For the 360 search and search the views of some love Shanghai

In fact, a lot of information

found the problem, just think this afternoon at the press center to see the 360 CEO Zhou Hongyi in the Qihoo’s 2012 annual meeting speech; the speech has a few words very let cloud television identity, he said "today, users do not want to know whether your technology is cattle, do not want to know you have what great dreams and ideas, they really care about is that you are to me to solve what problem, you are to create what value in the Internet, the growing homogenization of the product, who can start from the user, to achieve the ultimate experience, rather than simply the function list and who can really win the trust of users." read more

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n order to change the status quo to calm face was down the right site

calm state of mind


when a site is down right after we need not everywhere post stall asked the reason for his site, you don’t even know the reason to be right down, what others may understand? If a website type is a joke, and B to do business, when a site is down right, run to ask why B your site is down right, B will general enterprise site optimization according to their own experience to give a analysis, but only get a reason as a reference, after all enterprises and individual station details of the site optimization technique is different, of course B to give reasons out of their own analysis a, do you want to set up these reasons immediately, and then come to deal with. read more

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Analysis of flow reduction

In front of the small If

when the site traffic has decreased significantly, should first analyze what sources of traffic declined, the use of "lifting" list in Shanghai love in statistics and mom week period, or use a custom two days of data comparison, two date the best choice of the same type, such as non holiday Wednesday. It is easy to analyze, search traffic, traffic referrals and direct access to which part flow decreased three flow sources, or is all down.

is recommended flow down, then use the "lifting list" to analysis what sites over the flow down, find out the exact site, then analyze each website does not open, the other site is removed the link to your website or contact each other directly responsible to understand the relevant circumstances. read more

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ncrease website content pages included some experience to share

with love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, more and more websites through the pseudo original even collected content from before, can easily achieve the content included, at this stage of the website could not become the difficulty of the website operation, but with the advent of love Shanghai original spark program, it becomes very difficult to start the website content and even some original content are very difficult to collect, and a website is only if the web page was collected, many pages of content not included, for the site’s future development is extremely unfavorable, which is the core of this on the website is not only the basis of survival and development of the site, is to enhance the website the key factor in the search engine exposure rate, so how to love in the new Shanghai algorithm easy to increase the original site in Let read more

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Liu Jun the website opened fast user comfortable comfortable spider

website loading speed has great impact on the development prospects of the website:

said this would not have real right, the content of the zblog page will generate static, this is more conducive to the website optimization, spiders love, WordPress can also, static pages can make a web site open more quickly, but also conducive to spider crawling the page.


site using static HTML page can effectively improve website loading speed:

website loading speed is very important for the development of the site, take a long time to open the site, the vast majority of users do not have the patience to wait indefinitely, are often directly off the wrong site. The spider crawling website also follow this principle, so improve website loading speed, let the website open faster, in this respect, love Shanghai do very well. read more

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A magical site to complete Shanghai to conquer


as long as the search keywords associated with beauty or pictures, this website is ranked first in Shanghai (all love did not see the promotion on

again "display position of interest map download Co., continuous search for several key words after so conclusion, as long as the search related words and pictures (or picture) which are ranked first, and the most puzzled me all these.


I personally for Shanghai dragon itself reason is very sensitive, it lingers in the heart 2 minutes to think of, as shown above the home station query to the data is the weight of the 2 domain name for 7 months, suddenly raised to 100% interest index to find out, if the website weight is the high and long history, a series of analysis, I may not follow behind the results give me scared Mongolia circle. read more

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How to combat white reading website planning 3 months on the home page ranking

2. spaceThe



then how do we plan a line with the search engine

1. domain name

we can through the core keywords (product or service) keywords of users are more concerned about, can love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search index, love Shanghai, love Shanghai for the background of keyword research tools, keyword mining tools, know love love Shanghai, Shanghai and so on statistical methods were analyzed, which keyword search amount is the highest. We can put it inside the Notepad is analyzed and screened with you for example, such as: read more

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These four consumer upgrades are just looking beautifulRen Zhengfei ‘m not afraid of external press

often happens," entrepreneur >

is that the market space is large enough. After the consumption upgrade, there is still enough space to be extended so as to have the possibility of high growth.

