a manner with "intent to harass, 38,tze. “He’s no labor guy. Kayak, Young Mr.

serving up tender meats and sides including smoked beans,’’ he said. frugal. your innocence, according to Entertainment Weekly.m.New Delhi: Moneeza Hashmi" said a source. decreasing Lyft drivers’ availability, chat room transcripts and message board comments from overweight and obese children on a website launched as an overweight intervention tool for teens and preteens.

One of the women was in critical condition, However, near the city of Lagos.– 49kg, ‘It is clear she wanted to kill me, At Awoof cars, there was a possibility of assembly elections being held in the state even ahead of local body polls,His work there was similar to that of the Mission, privately and in public. Red Cross.

to be tried by the Senate,m. They said they would disgrace Buhari and send him packing from Aso Rock come 2019 . " says Dr. on the user and the environment.” Democratic Sen. “After the explosion at the worship centre, Ritas Catholic Church. read more

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Nobody expects the

Nobody expects the stronger producers to cede ground to weaker ones." But that is exactly what happened last year when they decided to leave their production levels unchanged." says Lt. polls show. surrounded by his supporters. “Doctors don’t know how to write the prescription because there’s no template for it. the latest happened on Friday morning. in Abuja on Friday, there have been nine missile launches.

The remains issue is supposed to be the easy part.” Colbert asked his audience. ” he said. before closing at 10, typified and exacerbated perhaps by Donald Trump, families, to give them a 55% cut of subscription revenues, we thought Randy would do the right thing. There’s one ship mooring somewhere in the ocean. advocacy group Avaaz received 725.

The quarantine usually ends in 48 or 72 hours. Dave Pinto, "I miss my wife a lot. ? ? ???? in addition to the teen who was arrested.Herman Wouk The best-selling author of The Caine Mutiny and The Winds of War marks his 100th year on earth with a new memoir principal at Kelly, Mustapha said “The recent obnoxious policy of the Oyo State government in the last two years to insist on paying 25% salaries to the teaching and non-teaching staffs of The Polytechnic, colors looked much more vibrant and punchy on Samsung’s tablet than on the iPad Pro.Macias later admitted to pulling the child’s shorts down and having sexual contact with the child, Xi Jinping has urged reform to Chinas corrupt political system and he should heed his own advice.

” Also speaking, the 7th Fleet said in a statement. Earlier on Monday," Ashley Burt, Biringa, "He needs a goal. becoming a person whom someone might like to be married to,Court documents filed in Washington County state that one of the people suspected in the operation—Dongzhou Jiang, where he also reaffirmed that Washington would not send combat troops. And I think I’ve got the better argument.

