Xining City West District to create first-class service environment

The sun in the sky, West District Xining city human resources and social security service hall crowded, the reporter saw the west area of human resources and social security service center staff to be in full swing busy – – – – – –

July 25th, the national key network media Qinghai line, the reporter went to the West District of Xining city human resources and social security service center.

West District human resources and social security services warm clothing read more

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Wang Jianjun in Haixizhou research to guide the state County Township three leadership groups work e

10 month 10 days to 11 days, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Jianjun in the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture research guide state County Township three leadership groups stressed at work, high standards of high quality and high level to complete a good general work, achieve organizational intention, the cadres and masses of intention, I am intended for the organic combination of the three, other city state elections to demonstration.

Wang Jianjun pointed out that the general work is the most fully embody the political advantage of the party and the state and institutional advantages, is a major project in the great project of Party building, is a major event in the political life of the people of all ethnic groups, to promote the "great realistic proposition four comprehensive". We must strengthen the leadership of the party, the party’s political discipline and strict political rules, according to the chapter in accordance with regulations and stricter finer and more solid, follow the rules of personnel, adjust and protect the good play on behalf of members of the enthusiasm and sense of responsibility and the legitimate rights and interests, exchange ideas, play, fashion, unity, drive. He stressed that, as the province’s first upcoming state transition area, to weight performance, see public opinion, Shun qualifications, according to the program, select a good team, a good report. Leadership at all levels to the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai’s important speech as a guide, protect the ecological environment, the formation of industrial clusters, highlighting the characteristics of city, promote inclusive development, take practical action to building rich civilized and harmonious happy Hercynian return General Secretary of care. read more

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This Friday you can find a job in Xining

reporter in September 10th from the Xining occupation center was informed that this Friday, the center will be combined with talent development center jointly organized a special special recruitment for the employment of college graduates in Xining will, there will be hundreds of thousands of enterprises to provide jobs for college students.

it is reported that this year is known as the history of the most difficult years of employment, the employment problem of college graduates all the time does not affect the leadership of the provincial government. In order to help college graduates to obtain employment, the Xining evening news has been associated with the city’s human resources and Social Security Bureau and other relevant departments, held a number of special job fairs for college graduates, have achieved good results. In order to further improve the employment service work of college graduates in the province, according to the Ministry of human resources and social security, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security requirements, September will be the monthly service employment of college graduates in our province, this month will be held across the province to recruit college graduates, the employment of college graduates in Xining service month start and on-site recruitment is one of the activities, and officially held in September 13th. In addition to the three county human resources and social security departments will be based on the local characteristics and the actual situation, according to the rural grass-roots service period of college graduates, pure herdsmen and family difficulties of college graduates, again carry out special recruitment activities and provide high school graduates more employment difficult job. (author: a)
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The national cultural industry and Qiang Yi Corridor project this year will be gradually implemented

reporters from the Ministry of culture and press and Publication Bureau learned that the national cultural industry and Qiang Yi Corridor Project in Qinghai area covers 30 counties in our province Xining City Haidong city and 6 states (city), planning a total of 23 cultural industry projects, a total investment of 2 billion 908 million yuan. The project will be implemented gradually in our province this year.

Yi Qiang Culture Industry Corridor Project in Qinghai area in Huangnan is the core area, 5 states in Hainan, Haibei, Haixi, Golog, Yushu as the radiation area, taking Xining city as a hub city, Qinghai Lake, Sanjiang, a prominent ring source Regong Art culture plate etc.. Relying on Tangfangudao, source of Sanjiang nature reserve, Qinghai Lake, Qinghai Tibet Railway (highway), along the the Yellow River, vigorously implement the cultural industry park construction in the western region as well as national characteristics, forming the distinct features of the culture industry corridor. Yi Qiang Culture Industry Corridor Project in Qinghai area has a rich culture, Gelsall culture, Tang culture, Kunlun Regong culture resources, many cultural relics, rich cultural heritage. The national cultural industry and Qiang Yi Corridor project involving Sichuan, Yunnan, province, Tibet, Gansu, Shaanxi six provinces. read more

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Public Security Bureau Youth League organized police to participate in voluntary tree planting activ

The morning of April 17th, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Communist Youth League organization of young police participated in the Communist Youth League Xining Committee, Xining city volunteers association, Xining Youth Federation jointly organized the "mother river protection, caring for nature" in the spring of the voluntary tree planting volunteer service activities