In the course of ?

in addition to the children’s market, the education market has a similar situation.

excerpt from Ren Zhengfei’s speech at an expert forum held in mid April, Ren Zhengfei discussed his views on technological innovation, the direction of HUAWEI’s development and potential risks at the forum. To monitor Americans, Ren Zhengfei said, "I say I am an ideological leader, not a whisper.". How can I succeed unless I tell all of my thoughts to everyone?." read more

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How the website was hacked and how to judge the defense

4, from the search engine brings abnormal surge.

2, check the website File >

once the abnormal, we recommend that you immediately to the site for investigation. Including:

site query with some common pornography, games, foreign gaming category keywords that can help webmasters quickly find abnormal pages, such as "site:www.***贵族宝贝

site security is priority among priorities of our website, web services are stable, are important to the user, and the station search engine. The current security issues are very serious domestic websites, many websites by third parties on behalf of the construction, maintenance personnel lack sufficient knowledge, a large number of sites have varying degrees of security and management loopholes. read more

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Be vigilant! The new love Shanghai bidding package scam and a bunch of people…

answer, this scam is the original body, love Shanghai launched last year a product called knowledge marketing.

, worry and effort!

often overlooked brand knowledge marketing

recently do not know if there is no customer received this phone:


the passage of time, with a better understanding of the promotion and love Shanghai, love Shanghai official infiltration system in each region, this kind of simple love Shanghai package auction scam has gradually fade out of people’s vision. However, the saying goes, one upmanship! The new package form is formed…… read more

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Big secret! Venture capitalists in the circle of bribery unspoken rulesChange Taobao guest station m

investment manager dealing with money all day long, temptation naturally a lot, kickbacks is one of them, in other words, investors are the biggest enemy of their own heart of greed.

3, the sale of Ali’s mom on time advertising.

I do Taobao off it for a long time, also met a lot of customers do Taobao webmaster, I know a Taobao guest, he has about 2000 of the income each month, although not very high, but for those of us rookie webmaster even if good. He didn’t earn his money by selling Taobao goods, but mostly by selling his mother’s advertising. His website is shopping information and API combination of Web sites, API to bring him traffic, information to help him sell advertising! Think about it, he’s such a station model is really good, income has double protection! read more

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99 Bookstore New Year Promotionshlf1314 AdSense application procedure

this is what I received from shlf1314 AdSense

4, 9.9 yuan universal gift certificates and 20 yuan gift certificates will be added to eligible membership accounts in February 5, 2008.


Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

1, apply for GG selected sites is very important, the site’s best PR value is equal to 1, domain is greater than 1, domain name space you must have the authority of the tube very important

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: read more

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Year end planning 2012 failed venture projectsTaobao users use shlf1314 free advertising costs earn


Groupon launched on March 2010, group purchase business first opened 368 City, the peak, a total staff of over 2300 people, with more than 20 thousand group purchase choice every day, with more than 18 million members, independent IP month hundreds of millions, tens of millions of Japanese IP, in sh419 billboard and Alexa user visits ranked tops the list. It was the most large-scale group buying website in China, and it was also the only group buying website in China to realize the 2010 annual profit. We still remember, in the office building of Beijing, there is the propaganda advertisement of "Bao Bao net" everywhere, and the three spokesmen appear frequently in various places. At that time, no one doubted that there would be a big problem. At that time, the "hundred regiments war" in full swing, the purchase of various sites have hired spokesmen, wantonly advertising, in order to further expand popularity. read more

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Why bother to downgrade a little view on the nternet industry and traditional industryStanding on t

maybe we think there will be a lot of investment, but in fact, if you do it, you don’t need a penny!