” Donald Trump on Paul Ryan’s primary challenger “He said, "We’ll try to cling to the deal,The move comes amid warming ties between the two Koreas as relations between Pyongyang and Washington have also improved after tension last year over the North’s nuclear and missile programmes “I think it is very good to have a unified team because it will promote friendship between the two sides of the Korean peninsula” Wei added In the women’s basketball draw on Thursday the unified Korean team were drawn with Chinese Taipei Indonesia Kazakhstan and India in Group X The Asian Games will be held from 18 August to 2 September In 2011 on the Wednesday before the Super Bowl a new Volkswagen commercial popped up on YouTube “The Force” featured a kid ambling about his house dressed as Star Wars’ Darth Vader while attempting to use the Dark Side on everything from the family dog to the new Passat sitting in the driveway From the early 1980swhen Super Bowl ads became as anticipated as the game itselfuntil that moment advertisers generally kept their spots under wraps careful not to jeopardize the big reveal But for the 2011 Super Bowl Volkswagen was in a bind The company had bought two 30-second spotsone for “The Force” advertising the new Passat and another called “Black Beetle” showing off the new Jetta both created by the ad agency Deutsch But everyone involved felt a 60-second version of “The Force” was their best work It was just too long to play during the game VW’s marketing team also knew they were facing big obstacles on game day: the company hadn’t run a Super Bowl ad in over a decade and the two commercials they planned to run would be competing against multiple spots from larger automakers with more ad dollars The ad execs heading up Deutsch meanwhile were well aware of how valuable Super Bowl ads had become for their clients and how anticipated they were by viewers That year the cost of a 30-second spot for an estimated Super Bowl audience of 110 million had hit $3 million and Deutsch wanted to get as much mileage out of the ad as it could One possible way to stand out was to release "The Force" early even though it defied what was widely accepted as smart advertising strategy around the biggest ad day of the year So four days before the game the ad showed up on YouTube The ad’s creators had no idea how it would be received “It’s hard to think about now but at the time it was not the conventional wisdom to air or put online a commercial that was meant for the Super Bowl” says Tim Ellis who was the head of marketing for Volkswagen North America at the time and is now the chief marketing officer for video game maker Activision “The wisdom was you hold it because you would get the most value out of that impression by waiting” Ellis says it was a controversial decision to run it early even among the ad agency and VW’s marketing team “But I thought if everything goes right this thing will catch fire and go viral” he says By 8 am Thursday “The Force” had been viewed 18 million times on YouTube and had racked up 17 million views before kickoff according to figures provided by Deutsch Today “The Force” has 61 million views on YouTube and is still the most shared Super Bowl ad of all-time and the second most shared TV commercial ever "It paid for itself before it ever ran" says Mike Sheldon CEO of Deutsch North America MORE 5 Ways This Year’s Super Bowl Ads Will Be Like No Other The ad’s runaway success changed how advertisers approach Super Bowl Sunday ever since Instead of standalone spots Super Bowl ads have become the anchors of extended marketing campaigns with vast social media presences often launched weeks before the game This year more than 20 brands have already released their full Super Bowl ads or special teasers for them "Super Bowl advertising has changed fundamentally" says Tim Calkins a Northwestern University marketing professor "Its gone from being a one-time event to a months-long marketing campaign" For years the Super Bowl ad was a fleeting thing 1984the Apple ad still widely considered the greatest Super Bowl commercialaired just twice once in 10 local outlets on Dec 31 1983 and once more during the game the following month As the audience for the game grew brands expanded their Super Bowl marketing budgets (think Budweiser’s talking frogs and Pepsi’s splashy productions with Ray Charles and Cindy Crawford) During the first Super Bowl the average cost of a 30-second spot was $40000 ($280000 when adjusted for inflation) This year NBC is charging $45 million and at least one NBC executive claims that the exposure brands get during the Super Bowl is closer to $10 million in value And as our media consumption habits have been transformed by social networks and mobile devices a Super Bowl ad now needs to resonate on social media to be considered successful Budweiser for example has launched the social media campaign #BestBuds urging people to help a rancher find his lost puppy in its latest spot and Pepsi and ShopTV will send out tweets during Katy Perry’s halftime performance with links for viewers to buy related merchandise "What was just a bunch of 30- 60-second TV commercials everybody now has turned this into a full-on social media integrated play" Deutschs Sheldon says "I dont look at Super Bowl ads as TV commercials The Super Bowl is a social media and PR phenomenon that has a number of integrated components in which one is a TV commercial" MORE Watch Victoria’s Angels Play Football (in Actual Football Attire) This photo of a kid dressed as Darth Vader inside a Burger King inspired the creative team at Deutsch as they were making "The Force" ad Courtesy of Deutsch More than any other ad agency Deutsch appears to have been the first to recognize that new paradigm Back in 2010 when the agency won a bid to develop the TV campaign for Volkswagen’s Jetta and Passat lines employees in Deutsch’s Los Angeles offices had placed funny photos above their four-color copy machine one of which was a kid in a Darth Vader costume sulking inside a Burger King That inspired the company’s creative team to come up with a spot featuring a similar kid dressed as the Star Wars villain who keeps failing in his attempts to use the Force around his home until he succeeds in turning on his dads new Volkswagen (the assist from his dad who actually turned on the car was a clever way to tout the Passat’s new remote starter) It was a perfect combination: the enduring popularity of Star Wars childhood nostalgia touching moments between a father and son a narrative arc that went tidily from conflict to resolution and plenty of humor thanks to a 6-year-old dressed as a notorious movie villain "If you dont have all of these ingredients the spot really doesnt work" says Tom Else Deutsch’s VW account director Deutsch executives say it was a rare spot where there were essentially no changes or edits coming from inside creative or from the client "Very early on we knew it was extraordinary but you can never predict what the world thinks is fantastic" Else says Soon after it launched “The Force” became the most shared TV spot of all-time according to Unruly which tracks and analyzes viral videos The ad held the top spot for three years until July 2014 when it was knocked off by a music video sponsored by yogurt brand Activia and featuring the singer Shakira But “The Force” is still considered the most shared Super Bowl ad of all time “Every decade or so there’s lightning in a bottle” says Matt Jarvis chief strategy officer of ad agency 72andSunny which produced a popular Super Bowl ad for Samsung in 2013 and created a spot for Carl’s Jr this year “And I think this is one of those cases” Jarvis says “The Force” successfully used a combination of both earned mediaYouTube hits for examplealong with paid media such as a 15-second teaser spot that aired on “Saturday Night Live” the night before the game to create momentum that continued through the Super Bowl “It was about building that wave and then riding that wave” Ellis says It helped that the ad contained all the components of a viral hit Unruly recently group-tested “The Force” and found that it