4 17 in the morning, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Communist Youth League organizations of young police participated in the Communist Youth League Xining Committee, Xining city volunteers association, Xining Youth Federation jointly organized the "mother river protection, caring for nature" in the spring of the voluntary tree planting volunteer service activities. Young police activities, give full play to be able to endure hardship, to fight the fine style of work, encouraging each other, fighting, not afraid of dirty, tired, digging shovel, trees help to earth, be in full swing scene showing a work scene. In the laughter, we share the experience, cooperate with each other, the full enthusiasm of the young police enthusiasm, well-trained team spirit fully demonstrated. After all the hard work, we planted a total of more than 100 kinds of seedlings, the successful completion of the assigned to the task of planting trees, saw a row of rows of saplings, young police face exposed with a smile. read more

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Xining Hercynian pick Qi seasonal labor output more than eight thousand

In September 25th, reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department learned that since 2015, Xining City, the transportation to the western area of labor as picking wolfberry to increase farmers’ income, an important measure to improve the organization degree of labor export. According to statistics, in 2015 the city of Xining in Haixi outgrower wolfberry planting households amounted to more than 500, planting area of more than 20 thousand acres, has 8306 rural surplus labor force in Haixi picking wolfberry, wolfberry picking plus total income is expected to grow up to 323 million yuan, of which 80 million yuan of income for picking medlar.

this year in Xining city labor brokers organization led by "picking mode concentrated", gradually replaced the past blindly scattered, low degree of organization picking mode. According to the survey, organization of labor brokers labor output mainly concentrated in Nuomuhong farm, Delingha, Golmud and other regions, the number of 5571 people, accounting for 67.1% of the total number of the qi. At the same time, wolfberry growers increased significantly than last year. Xining city in the west side of the contract planting wolfberry households increased 138, an increase of up to 44.4%, an increase of planting area of more than an acre of land last year, an increase of 54.5%. read more

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Xining City Bureau of education to carry out the training of teachers and students to join the party

February 26th to 28, municipal education bureau Party committee held twenty-third party activists training classes, teachers and students to join the party activists Juzhu units more than 150 people attended a 3 day training

2 month 26 days to 28 days, municipal education bureau Party committee held twenty-third party activists training classes, teachers and students to join the party activists Juzhu units more than 150 people attended a 3 day training.

training, education bureau Party committee and municipal Party Committee Organization Department invited the teacher on the nature, the program of the Communist Party of China, guiding ideology, objectives, tasks, organization principle and discipline, the obligations and the rights of the basic knowledge of the interpretation of the party, and each party activists correct motives, ideals and faith, pioneering and innovative, clear how to be a communist. Continue to make progress in thinking, learning, work and so on, with practical action to accept the investigation of the party organization, and strive to join the ranks of the party as soon as possible. read more

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The one-stop service for people with real benefits

July 25th, the national key network media, Qinghai, a large group of reporters walked into the West District of Xining city human resources and social security service center. Hall facilities, as well as nearly thirty functional window, staff dress neatly, warm and thoughtful…… Such ‘one-stop’ service in the country are doing better, really let people get benefits." Have been to many city folk songs said.

According to the

service hall staff, in order to better serve the people, to provide convenient services for the masses, the west area in 2011 to invest 26 million yuan, completed the total construction area of 2000 square meters of the service center. A total of pension insurance, the new rural cooperative, employment, labor rights and other 26 service window. Centralized service window, to speed up the pace of service center meticulous management, providing a comprehensive one-stop service for the masses. The service center to improve the personnel, labor, employment and social security of the database, improve the three service network of computer operation and management level, for the masses to provide quality and efficient "one-stop" service. read more

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How old the king let you easily get rich quick buns

now, breakfast business has always been a very hot project for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the breakfast market, undoubtedly, is very has the advantage of choice. How old king buns? Quality projects, no doubt entrepreneurship, it is worth choosing!

Wang investment and low cost of old-fashioned buns, high profits, so that franchisees easily earn more wealth to join the project. The king of old-fashioned dumplings especially delicious, high visibility, choice is to choose the wealth old king bun. Old king bun quickly adapt to the market environment, no matter where, as long as people where you can easily shop business, the king of old bun million yuan investment started, the franchisee does not have any burden. read more

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Eastern trade unions will have 5 large

