Get Rich Quick in Payday 2 on Nintendo Switch

first_img In a world full of huge games-as-service shooters like Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and others, the enduring audience for the Payday series has always somewhat baffled me. And yet even five years after the release of Payday 2 the developers at Overkill Software continue to support it with substantial new updates like new missions and John Wick DLC.Now, they’ve even gone ahead brought the game to the Nintendo Switch, bolstering the console/handheld hybrid’s burgeoning library of hardcore hits. And I think I get the appeal now. Payday 2 is totally a kind of B game we don’t see that often anymore in this indie/AAA split gaming landscape. That means it has significant flaws (several of which the Switch itself exacerbates) but it also means that this game about robbing banks is refreshingly low-stakes.Once I wrapped my head around Payday 2’s progression system it really clicked for me why bringing it to Switch sounded appealing. There’s no lengthy, story-driven, overarching campaign to complete or elaborate Destiny-style raids to slog through online with friends. In other words, there’s no pressure to play more than what you want to. Just hop onto and take on a job, some of which you can bang out in minutes if you’re good enough. It’s great for portable play, rob a bank or two on your way to work. And even a short play session feels valuable because it earns you offshore bank account money and experience to unlock new perks and gear for your character.AdChoices广告As for the missions themselves, they feature some pretty fascinating ideas in order to shift standard first-person shooter gameplay tropes from Saving Private Ryan to Heat. Most missions start quiet with casing as you attempt to avoid detection and get a mental map of the limited environments. Sometimes you can even pull off a whole job in stealth, zipping up incapacitated guards in body bags and answering their phones before anyone notices. The gear you choose to bring with you can also influence (or even dictate in some frustrating cases) your approach. Jamming camera signals is a very different tactic than blowing up a door with C4.However, more often than not you’ll have to get loud, put on your Dark Knight clown mask, and start shooting cops while threatening civilians and stealing loot. Payday 2 creates most of its Left 4 Dead-style tension by challenging players to keep surviving as more and more complications get thrown at them. Most crucial actions you perform, from drilling into vaults to driving through barricades, require some amount of waiting. During that time, you’ll also be fending off hordes of cops, healing yourself and your allies during downtime, and getting ready for the next wave while trying to finish the job itself.Most missions follow this same template, which again makes Payday 2 better suited to addictive short portable play sessions than tiring marathon ones. But there are some attempts to mix things up in the margins. Some missions take place over multiple days. I spent the first day of “Goat Simulator” rounding up valuable goats throughout the city in places like burning buildings or hot dog stands. The second day was all about fending off police and gangsters while calling in a pilot to fly the caged goats away. That also demonstrates Payday 2’s goofy, almost Hitman sense of humor that turns many heists into dark comedies. I smashed up a mall while dubstep Christmas carols played.But Payday 2 can only cover up its cracks for so long. This is especially true if you play solo. AI teammates are good for fighting back and helping you up. But you’ll have to do all the tasks that require any real mental energy, and I suspect this drags out missions longer than they’re supposed to, as compared to when four humans split the tasks amongst themselves. You can play online with other people, and I had a pretty good time doing so. But because of Nintendo’s barely existent voice chat support more difficult versions of missions become almost impossible to coordinate.Payday 2 is also just kind of an ugly game. We all know the Switch isn’t the most powerful piece of hardware, but even on a top of the line gaming PC Payday 2 looks old and rough. So obviously weaker specs don’t do it any favors visually or in terms of performance. The different masks you buy for different characters, including the red/blue neon LED mask for Switch-exclusive new character Joy, add some personality. But that’s really the only pleasant thing here to look at.Still, I enjoy that Payday 2 is now on Nintendo Switch, as inexplicable as it is. Hopefully it gets regular updates to bring its content up to date with the other versions. As for me and my life of crime, I thought I was out. But now, after writing this, I feel myself being pulled back in.Buy it now!Buy Nintendo labo Variety Kit.Buy Nintendo Labo Robot Kit.Nintendo SwitchProtect Your Nintendo Switch With These Awesome CasesLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Controller Patent Teases SNES Games on SwitchPlay These Nintendo Switch Games Before ‘Pokemon Sword and Shield&… last_img