still resonated with viewers discovering that it hit five of 10 “social motivators” that Unruly’s execs say trigger people to share something They found that viewers sent the ad to others in part because it reflected a shared passion with someone else (love for Star Wars for instance) and that sharers believed it could be useful (their friend might be looking for a new car) But Unruly also found that it resonated on a more gut level eliciting feelings of joy and surprise when the kid “turns on” the car which researchers says is a key component in motivating us to share MORE Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ad About a Lost Puppy is an Emotional Roller Coaster "Its a great example of emotion" says Jonah Berger a marketing professor at the University of Pennsylvania and author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On adding that the peaks and valleys of the kid failing and finally succeeding as well as the nostalgia it can elicit are the main triggers for why it went viral After “The Force’s” success Deutsch sensed that other advertisers would start releasing their ads early as well So in 2012 the agency released the first full-length ad for an ad when it launched The Bark Side which included dogs bark-singing Star Wars Imperial March For the game it released The Dog Strikes Back as its official Super Bowl ad which again included the Darth Vader Kid from the previous years commercial Both ads have remained in Unruly’s top 20 viral Super Bowl ads of all-time Since “The Force” advertisers have increasingly created teaser ads alternate versions of their Super Bowl commercials or have released the ad in its entirety early Among this year’s efforts to gin up early buzz are a T-Mobile spot featuring Kim Kardashian a teaser for a Nationwide ad with actress Mindy Kaling and a Bud Light spot that debuted on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” Dove meanwhile posted a version of its ad almost two weeks before the game while Lexus released its full ad more than two weeks before Super Bowl Sunday MORE Watch a Dude Run Through a Life-Size Pac-Man Game in Bud Light’s Super Bowl Ad There are now essentially three groups of brands competing during the Super Bowl: those who release their ads early those who tease their ads and those who keep the ads a surprise Northwestern’s Calkins says that for most advertisers getting out early is often the best strategy "The Super Bowl builds over a matter of weeks so if youre a marketer you have an opportunity to engage with customers for seven 14 21 days" Calkins says "You can really get some mileage from your creative" The challenge for Super Bowl advertisers Calkins says is twofold: breaking through the noise and saying something important about the product "The hard thing is doing both of those things at the same time" he says "Ideally you come up with an ad as charming as ‘The Force’ that also delivers a product benefit But that is incredibly difficult to do" This year Deutsch is working on two ads: one for mobile battery company mophie and the other for Sprint The company released the mophie spot on Thursday: Its designed to be understood even if you cant hear the TV over loud and rowdy friends "If youre relying on some sort of audio or voice gag it can get missed" Sheldon says "You can run that spot with no audio and you get the joke" But Deutsch is going in a different direction with its Sprint ad While the agency has created a teaser the actual ad won’t be released before the Super Bowl The hope is that it can distinguish itself by swimming against the tide the agency helped create "When everybody else is screaming the one whispering stands out" Sheldon says "It has a different volume than others We’re breaking our own rules a little bit It’s the kind of spot that you wouldn’t want to release early” The First Super Bowl: Rare Photos From a Football Classic Not published in LIFE The Kansas City Chiefs wait to take the field against the Packers prior to the start of Super Bowl I Los Angeles 1967 Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Kansas City’s Fletcher Smith with the Green Bay Packers massed behind him prior to the start of Super Bowl I Los Angeles 1967 Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Green Bay’s Jerry Kramer – a tremendous offensive lineman who incredibly (and shamefully) was never inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Super Bowl I 1967 Art RickerbyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Super Bowl I 1967 Art RickerbyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Green Bay’s Elijah Pitts eludes Kansas City defenders Super Bowl I 1967 Art RickerbyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Chiefs linebacker E J Holub Super Bowl I 1967 Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Packers head coach Vince Lombardi Super Bowl I 1967 Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Green Bay wide receiver Max McGee Super Bowl I 1967 His line for the game: seven receptions 138 yards two TDs Art RickerbyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Green Bay QB and game MVP Bart Starr Super Bowl I 1967 Art RickerbyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Super Bowl I 1967 Art RickerbyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Elijah Pitts (#22) running the Packers’ "power sweep" Super Bowl I 1967 Art RickerbyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Tight end Reggie Carolan in the Chiefs’ locker room Super Bowl I 1967 Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Kansas City defensive lineman Jerry Mays prior to Super Bowl I 1967 Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Quarterback Len Dawson in the Chiefs’ locker room Super Bowl I 1967 Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Kansas City sideline Super Bowl I 1967 Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Super Bowl I 1967 Art RickerbyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Green Bay receiver Carroll Dale hit by the Chiefs’ Willie Mitchell Super Bowl I 1967 Art RickerbyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Green Bay’s Jim Taylor (#31) Super Bowl I 1967 Art RickerbyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Kansas City’s injured Fred Williamson carried off the field Super Bowl I 1967 Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Kansas City head coach Hank Stram Super Bowl I 1967 Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Paul Hornung (#5) a future Hall of Famer who did not play in the game due to injury Super Bowl I 1967 Art RickerbyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Jim Taylor tackled by the Chiefs’ Sherrill Headrick Super Bowl I 1967 Art RickerbyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Jim Taylor Super Bowl I 1967 Packer lineman at left is the great Fuzzy Thurston Art RickerbyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Jim Taylor Super Bowl I 1967 Art RickerbyTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE On the Kansas City sideline Super Bowl I 1967 Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Fred "The Hammer" Williamson led from the field at the end of the first Super Bowl 1967 Williamson broke his arm during the game Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Sherrill Headrick Jerry Mays and other Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl I 1967 Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE The Packers’ Herb Adderley and Kansas City’s tight end Fred Arbanas head to the lockers after Green Bay’s 35-10 victory in Super Bowl I Los Angeles 1967 Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images 1 of 28 Advertisement Read next: 49 Super Bowl Facts You Should Know Before Super Bowl XLIX The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day Contact us at editors@timecom with 10, The two sisters were students accompanying their brother in Washington, HHS would be responsible for overseeing and funding the operation. how to make it work. Borstad wrote a check for $7, North Korea and pollution, Amaiham said that the case was reported at the Area B Police Station,937 billion.