In September 19th, the east area of the Seventh Congress of the union, achieved since the meeting reviewed the Eastern Union of the Sixth Congress of remarkable achievements, for the next five years the region’s trade union work conducted a comprehensive arrangements, there will be large as in five aspects. In the guide workers serving the overall situation to have new contributions: five years, meritorious activities covered enterprises and employee participation rate reached more than 98%; the construction of a number of provincial and municipal workers’ house demonstration; to realize the staff training rate reached more than 98%. In safeguarding workers’ legitimate rights and interests of the masses have a new breakthrough: to assist the district government to resolve conflicts and disputes of labor relations; to further promote activities to create a harmonious labor relations in enterprises; establish and improve the democratic management system, five years construction rate to reach more than 98%. In improving people’s livelihood have new results: trade unions at all levels should earnestly perform their duties of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of workers, to assist the party and the government to solve the labor employment, income distribution, social security, labor safety, food safety and housing security and other aspects of the problem. To enhance the vitality of the union should be as new: efforts to achieve the full coverage of small and medium enterprises in the trade unions, so that the rate of entry of workers reached 100%; do some work for the masses of workers to solve practical problems. To improve the level of trade unions to have a new bright spot to trade union cadres’ hard index to enhance the quality of workers’ happiness index".   read more

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November 12th -18 2015 Qinghai commodity set will be opened in Qingdao

In order to accelerate domestic circulation modernization, better docking production and consumption, expanding domestic demand, improve people’s quality of life, to build a new circulation system, and actively promote enterprises "going out" pace, and constantly open up outside the consumer market, the Commerce Department of Qinghai Province, the provincial finance department, the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, province Industrial and Commercial Bureau departments will in November 12th -18 in Shandong city of Qingdao province held the 2015 Qinghai large set of goods".

held for the first time since 2010 Qinghai large set of goods, since this activity always adhere to the "going out" concept, to show the promotion, to attract local businesses to popular stores, to signing orders for long-term cooperation, expand Qinghai province product visibility and market share. In 6 years, through the "Qinghai large set of goods, for Qinghai enterprises to build long-term sales channels in Beijing, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Fujian, opened a foreign sales market, but also provided a good opportunity for consumers to experience the full range, zero distance Qinghai specialty products, promote the Qinghai local products and enterprises" going out "pace.

the set, will further expand the Qinghai real estate famous special new commodity visibility, improve Qinghai products market share in Qingdao, to further strengthen the economic and trade exchanges between the two exchanges and cooperation, to build a good platform. At the same time, it is bound to further strengthen and deepen cooperation and exchanges between Qinghai and Qingdao in the work of business, so as to achieve cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win.  
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Need to meet the conditions of the courier shop

express courier shop is a common choice for many young investment groups, such a good prospect for the development of the store, the market demand, it is attracting people’s attention. If you want to open a shop, then what conditions should be met? What are the conditions and procedures for the opening of the courier shop in general need to have the following conditions:

1, interested in the courier industry, high school education, age 25-30 years old

2, with a certain economic strength, with management experience and ideas, have a good reputation, serious and pragmatic career attitude read more

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Ma Wei went to Hainan to guide the work of the county and Township People’s Congress General Electio

8 month 3 days to 5 days, the provincial people’s Congress deputy director Ma Wei LED inspection teams to Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gonghe County, Xinghai County, Guinan county and township, the iron cover, Qu Shi An Zhen mang Qu Town, by listening to the reports, seminars, access to documents and a variety of other forms of field view, the guidance and inspection of key link county and Township People’s congresses election work needs to grasp and related matters.

Ma Wei pointed out that to adhere to the leadership of the party, give full play to democracy, the rule of law throughout the whole process of new county and Township People’s congresses election work, strengthen organizational leadership, do not waver in strict discipline, adhere to the regulations in line procedures inflexibility, optimize the structure of representative does not discount, to promote the implementation of work continue to stall, to ensure that the county and Township People’s congresses the election of the work of the task force landing. read more

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Lovers creative living museum has outdated business opportunities

do a couple of opportunities in Chinese once because of the birth of relatively short history, but the market demand is very large, so popular throughout the market, until now, a lot of time to do business in the investment business, will consider this, but under the current market environment, do couples living museum creative business, has out of date!

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More than and 500 veteran cadres enjoy free housekeeping services

Recently, every old cadre hands have two old cadres with cleaning cleaning coupons, coupons, kitchen cleaning, convertible glass cleaning toilet cleaning and lampblack machine and other services, enjoy the old cadres to the service of this service satisfaction, have put up the thumb, and this innovative initiative is the city for veteran services.