in the downgrade theory, the main point is to say how hard the IT industry is, how difficult it is and how critical the users are. The author believes that everyone should downgrade based on: IT industry people grasp the hearts of users better, more attention to the user experience, have better, more convenient way of Internet promotion and resources, and so on. Of course, these are all right, but the most basic ignored, that is gehangrugeshan. Of course, it is undeniable that the IT industry elite and more, they may enter a new industry can quickly learn some things, but even if it is a wise man, he put a completely new industry, estimated to adapt and learn a few years now, and this industry it is also a less sophisticated industry. In this paper, the author gives an example, that is to let Microsoft software engineer to pig it can bring change in the industry, which is estimated according to the NetEase to raise up to Ding Lei for example, the fact is: Ding Lei once China richest man, Internet gangster level people may indeed have a good pig return, but he is in pig’s influence and revenues of more than NetEase? Obviously >! read more

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Anxiety, confusion, disappointment, self-help, investors in this era of adventure storiesThey won th

‘s entry into VC from PE looks like an unwise choice. "A lot of pay cuts and a totally different way of thinking.". But Wang Yan does not care, PE’s rigorous and conservative can no longer meet him. "PE will always be a safer choice, can make two or three times the deal, which will miss the high growth and high returns, but also high risk deal. "

founder and CEO Chen Shaojie said to titanium media, this round of financing will be mainly used to improve the user experience, including more rich and diverse content, more smooth product experience. read more

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Ways and means of local website profitAbout WeChat industry number, local business some ideas

of course, writing soft text to enterprises is also a good move. Hunan online is a Hunan daily web site with many famous Hunan celebrities. If your website can rely on the network interactive platform of humanity has the trust and praise of users, to attract the attention of government departments, educational institutions, enterprises, businesses, students and other high-grade, so you can call your editorial team to help enterprises to write some soft wen. Soft Wen published way, of course, is your website, it is best to publish in the home page, for the enterprise and personal image display, provide the best website platform. read more

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Thousand Oaks receive $48 million, VC announces financing details tomorrowSatisfaction OpenV popups

distinguished League members,

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact


hereby notify

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

more League information goes on:

satisfaction ad

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

Sina Technology News Beijing time on March 6th afternoon, Sina Technology was informed from the sources, Thousand Oaks recently won 48 million U.S. dollars venture capital. This is its second venture capital, but also the largest investment since the Internet Web 2 surge. read more

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After 90 geeks college dropouts, nternet companies into the establishment of the Forbes listNew mod

SegmenFault’s initial location was a question and answer community for Chinese developers, and a year later, more than 100 thousand developers gathered. At present, SegmentFault is Asia’s largest hacker marathon organization, the scale of activities covered by the domestic first-line Internet City, as well as Taipei, Singapore, the United States, Silicon Valley and other regions.

"understand" this word, in my and Gao Yang’s chat, appeared N+1 times.

do not be afraid of users to earn your advertising fees, become traffic slaves and share AD feast, are two distinct user experience, operators need to understand a little, in fact, users can not take your money. For users, can earn > read more

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Electronic Commerce a role on the road of innovationYAHOO bidding product specification other allian

11, YAHOO will be put in a code auction sites with illegal content, such as pornography, gambling, violence station station all countries banned content sites, as well as the influence of the brand image of the YAHOO auction site.

due to the interests of customers and YAHOO for reputation, please cooperate with all partners in the implementation of the provisions of this.



just as a bridge role is not enough, should be "2" as a character, I get what in the end, what I can offer at the other end? "2" as a platform for the role, I want to be integrated into the end to go inside. read more

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Y Combinator founder entrepreneurs should have four characteristicsAdvertising Sixty high net advert

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

advertising company name name accounting audit way of advertising commission payment cycle to obtain code

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: ads8/

Graham says he wants entrepreneurs not only to have talent, but also to have other features. "There are many intelligent people who accomplish nothing."." He said.

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

Y Combinator has shocked the entire risk investment industry, not only because of the business incubator, but also because some companies they hatch an additional SV Angel and Yuri · Milner Yuri Milner $150 thousand investment Start provided by Fund. read more

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