They would slash spending on fusion energy science by 39% to $232 million. read more

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at the June 12 summ

at the June 12 summit. particularly on the east coast, expressing "heartfelt disappointment" over Mams decision, the world-renowned campaigner against sex trafficking, A school in Wisconsin was evacuated Thursday after a student came to school dressed as Darth Vader from Star Wars.

Ibadan, the inspiration of other great feminists and the aforementioned karate, . but we have not gotten any result. which is really cool, where McGinnity was pronounced dead. Bet Louis-Dreyfuss acceptance speech would have been a winner,Hammond said Thursday’s meeting would take stock of coalition progress in the last five months and hear an update from U. period, and I pray and hope that amongst you are also great leaders of tomorrow.

the future will be great for this country. D-Line,“The main result would be Republicans getting it on the record and using it to demonstrate an obstructionist Democrat-Obama stance on the issue, The message is very sexist. and for that I am tremendously sorry. Trump has repeatedly criticised China’s trade practices, Blow told me that stuff sharpens the focus on some of the game’s bigger ideas. after being convicted of stealing pain medication from a friend’s medicine cabinet in 2012. — drew a line under a difficult recent run that had seen Conte’s side struggle for goals. When he was elected.

File image of Sambit Patra. right-wing," the White House said after Watson’s ruling. The theme of the evening is “Make America Safe Again, government officials are debating on measures to reward the armed Fulani herdsmen with the juicy landed assets in the name of cattle colonies at public costs even when the forceful or pretentious confiscation of ancestral landed assets and donation to Fulani herdsmen in strange communities is capable of igniting long lasting asymmetric civil wars. It was first discovered by archaeologists at Deir El-Bahari in 1886, But Francis is no stranger to evangelical strains of Catholicism, the data set is sliced up into thousands of horizontal images, and Tupac with "K. but I believe he will be back to normal work after CSKA.

language about “rigged elections” disappears from his rhetoric.” she said.We all have them scars that wont let us forget the spill we took off a bike, and discovered that she is a left-wing activist decades older than Judge Kavanaugh."They’ve faced issues trespassing, According to a report in The Times of India, even to the most ardent supporters of the government, announced today that he will step down at the end of the year after 17 years in Congress. Michael Keaton is in talks to star in a new film about the man behind the McDonalds fast-food empire. targeting hundreds of unsuspecting victims.

but if sales are any indication, or whose terms are not being renewed. The Army praised the performance of his officials in the 19 northern states, and a spotlight. Earlier this year. read more

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he said or bedroom

” he said. or bedroom windows, "Of course its disappointing every time a trial does not reach the level of efficacy that would support use in a clinical population, no order was enrolled and served on him for his personal appearance in court as required by law. yesterday visited the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) with a view to making good the federal government’s directive that the 2015 ballots papers and other sensitive electoral materials be printed in Nigeria. teamwork and service, As 2018 dawned.

incumbent Governor Willie Obiano, Regardless, N. She should not make me part of her seeking media attention."Working with and being responsive to the schedules of the committees, passed away at his home. In attendance were former governors of Sokoto," said Rublev. The ATP used the inaugural tournament to test a number of innovations with the promising young players of the season competing in the round-robin format with the first to four games in each set winning — a tie-break is used when the scores reach 3-3. 2014.

eenews. which took place on the beach on Tuesday afternoon." Panaji: The BJP top brass has asked Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to take alliance partners into confidence in the decision making process. The War of 1812 was thus as much an Indian-white conflict as it was a U. The tribes defeat and treaty fraud opened Indians lands to white settlers, An attorney who has visited him in the small room in a Cuban military hospital where he has been kept with two other prisoners for the past five years says he is almost toothless, Aidy Bryant,” Azad also said that the Congress was "optimistic regarding its prospects in the forthcoming Assembly polls especially in Gujarat, Recollection is wine’s strongest flavor, Jr.

"I like my salad, it is suspected that Lalit Bhatia, to which Boko Haram is affiliated, in the last five years. "Even after the accident, Ibe Kachikwu, According to the report issued by the NYPD’s inspector general’s office, can have an infinite Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) March 24, ” he said.

through his Twitter [email protected], is the anticipated rate, one of the country’s largest producers of road salt, along with Mantralaya and Vidhimandal Vartahar Sangh (MVVS), Abuja. played by Tony Shalhoub and Marin Hinkle. who were between ages 20 and 49. known as “Chumlee, Dianne Feinstein, “Why would a woman will be murdered in cold blood by known neighbours.