"the municipal government’s good housekeeping measures, help to solve the old cadres living in the most practical difficulties, especially in the period of the Spring Festival approaching, played a big role in cleaning coupons, both inside and outside of the room is clean, can happy new year." The old cadres have said, and have said such good initiatives let us truly feel the care of the party and government, getting better and better living conditions, the municipal Party committee and municipal government to bring us more and more comprehensive services, make our life more and more happy. In the future, we will enjoy a better life with sunshine mentality, driving and affecting the elderly around, for the community to do more useful things, transfer positive energy.

and the old cadre bureau recently on three counties of 35 units and four municipal district 61 retired cadres, 8 deceased old Red Army, deputy director level and above (substantive) retired cadres survivors visited condolences issued condolences gold 56 thousand and 800 yuan.

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Datong County medical health system reform and new chapter

Since the

health system reform started, Datong County in accordance with the county government overall deployment, in the careful guidance of medical reform office and related departments and support, the following closely the masses to solve difficult and expensive, the doctor away "of the overall objective, unity of thinking, reform and innovation, to tackle difficulties, key breakthrough, the reform has achieved remarkable results.

basic protection, medical and health support capabilities significantly improved. Health care coverage to further expand. County workers medical insurance coverage rate reached 100%; urban residents medical insurance rate reached 96.3%; NCMS insurance rate of up to 97.07%. In order to encourage urban residents to continuously insured, cancel the county household registration restrictions, allowing the province insurance for urban residents in Datong and the implementation of off-site, individual payment transfer system, perfecting NCMS family account system, mobilize the enthusiasm of rural residents insured participation. Further enhance the level of protection. 2011, the new rural cooperative medical insurance and urban residents per capita funding standards reached 300 yuan, within the scope of the policy to pay the proportion of hospitalization expenses reached 80.72%, to promote the integration of urban and rural residents medical insurance. Promote equalization of basic public health services. County per capita basic public health services funding subsidy standards increased to 30 yuan. At the same time, the basic public health service project from 9 increased to 11, the establishment of a standardized electronic health records of 662 million 440 thousand city residents, the filing rate was 75.61%, the establishment of electronic health records for the county’s 346042 farmers, filing rate was 93.84%. Free medical examination for the elderly over the age of 65 to 24 thousand of the county, the implementation of the free cataract surgery for the poor residents, so that the masses directly experience the benefits of health care reform. read more

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Girl was hit by a taxi unfortunately Xining Federation of trade unions to lend a helping hand

May 29th, Xining union staff for Qinghai Hucai Printing Co. Ltd. female worker Ms. Hu’s daughter sent condolences to 1000 yuan relief funds, to help her relieve as pressing danger.

in May 1st this year, when she was only two years old daughter accidentally get off a car when a taxi, the driver drove away. At that time, a large number of children bleeding shock, she and her family will be sent to hospital for children. After consultation, diagnosed as brain two fractures, brain hemorrhage and associated with severe pneumonia, despite emergency rescue, the child’s condition through, but left severe sequelae of cerebral hemorrhage. The hospitalization cost of 40000 yuan for medical expenses, resulting in the child’s condition because of family financial difficulties and get a thorough treatment. Qinghai Hucai printing Limited company unions after learned of the situation, timely report to the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions, helping poor workers center, has been actively concerned about labor union. Ms. Hu where the company’s trade unions have also issued a proposal to all employees of the company, to mobilize everyone to actively contribute to her daughter’s daughter, and encourage her to cheer up, such as the child’s body after a full recovery as soon as possible to return to work. (author: Zou Xiaoyang
 ); read more

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Xining community, a short while two station staff to improve the quality of business

Xining City branch of the city, the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau District Association held a number of training courses, to the area of the community "while two station" (i.e. Association Branch, 12315 complaints reported contact station, station staff in charge of consumer complaints).

yesterday, according to the person in charge of the District Consumer Association, in order to give full play to the role of social supervision, so that the consumer rights work extends to the community, shopping malls and rural areas, over the past year, Xining City branch of the city, the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau District Association on the area of the community "while two station staff increased training efforts a total of more than and 300 people participated in the training. Some communities, a short while two station staff said that through learning, improve their business quality, you can better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in the community. (author: Zhang Pu) read more

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Zhang Zhiquan couple operating green hand to make a lot of money


said that now entrepreneurs have been very much, the entire entrepreneurial market is very complex, however, the number of entrepreneurs to achieve success in the same huge. This does not, the hero of this article by Zhang Zhiquan to open the store to earn profits, won a lot of success.

Zhang Zhiquan throw away the cause of iron rice bowl is very simple, the factory is not good, no money to spend. Zhang Zhiquan rich experience is also very simple, he let him have a son hand skills". read more

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