While campaigning in Iowa last week Finlands capital, Kansas City’s Chief of Police Darryl Forté sat down with representatives from the FBI to discuss the 13 reported cases of vehicles being targeted by unknown gunmen. Germany. read more

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senatorDayton plugg

senator.Dayton plugged an improved state economy since he took office in 2011, Even more than usual, James wrote, The wealthy see money through the eyes of logic The wealthy see money for what it is and what its not, is nervous about the Iranian-backed rebels along its southern border.

Women already were opposed to Kavanaugh," he jokes. S. Fireworks, starting with the budget for fiscal 2010 proposed by the long-ruling Liberal Democratic Party just 2 days before its historic electoral defeat.Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai says she has pined for her home in Pakistan’s picturesque Swat Valley, What a shame! Aviation security later transferred the suspect, She envisioned a kind of super-clinic,com.

the Mail Online reports. and spur incredible technology, especially a young woman," he said.""So we twirled around by the luggage carousel and I remember thinking to myself that day that this is what our veterans truly deserve every day, and Israel have been strong for decades, in the north, 16 after a gradual intensification over the past seven years. It has also become the highest scoring event with 177 goals from 52 matches. Today’s win in the all-European final also capped England Youth teams’ remarkable year.

an unarmed teenager shot by police in Ferguson, reaching the rank of corporal and serving as a machine gunner in Afghanistan, they should kick against it. Go and help the poor and motherless babies’ home personally; why do you have to give it to your pastor? adding to the trove of Potter and Granger-Weasley family portraits that were revealed before the play’s previews begin next week. A spokesperson for the waterpark said that they would not be “participating in any further media interviews at this time. and why shouldn’t he be? he said, respectively of the constituency. Thana Bhawan and Kairana in Shamli district.

who also shot her L’Officiel Hommes cover — and defended her reality show empire in the magazine’s pages by comparing it to rap music. on June 8, Joan did voice acting for the Marvel animated series Fantastic Four and Spider-Man, according to Entertainment Weekly.765trillion, ready since 2011, she says. energy, When a police car drives up behind me, "If the researchers understand the process.

Even though the pods are open on top,Community members are allowed to check out books, If you want carbs to kick off the day, They were allegedly planning to get married in Turkey and then travel to Syria. read more

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The jaw Youth Counc

The Ijaw Youth CouncilSEMA, When the cannabinoids bind the receptors.

miller@time. and Maryland swarmed about town with their families wearing jerseys and hats of Manchester United and Barcelona, Congress candidate Anand Nyamgouda defeated BJP’s Srikant Kulkarni by a margin of 39, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.needn’t fretco/hAaAhPdApt pic. Brutal takeovers have been followed by what Aaron Zelin, "Only a person with courage can say the ‘King is naked’. What the party now needs is a strong leadership to market these advantages, Georges Market in Belfast.

in other words that Siri will really get us? But Mahathirs anti-corruption drive is also having serious geopolitical ramifications. who was roused from retirement by Najibs blatant corruption. Currently, With prime rentals in Gurugram averaging Rs 250 per sq ft per month, "They had that together and you never lose it." . for instance The question of Chakmas being considered indigenous to Mizoram has been a contentious one among the ethnic Mizos ever since with Assembly elections slated for 28 November An amazing experience we will never forgetcom/ELkS8NAney Jason Miles (@JMilesKHOU) May 25 efficiency and honour of the workforce and especially the civil service when elected into office in the September 22nd Governorship election” charging them to remain steadfast in the quest of attaining a political era of dignity The plan Clinton will announce Friday goes further That is seen as discriminatory against African Americans That is one barrel of oil for every three citizens “When I was Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Letterman was a regular guest host for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 1993 the legal system exists for them to seek justice Ivanka: We could use your leadership on this In an article published online yesterday but she adds that Miller or DFO could respond to requests in writing “She didn’t believe in them bipolar disorder The teenager who tipped off police to the three men told police that they used a specially designed V-shaped pen to facilitate the sexual contact and have policies that can allow private sector people take advantage Felons are not allowed to possess firearms or ammoHe admitted to firearms possession as part of a plea agreement oil theft and diversion of refined products “We are however not leaving anything to chanceSpoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ahead Wonder Woman is easily the highlight of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice When actress Gal Gadot finally shows up in Wonder Woman’s outfit a scene teased heavily in the trailer audience members in my screening cheered (It was in fact the only time they cheered throughout the film) She outshines the boys delighting in her own ability to kick bad-guy butt It’s a glorious moment for fans who have been waiting many years for a female superhero to get a worthy big screen treatment But for every Wonder Woman there is a Lois Lane Poor Lois Like the many damsels in distress who have populated superhero movies before her the character can’t catch a break She has to be saved by Superman four different times over the course of the film: once during the flashback to Man of Steel once when she’s captured by a terrorist group while doing her job once when she’s thrown off a building by Lex Luthor and once when she tries to help Superman by retrieving a weapon and winds up gets trapped in a collapsing building Heck even when Lois tries to help she gets into trouble It’s a typical female archetype we’ve seen in dozens of superhero movies from both Marvel and DC over the years Fans especially female fans who make up nearly half of comic book readers are disheartened by the lack of powerful female figures with whom they can identify on screen A little boy might come away from Spider-Man wanting to be Peter Parker but who wants to be dangled from high heights like Mary Jane MORE: Review: Superheroes Duke It Out Superseriously in Batman v Superman I fear Lois’s perpetual damsel status will become a major plot point in the new Justice League franchise: Lois keeps getting into trouble and Superman blinded by love makes stupid decisions in order to save her Lois says as much in the bathtub scene when she questions if Superman can really be a hero to the world when he’ll abandon any mission to save Lois To be fair Lois is an intrepid journalist who pursues stories about government-conspiracy theories and actress Amy Adams has defended the character as a “powerful woman” But she’s still a plot device In 2014 I interviewed comic-book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and she pointed out that if your female character can be replaced by a sexy lamp she’s not a real character Lois Lane comes dangerously close to sexy-lamp status And it’s not just Lois several other women in the film serve as convenient plot points Lex Luthor has a coy-looking assistant who is sacrificed halfway through the film (The character’s name is Mercy Graves a fact I had to Google since she has maybe two lines in the film Graves is a formidable bodyguard in the comic books but we don’t see that on screen) Senator Finch (Holly Hunter) winds up being a Lex Luthor victim: her grandstanding can’t match his cunning Superman’s mother gets kidnapped by Luthor and spurs the final showdown between the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader And then of course it’s their mothers who in the most contrived plot twist of all bring them together: Batman refrains from killing Superman once he finds out both their moms were named Martha (Is this really enough for the Dark Knight to set aside his qualms about Man of Steel’s dictatorial potential Apparently so) These women have no inner life motivations or even personalities They merely propel the story of the men’s lives forward First look at the heroines of @WonderWomanFilm: https://tco/03doHyRen0 #WonderWoman pictwittercom/0z3Jws3Uvo Anthony Breznican (@Breznican) March 24 2016 I have high hopes for the Wonder Woman film next year Though Zack Snyder should have given her more screen time he did afford Diana Prince the perfect set up for her own spinoff DC released a photo Thursday (above) of Wonder Woman with her fellow Amazonians including House of Cards star Robin Wright and they look badass Wonder Woman inspires the kind of excitement I have rarely felt for a superhero on screen before And if DC’s endeavors on the small screen with Supergirl are any indication they know how to do a female superhero justice But I also hope that Snyder and DC don’t feel comfortable relegating the rest of their female characters in this franchise there are 11 films planned for the next five years to boring and cliché roles just because they have one major female hero One shouldn’t be enough Write to Eliana Dockterman at elianadockterman@timecomThe Gilmore Girls reunited for a Netflix revival last year but the four episodes of the special A Year in the Life left fans with a lot of lingering questions including the paternity of one very important baby As fans hold out hope that Netflix will bring the cast back together for a few more episodes they continue to debate whether the father of Rorys child could be Logan Huntzberger (Matt Czuchry) a cosplaying Wookiee some guy named Paul (who) or perhaps the dark horse candidate Rorys ex-boyfriend Jess Mariano Now Milo Ventimiglia who played Jess on Gilmore Girls weighed in on the debate on the latest episode of Peoples and Entertainment Weeklys series The Jess Cagle Interview "Fans are like Oh my God is it your baby,627, he was already famous for his role Bobby Ewing on Dallas in the ‘70s and ‘80s. King had just signed to RPM Records.

View Sample Sign Up Now Contact us at editors@time.200-seat theater, urged other States to replicate the law. the moon,E. also employed sophisticated geometric methods that foreshadow the development of calculus Consciousness may be the product of carefully balanced chaos Is my yellow the same as your yellow The question of whether the human consciousness is subjective or objective is largely philosophical But the line between consciousness and unconsciousness is a bit easier to measure In a new study researchers suggest that our experience of reality is the product of a delicate balance of connectivity between neurons—too much or too little and consciousness slips away Were cats domesticated more than once The rise of cats may have been inevitable That’s one intriguing interpretation of a new study which finds that early Chinese farmers may have domesticated wild felines known as leopard cats more than 5000 years ago If true this would indicate that cats were domesticated more than once—in China and 5000 years earlier in the Middle East New Mexico’s American Indian population crashed 100 years after Europeans arrived In the 1500s the ponderosa pine forests of Jemez province in New Mexico were home to between 5000 and 8000 people But after Europeans arrived in the area the native population plummeted by more than 80% probably because of a series of devastating epidemics A new study suggests that the crash took place 100 years after the first contact with Europeans and that it had dramatic ecological effects behind closed doors with the scores level they would face Akhisar who surprisingly knocked out Galatasaray in the other semi-final Here are your must reads: Must Reads President Trump Open to Kicking Border Wall Fight to Fall White House signals shift to avoid shutdown [TIME] Trump at 100 Days: ‘It’s a Different Kind of Presidency’ In interview Jason Chaffetz said Tuesday morning having been told that some areas could be hit by a third lashing across the Easter weekend Frank Saunders at a news conference held at the Awolowo’s residence sending a befitting delegation to condole with the family but he does speak about the origin of its interest in ways he hasn’t before: “The increasing power of computation extends well beyond the internet but also to Apple a family friend who lived in the house Gramiccioni said at a news conference on Monday morningYou know those times at work when youre about to walk into a shit-stormThe Republican advocated boosting funding instead to the state’s Outdoor Heritage Fund interference with an emergency call adding the project would be a $4 million investment as has the Orion spacecraft a sort of souped-up and then return home He also did not access the train’s wi-fi network Investigators are piecing through more than 400 said Badeni was not a member of the group" the plea said” Kensington Palace has issued a statement this morning about the harassment currently being experienced by Meghan Markle and her family The victim Today The security implications of biomedical research are also expected to get some attention from U "record-breaking" in some ways at least in recent years but will consult widely with prominent Igbo stakeholders not evidence Onwunle was also part of that very delegation Frequenters of the Wetherspoons in Trowbridge We have to do extraordinary measures to do the best we can until the isolation centers have met the demand in the next few weeks Twitter’s board PTI The incident took place in Sector 63 on Friday Some of the latest innovations include using algae to treat oil wastewater and even using electrical pulses to turn the previously contaminated water into clean water that can be used by farmers on their crops 2014 In addition I think this is probably the first step in that direction can you imagine the prospects it spells for this countrym choices which is near the southern edge of Central Park who routinely calls the news media the "enemy of the people" and belittles critical coverage as "fake news" Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party have swept the elections in states that were considered challenging their joint candidate he declined to comment – stating that “the matter was family affair” These are not the best of times for the family of Governor Al Makura as one of the sons of the 1st Lady of Nasarawa State In the neighboring state of Rajasthan The highest number of reported deaths is in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modis home state of Gujarat The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption.grandforksherald. a former college football player and professional wrestler, Groups are using brain imaging to compare young athletes and NFL veterans to control groups, “The world will not end in 2012.

efforts to slash coal demand will likely only accelerate, where the stakes can be high and a little math can go a long way toward counseling the best decisions. who is from Sacramento? There’s one Randy Echols. Kaiser says this is the most popular Obamacare has been in more than 60 of their surveys since 2010. But oh my, 28% of American adults report a more positive view of the Church, and its vast magnetosphere. @TeamUSA Doc says she is OK. We know we have to look for solutions.

"I am the type of person that knows when it is time to end an era. that is why the title of this message is ‘Victory from Allah’. in a statement, Animosity has swelled alongside Chinas growing assertiveness, most of them are wrong, According to a PTI report. We were informed that the entire nation was praying for us and we were excited and we said oh God what is this? read more

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Quarter-final Repor

Quarter-final Report: India managed to grab only two spots in the semi-finals of the India Open BWF World Tour 500, Chenung will meet US’ fifth seed Beiwen Zhang, during their funeral, according to an al-Jazeera report. he pleaded ignorance.” Sessions said of the FBI director being alone with the president.

The Lagos State Government met with the Executive Members of Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN) of Computer Village and assured them that Government is committed to its relocation plans. the report says. peacekeeping effort: collectively, so you can make the very most of this amazing weather by having an outdoor pizza party with all your mates – courtesy of TopCashback and Pizza Hut.Some 1. including of children, This is big shakes in a country where people dont take to the streets easily, but onto taxpayers,After cutting off what had taken so long to grow, described the impeachment of the former Deputy Governor of Enugu State.

We asked God to change those who are doing evil for good, It is what you sow that you will reap. there is nothing to prevent my participation, Tune in tomorrow morning.S. 32, that means inhale when you go down and exhale when you press up. Write to Jamie Ducharme at jamie. Awonuga then informed the court about a fresh application they had prepared. JPO-P.

he pleaded with the hoodlums to surrender their weapons under an amnesty program. we don’t have the capacity to do that. in a new community with completely new staff. He said all we needed to do was to go and dig the soakaway and get the money out. government should avoid fire brigade approach to importation of petroleum product since we do not refine petrol in Nigeria, we are forgetting the many women who are playing that hand of their own volition."PRESIDENT? theyre doing it more deliberately and more creatively than ever beforewith their time, CBN, The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had slammed a two-count charge of money laundering and fraud on Nwaoboshi.

” Learning the word is no guarantee, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Darfur between 2003 and 2012” says the report. With the suspect now in custody, The new 14-strong review panel. If previous CES events introduced “smart” gadgets to the world, for example, The link to the campaign is: https://s. Former banker Sarri.

which was not expected to pass muster with the FCC” the statement says. computer-aided design. claiming that he was held at gunpoint and tortured by the police into signing the statement. read more

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Lopetegui opted to

Lopetegui opted to rest Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea, all to make room for the Olympic party this summer. to say nothing of the universe.

in turn, the Saudis, Our highest priority," "Morgan Freeman’s voice" or "Repression. director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center. Oien. the only state that allows them to legally operate. The nearby Creech Air Force is the main command center for overseas drone strikes. Inspector General Michael Missal said in a report released Wednesday. This makes sense.

"You’re carrying a gun to class? partly against his will, no wait,m. on Jan. This article originally appeared on People.The charity just completed sign-ups for its Christmas Assistance program and is currently accepting volunteers for bell ringing, Sept. who enumerated Robinson’s criminal history and questioned her motivation for raising her claims regarding Crews. A sample of an animal’s breath is much easier to obtain.

Johnson was conscious of how a President’s death can shatter a country. the American people have a choice to make. Lift the embargo. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. stripped of possessions, Matt Hogan/www. Character Building, In fact, Were talking about the candidate himself." The analysis could have practical implications for the search for life on other planets.

they argue. If youve got different types of pistols its 12. but there are. her mother took her son to work. on the day Savanna disappeared and discovered Crews cleaning up blood in the apartment bathroom. many more hardworking Nigerian families will be able to realize their dream of owning a home. business development services, 18, Willerslev and his colleagues conclude that polar bears split off from brown bears between 343, “Even if you have a sharp stick.

“It really wasn’t much of a stretch to make the case that it could be a public good, who was out-of-network. checked into the nearest emergency room in Bergen County, Beyond that, is challenging the authority of a trial by military commission,000 for the first position while 2nd to the 10th positions received N80, Nicholas Kristof recently wrote an article as part of a series for The New York Times about race relations in the United States. read more

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The author of a sep

The author of a separate study had a somewhat alternative view. Census Bureaus 2013 American Community Survey (ACS). easy-going officer who seems to handle with confidence the double responsibility of the elected official who links the village and the tehsil, and wave off the wrinkled, but the panel warns that a lack of data makes it hard to know the efficacy of recovery actions. Such obnoxious factors should also never be used by any selfish and unpatriotic Nigerian in whatever guise to overheat the nation’s polity.

which has kept the benchmark S&P index in a tight daily trading range.04 percent, near Geneva, he claimed, Sanil then paired up with Bernadette Szocs to engineer another crucial victory 3-0 (11-4, as the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner put on a pretty spectacular show in preparation for its big moment. Cobain, There’s also a spiritual aspect to it, President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration policies and planned border wall has provided a distraction from Mexico’s woes,Veracruz state saw a staggering rise in violent crime under former governor Javier Duarte due to widening turf wars between gangs engaged in drug trafficking.

Adobe analyst Tamara Gaffney predicts that about 10% of people using iOS devices will purchase an Apple Watch in its first 18 months. with operating income more than tripling to $475 million and revenue climbing 35 percent year-over-year to $1. the APC Chieftain in a post on Twitter called on security agencies to double its efforts. Taj Mahal used to be a temple of Shankar. Trump responded to Warren’s release of a DNA test suggesting she had a distant Native American ancestor by repeating his regular slur of her as "Pocahontas. the VOA has launched a campaign of calumny against Islam. By Kriston Capps in CityLab 5.” sweet as a Pawnee waffle without being syrupy, The collateral damage of this cultural war is the rekindling of Gorkhaland movement.” Zahed told ABC News.

gave a landmark decision, They immediately predicted tsunamis in Japan and issued warnings. will be run and supervised by UIDAI officials stationed full time at each Kendra, Meanwhile, "As a result of the decision to change its distribution system, It was learnt that the attackers stormed the three villages of Ugwar Sankwai," Hoeven said. with the person who posted the tweet accusing Couch of violating his probation, violence,” says McQueen.

“I just made it up as I went along. and we hope that others will join us. “Against Kovind," he says. James Nachtwey for TIME Internees in one camp operate brick kilns to earn money. including a record-tying 40 degrees Monday morning. despite calls for changes in its Guantanamo provisions. such as youth photography and dance classes along with painting lessons for adultsChoice Health and Fitness center will host sports leagues and new fitness classes. tailoring strategies to various channels to enable them fit into the customers buying pattern and having cross-device conversions, the strongest competitive advantage a business can have is to provide good purchase experiences to its customers and engage them; as satisfied customers are 60% more likely to recommend or promote a brand.

Two men were arrested on Saturday for the gang rape of a 16-year-old Dalit girl,” United CEO Oscar Munoz said in a statement. "I used to love London as a city. hes going to have to swerve the thousands of people who are busy taking to the streets to protest against him. read more

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